I agree with a lot of what you say about Chaos Agents in the Medical Freedom Movement (like Coles' and Urso's censorship behavior in Sweden) and there are Critical Questions from people like you and JJ and others that aren't getting addressed. These questions can hugely impact the future of human freedom, health, prosperity, civilization, and even the genome itself.

I believe that if the WHO and UN agreements go through next year they will significantly and negatively impact these same human conditions. I also believe that if these globalists' agreements become law, the WHO/UN/DeepState will have the legal power to make sure these questions never get answered, or even asked.

As a result, I believe it is strategically in the best interests at this time of medical freedom (not the MFM) to state that while not endorsing the individuals, you agree wholeheartedly with anyone saying STOP THE WHO or STOP THE UN. Unfortunately the only ones publicly stating that with a material audience are some of the same Chaos Agents. Support the statement, not the person.

Please don't stop in anyway uncovering and explaining your insights, no matter how damning. We are the party of truth. Or at least we should be. Your efforts and sacrifices are greatly appreciated by people you will never know.

P.S. Loved the biblical reference. I have always thought the concept of Hubris is hugely relevant, and woefully under appreciated. (I start my college speeches with "We don't know much, and a lot of what we do know is wrong" and I mean it.) Gene therapies are an affront to God and Man. Pure Hubris. Hubris didn't end well for the Greeks, and it won't end well for us.

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I'll be the first to say there are times where I've found Mathew harsh and/or confusing.

Are there things I wish were expressed differently? Of course, but I would have the same criticism of many others within the MFM or even the broader "freedom movement".

There have been many times where I found a little patience goes a long way to clear up frustrating misunderstandings.

Asking someone to "show their work" or explain their prioritization shouldn't be seen as an attack on the person, even when it's complicated.

I would think that of all circles, our extended circles would have a high amount of empathy for those who find themselves unwilling to trust, because many of us have had trust broken in very dire circumstances.

In all things from activism to large-scale geopolitical conflicts, I would always prefer to be on the side that does an excellent job restraining their own from excesses, and being accountable to each other.

It's not an easy thing to do and it's often messy.

The more it's done the easier things get, a culture of self-refinement is worth striving for.

Full disclosure: I'm the part time employee mentioned midway through the article.

I have never doubted that Mathew has his heart in the right place, and it's been an honor to work with him. As someone who's worked with him closely for some time, I feel uniquely suited to comment.

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How to disambiguate between if the subjects of your recent writings:

(a) are off the mark but they're offended/hurt by your suspicions/claims (or the way you go about communicating your concerns) and thus don't feel inclined to respond (or choose not to respond in a constructive manner), or

(b) because you're close to the mark?

Of course I don't know the answers, but when I try to imagine being on the receiving end of your recent writings I think it's fair to say I would struggle, at least on some occasions, to interpret them as simply constructive criticism. You are quite blunt, sir. And there's a case to be made that some of your claims are at least circling around the idea that there is serious malevolence at the heart of these people.

All this is coming from me, of course, who has been accused of being far too blunt and offending many people over the course of my life. But I'm a bit aspie, so I plead insanity, Your Honour ;-)

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I don’t give much thought to denizens of the MFM or popular talking heads because they all, with few exceptions, go down the same tired paths. It’s getting old and frankly their uselessness is showing.

First, the purveyors of information suggested wet market, bat, pangolin. Then, they suggested Wuhan lab leak. Never have they or almost any popular big time dissenters suggested targeted release. Why?

Never have the so-called experts or popular mouthpieces pointed out or even challenged the biological impossibility of any RNA virus to circle the entire globe in less than a year. Why?

Never have they explored the cloning of infectious viruses invented by Ralph Baric for use in laboratory analysis might also be used to create unlimited quantities of viral clones that could be employed for targeted spread. Why?

Never have they explained why it was necessary to incite so much alarm over a known-to-be incompetent virus. Why?

Never have they emphasized that the danger of mRNA vaccination lay in their ability to transfect cells, turning humans into the biological equivalent of a GMO crop seed (if they survive). Instead, contamination is all the rage. Why?

How are these questions any more conspiratorial than what’s already emerged and accepted as common knowledge?

Why are the vast majority of biologists, doctors, scientists, podcasters, YouTubers, etc., ignoring or not even challenging these questions? It strongly appears what questions can be asked, challenged, or debated has been predetermined. Scripted.

That should give us pause.

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The department chair of my college (and a dear professor and friend) had this embroidered on a plaque: “better to be an asshole than a chickenshit.” (Pardon the language). Trying to place myself in Ryan’s fancy shoes to see how I would take your uppercut and I keep coming up to the same conclusion: if I knew you were dead wrong, I’d simply bring all the receipts once. If you weren’t satisfied, I’d move on. Perhaps it’s more jarring to be confronted publicly, but like JFK said, secrecy is repugnant. If everyone who is being accused of shenanigans has the courage to face the accusations, no matter how uncomfortable, it’ll go a long way towards their integrity.

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I don't have your gift for seeing behind the many masks and curtains. But I think I know human nature, and one thing you may not realize is that while you have the ability to change course at any time and make millions of dollars doing what you are so good at doing, most of the people involved in the MFM can't do that. For many of them their primary livelihood was destroyed (or at least severely wounded) for standing up to the narrative. Most are good people, with families to support. That has left them vulnerable to manipulation as they have found their way in the new environment. (I think the poster child for this is Dr. Paul Alexander.) It's not always easy to tell the good guys from the bad guys in this environment, which is why it's important to put principles before personalities (as the AAers like to say.) Stick to the ideas, and when individual "leaders" stray off the reservation let them go. Or at least, listen with a skeptical ear.

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How would the paperclip help? The MFM does nothing but attend poncy overpriced meetings which are then posted on social media where very few people see it. Something is wrong here.

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I just read Malone's stack today about legal arguments to use against employee mandates. Something about the mandates being arbitrary and capricious because the vaccines don't work and that testing 3x a week would have made more sense for employers to mandate. WTF?! I understand folks want to get their back pay and so on but these arguments are far from freedom oriented. I also noticed Malone is calling his paid subscribers names in the comments. He asked one if he was a "chaos agent".

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Your integrity is a breath of fresh air. So grateful for your insight and passion.

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Interesting graph of your Substack subs. Looks like I got in half-way up the curve (Dec. '21) and am still here. I'm curious: has there been much churn in the plateau, or mostly stable subscribers like myself?

As for what you are doing now, I'm skeptical about the criticisms of MFM people, but am willing to listen. Your recent writings remind me of a friend of mine who suffers from extreme paranoia. Drove her to the city one day and she warned me that the people in the nearby cars on the highway were from the group that tracks her, and to be careful because they might try to hit our car to take her out. I hope there are people in the MFM you **do** trust. Maybe you could profile some of them, not just the alleged bad actors?

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Never expected someone like you to quote Jesus. Jesus! The evangelicals might come after you...But I've always thought that if we just followed His teachings, the world would vastly improve. And I am not a Christian.

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Wow... great post. Another stack I follow was all about supporting that legal fund drive for Dr. Cole, and something in me hesitated and I didn't do it. And then shortly after I saw your post headline about it. I read the beginning but was in a mood that took me away from the darkness of it all. Then found this one today. Excellent questions. I think you ARE RIGHT about ASKING QUESTIONS. As we also ask of the govt, and feel grave concern when that is responded to with silence or disdain.

The MFM needs to take all questions, all the time. When they are repeated and also answered, point to a link with the details. Why is that hard? Loving what I see from @VisceralAdventure in his comment to. I support you, Matthew, and appreciate your consistent digging. I also wish I knew how to make a mill that fast, or at all. I would prefer to be even more independent from the 'matrix'.

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Wow. That was powerful.

I have another explanation for what you are doing this, based on the little I know of you through posts and videos, and my scant knowledge of astrology.

(Disclaimer: I take astrology as mere fun. It's a multi-century, collective work of intellectual art. Sometimes, there are bizarre coincidences which make me snort-laugh.)

Mathew, you have the most fortunate natal chart I've seen so far. I assume your date of birth at campfire is real. You are a Cancer. That's pretty good. And, your natal Moon is in Leo. This means that the Sun and the Moon are in "mutual reception," which is also very good.

Cancerians are good fathers and good mothers: serious and dependable, naturally humble and patient, they are born to be problem-solvers.

But those born under the sign of Leo are said to generous, morally strong, ambitious, and very intense, like the Sun in August. Egoism without the narcissism.

This configuration says you have a predisposition to achieve most of the best virtues a human can have.

Also, Vesta is in Leo. Vesta or Hestia is a symbol of the eternal fire, the hearth, the continuation between generations. Also, a symbol of freedom.

All that, and other things I'm not writing here, explains why you have talent for money, but you value more other things in life. Money was never an end for you. It also means that you will always land on your feet whatever happens, and then move on like nothing happened.

What are you doing this, precisely now?

These days we come from a full moon in Taurus. Also, in the sign of Taurus there are Uranus (Heaven, Innovation) and Jupiter (Power, Divine Grace) standing retrograde.

Remember: invention is the mother of necessity.

The axis Taurus-Scorpio have a lot to do with money. Moreover, Mars (war, fire, plunder) and Mercury (mind, earth, poison) are in Scorpio (swindles, among other themes.)

In the sign of Libra (justice) there is the asteroid Pallas, which represents intelligence, justice, diplomacy, strategy, disguise, espionage and retribution. Your natal Pallas was in Virgo (statistics, accountancy, precision, service.)

What does this nonsense mean? This is the moment for someone with your natal chart to pass judgement and throw intense light to the webs hanging in the dark, and see what shadows they cast. They may even combust and be consumed and disappear.


Far from astrology, and speaking in more materialistic terms, I think everyone agrees that the Sun and the Moon affect all life on Earth. The other objects of the universe, big or small, probably affect little or nothing to life here. But these two produce undeniable effects. That they determine anything long-term, in regards to character or psychology, that's more doubtful. But the part of life that is not mental depends on the Sun and the Moon as much as on the Water and the Air.

The "plandemonium" is a great word. It gets better every day that passes. They had planned everything, even the opposition, and the opposition of the opposition. They have to get their big pay day too.

What is a vaccine? What is a virus? Does it matter, given the fact that most people are completely zombified, and most doctors are psychopaths?

Well, I am exaggerating a little. What should be the correct word for a pediatrician or a nurse who injects thousands of vaccines on thousands of kids, taking advantage of the supine ignorance of their parents, and they would never inject any vaccine on their dogs, cats, goats, horses, children, parents, siblings, or dear friends (but maybe on a hated friend)? These people are not exactly psychopaths. It's different. They are Prussian mind-slaves: They are trained to not care about the reality, only about the rules, and the prizes.

They are also trained to not feel shame, which is better than taking soma.

So far, we have discovered what we already knew: we are safe from microscopic pathogens, we are definitely not safe from macroscopic pathogens, specially in Congress.

Sadly, many people have died. It was not their time. Sadly, many people deny the reality of the con. This is very helpful for the bad guys, and very bad for those who help them.

Mathew, you are doing much good with all your work for the benefit of all humanity.

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It seems to me that you are the only person talking about the DMED data, which seems to me to be the most critical issue for national defense. Could the jab be a major reason for the incompetence recently on display with the IDF? You are surely correct that bilionaires (and the central banks) are steering this.

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If Fynn says you could call Ryan and he'd answer your questions, why don't you call the guy? Why continue with the "Maybe he's a hero and maybe he's a grifter" stuff if you potentially have access to the answers?

Aren't you concerned that if he is a "Friggin hero" like you suggested he may be in an earlier comment that you've just pretty much blasted the guy? If you have sensational questions and he does have satisfactory answers, he doesn't come out on the other end of this as a hero. He comes out on the other end as the battered guy accused of malfeasance. Nobody is going to read through the paper trail mess to determine if he's innocent. They just read the accusations, label him as untrustworthy and move on. You created a lose lose situation for Cole.

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Agreed. What I cannot stomach is the cheerleading in Congress, including the new speaker, holding his Bible, for the murder of children. "The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity."

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