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Is China Collapsing?

How Flu Vaccines Accidentally Reveal the Efficacy Illusion

You May Have Never Heard of the Largest Death Toll in Human History

Disaster Terrorism, Part 2: Patches and Updates

Disaster Terrorism: The Maui Edition

The COVID-As-Pneumonia Hypothesis

Proof of Mass Mind Control Through Controlled Opposition: Destruction of the Reform Party

Robert Malone's Insistence in Ignoring Jonathan Couey (and the Infectious Clone Hypothesis)

Cultic Handlers

New Research: Omicron Was Not Likely an Escape Variant

More on Marrazzo, Callahan, Malone, Remdesivir, and More Earl(ier) COVID-19 Signals

Earl(ier) COVID-19 Outbreaks on Military Vessels

Malone's Accusations and Victim Cries

White Knight Takes Remdesivir Bishop; Remdesivir Queen Takes White Knight

Scientology and Eugenics

The Grand Unity Theory (Psyop)

Could Supply Chain Poisoning Cause a "Pandemic" of Symptoms?

Who Died During the Plandemonium? Exhibit B: Africa

Election 2024: The Bitcoin Presidential Election

How I Discovered They Don't Want Us Educated

The Freemason Invention of the Nazi Party

Blackstone,, and Consolidation of Genetic Data

The Unoriginal Mythology of Scientology - Is This Plandemonium?

Affirming Ivermectin Personally

Liberty, Frankenstein, and The Masque of Anarchy

What if You're Watching a Made for Post-TV Production?

I Must Not Fear: Not Even A.I.

Intermediate Technology Lesson: What are Smart Contracts?

How Were Chatbots Used to Manipulate Public Perception During the Pandemic?

Controlling Reproduction to Control the Human Race

Identity Politics as Humanitarian Shielding

Who Helped Pave the Way for Remdesivir? An Explosive Conversation

Why You Probably Shouldn't Trade Cryptocurrency - Another Kirsch Capital Story

The Plandemonium Timeline Project, Part 3: Nazi Relationships

Epistemology and the Totalitarian Matrix

Adding to Fenton's Miscategorization Illusion, Part 1

Rigging the "Artificial Intelligence"

Viva Frei Interview With Jessica Rose Puts Essential Education on Display

Jordan Schachtel Digs Into Andrew Huff's "Tales"

Nothing But Healthy User Bias

Tools of the Matrix GANGs: The Asch Conformity Trident

An EMT Report: What Made Chris Smith Die Suddenly?

The Dalai Lama Glitch in the Matrix

The Plandemonium Timeline Project, Part 2: Died Suspiciously

The Honor and Etiquette of Destroying Civilization

Questioning the Answers

The Plandemonium Timeline Project, Part 1

The Existential Fear Button

Bitcoin, Education, and Optimism

Substack vs. Who?

Pfizer Vaccine Trial Fraud: Substantial New Evidence

Open Source Education (and MetaPrep)

The Sadness of Happy Pills - An Existential Signal?

The Pharmafia, Transgender Ideology, and Continuity of Government

Vaxxed II: The People's Truth Documentary

The Narcissistic MD is Everyone's Problem

Global Population Density: A Map Story

Doing the Zoonotic Twist: A Pre-War Tale?

How Does the HUB Get Missed? What are the Implications?

The Matrix is a Technocratic Hall of Mirrors

Performative Virtue: Education

Stay Organized and Take Notes

Couey on Fire

Documenting a Journey

Why Would Silicon Valley be Ground Zero for Banking Centralization? Part 3

Why Would Silicon Valley be Ground Zero for Banking Centralization? Part 2

Why Would Silicon Valley be Ground Zero for Banking Centralization? Part 1

How I Lucked Up and Bought the Last Box of Series 1 Bitcoin Trading Cards

Excess Death in the U.S. and The Lack of Mean Reversion

Science and Imperfect Memory, A Followup

Science and Imperfect Memory: Reader Participation Requested

Why Not Hire a Parent as the Teacher?

Melatonin - the Hormone of Both Sun and Darkness - Protects Your Health and Can Save Your Life

Understanding Safety Signals

Evidence of the HUB and the Zero Efficacy Hypothesis for COVID-19 Vaccines

Woody Harrelson Said the Quiet Part Out Loud, Part 2

The Right and Wrong Definitions of Technology

Woody Harrelson Said the Quiet Part Out Loud

Hydroxychloroquine: Still Works

Cognitive Warfare: Baiting Your Participation

To Point at a Deer and Call it a Horse

The Themis Report, Part 2: Anonymous Author Revealed

Kirsch Capital Equities Fund: Buyer Beware, Part 2

Kirsch Capital Equities Fund: Buyer Beware

The Profoundly Confounding and the Profoundly Unconfounding

The Challenge of Quantifying the Healthy User Bias

Distributions (Mortality): Statistics for Street Fighting

Building an Education Community: Rebooting the MetaPrep Project

The Healthy User Bias Dismantles the Vaccine Effectiveness Debate

Emails Among Educators Outside of the Institution

Handling YouTube Censorship

Pandemos -- Is This What Sanity Looks Like?

Nobody's Distributed Leadership Network: A Call to Action: Sunday, Feb 5 @ 5 PM Eastern on Clubhouse

Historical Failures of Public Health Authorities

DMED Timeout: Reportable Events Shenanigans, Part 3

My Last Math Student (For Now)

Monkeys Typing Shakespeare - The Impossible Burden

How to Rig Research: The WHO Edition (Parts 1 & 2)

World War E: Levels Deep on Psyops

Betting on a Spectacle

Stop Saying "Nuremberg 2.0" 2.0

Stop Saying "Nuremberg 2.0"

The Curious Calm Before the Storm

VAERS Talk 2 With Steven Rubin, Scott McLachlan, Albert Benavides, Wayne, and Joshua Guetzkow

Games of Trust

Drugs of the Cinchona Tree

Scott Adams, Cognitive Warfare, and Accountability

Distinguishing Between Infighting and Controlled Opposition

Drinks After Dinner

Austin Dinner Ticket Auction

Keep It Simple: What Do You See?

Such an Easy Test of Veracity

DMED Interview Released Seven Months Later

The Economist's Predictions of Plandemonium

VAERS Talk 1 With Liz Willner and Jessica Rose

Did Prince Harry Just Publish a Book Admitting His Own Psychopathy?

A Rounding the Earth Dinner Gathering in Austin, Texas on Friday, January 20 (Booking)

A Rounding the Earth Dinner Gathering in Austin, Texas on Friday, January 20