1 pm which time zone Mathew? Really interesting.

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Look at this:


There are 2 hospitals in Minnesota that stand out. They cared for 7.3% of COVID decedents, but for 21.9% of COVID decedents with acute kidney failure.

St Cloud Hospital: 86 / 511 COVID decedents suffered acute kidney failure

Regions Hospital: 80 / 551 COVID decedents suffered acute kidney failure

Abbott Northwestern Hospital: 10 / 507 COVID decedents suffered acute kidney failure

Mayo Clinic Hospital-Rochester St Mary's Campus 0 / 411 COVID decedents sufffered acute kidney failure

Range: 0% - 17% of COVID deaths were associated with acute kidney failure in the 4 hospitals with the most COVID deaths in Minnesota!

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It murdered my brother.

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Any nurse or doctor who administered Remdesivir is a murderer.

Once they saw 3-4 people die after administering the drug, and they kept doing it, they became serial murderers.

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Remdesivir was developed at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

The same lab and researcher who worked with the Bat Lady of Wuhan to weaponize the coronavirus.

Start there.


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Remdesivir killed my dad. This highly nephrotoxic drug was administered to my dad despite his having only 1 kidney (and with no informed consent). Tried to find a lawyer in Florida to sue for medical malpractice given this serious contra-indication but am told Florida Statute 768.38 protects hospitals from all liability related to treating Covid patients, and also reduced the statute of limitations from 2 years to 1 year. It’s devastating to know we cannot even attempt to get any measure of justice, and in Florida of all places.

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Yep, all roads seem to lead to (or intersect with) the "Percheron Farm".

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I was just waiting for JJCouey and George Webb together on this show. Looking forward to this!

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Remdesivir was developed through an academic-corporate partnership between Gilead Sciences and Ralph Baric’s lab at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health.


Remdesivir: The Ebola drug reject taxpayers have spent $70.5M on . . . so far [2020]

Remdesivir is a drug looking for a market. In January 2020, Fierce Biotech ran an article about Gilead’s plan to cash in othe the coronavirus pandemic with a drug that it hadn’t been able to make any money on yet:

“Gilead Sciences is considering repositioning . . . remdesivir as a treatment for the coronavirus now sweeping across parts of China. The antiviral last made headlines when Gilead tested it, with little success, as a treatment for Ebola virus.

“As happened during the Ebola outbreak, the surge in cases of infection with a potentially fatal strain of the coronavirus in parts of China has led to a flurry of statements from biotechs with assets they claim could help keep the virus under control.

“Based on previous outbreaks, few, if any, of the programs now being talked up will lead to drugs that make a difference, either therapeutically or commercially . . . Gilead has a drug that has already been tested in humans. That positions Gilead to respond more quickly to the outbreak, although it also leaves scope to doubt whether it has a drug capable of tackling coronavirus.

“Gilead pushed remdesivir forward quickly in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases in response to the West African Ebola virus epidemic that began in 2013. The R&D program culminated in a randomized controlled clinical trial that tested remdesivir and three other drugs in patients with Ebola.

“The trial found two of the drugs were more effective than remdesivir, putting an end to efforts to establish [it] as a treatment option in Ebola.”

Public Citizen estimates that taxpayers have, so far, contributed at least $70.5 million to develop remdesivir, and argues that if it turns out it works, Americans shouldn’t have to pay twice for it. Instead, remdesivir should be distributed to patients for free through a public health system.

But, this begs another question: Is all the money that has been invested in—and could be made from—this drug, preventing the government from being objective as to the drug’s actual promise?

Critics say Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, skewed results of the remdesivir trials—and still got weak results.

Meryl Nass, in her blog post, “Faking Results: Fauci’s NIAID-paid Remdesivir Study Changed Its Outcome Measures Twice, in Order to Show Even a Whiff of Benefit,” writes:

“Fauci … has done the unthinkable in medicine: changed the goalposts, twice, on his remdesivir study in order to provide the appearance of benefit. Even then, benefit was quite small.”

This surely has nothing to do with the fact that at least eight members of the NIH panel that writes COVID guidelines have financial interests in Gilead Sciences.


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Here are some links to information I found interesting over the last few days. Nothing about Remdesivir, though.



054 Defense-related activities:

Radiation exposure compensation trust fund



This new Public Discussion Forum (PIUG-PF) was initiated for new discussion and blog topics on October 20, 2019.


Cellular Patent pools (smells like an inversion of 2008)


By Mr. JOYCE of Ohio:

H.R. 3009.

Congress has the power to enact this legislation pursuant to the following:

Article I, Section 8, Clause 18

The single subject of this legislation is: To direct the Secretary of Defense to carry

out a pilot program to pre-program suicide prevention resources into certain smart de-

vices issued to members of the Armed Forces


A pilot program to pre-program - whatever - through the military into certain smart devices, gives off Pandora's box vibes to me.

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Remember how the “War On Cancer” was announced by Pres. Biden in January 2022?

It turns out that “UC San Francisco has launched the Baszucki Lymphoma Therapeutics Initiative to increase the effectiveness and availability of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR T) therapy for lymphoma patients….” Only one month prior, in December 2021.

You might want to check out how the companies which make cancer therapies like CAR T are doing these days…


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I stopped believing in Malone’s altruism months ago and Steve’s incessant seeking for responses from the cabal are pretty useless.

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All roads lead to Fauci. Fauci received royalties on Remdesivir and he pushed it as CDC’s covid policy response. I’m sure bribes/incentives were offered to hospitals for each dose prescribed (mandated). As always, follow the money. Greed, not public health, is Fauci’s specialty.

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Turtles All The Way Down = Corruption All the Way Down

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There is ONE More thing. We don't talk about this. The @ssholes that are committing genocide on us have been doing this for a very long time. Sure they have been giving us poison shots for quite some time. Poisoning our water, toothpaste with fluoride and other chemicals, however we don't talk about how when we are sick and need some vitamins to get better, as our crappy processed foods do not usually come close to the vitamins we really need to survive, they give us an extremely low dose of vitamins. THE FDA RECOMMENDS VERY LOW DOSES. YOU GO TO THE STORE AND BUY YOUR VITAMINS, THAT MAY BE MADE BY CHINA, AND YOU ARE PATTING YOURSELF ON THE BACK FOR DOING THE HEALTHY THING, BUT ARE TAKING PEDIATRIC DOSES OF VITAMINS. LOTS OF TIMES OUR VITAMINS WE BUY IS HORRIFICALLY LOW DOSES AND WE DON'T REALIZE THAT.

This is equivalent to dying of dehydration in a desert and some one comes along and says I am going to save you. I got water. Here is two teaspoons of water to drink. You are so thirsty you say thank you an drink it. But you need more to survive. Lots more. You ask for more water and they say I just gave you two teaspoons. You can't have any more. But you say two teaspoons isn't nearly enough to survive. I need at least several glasses of water right now to hydrate. They say no. You don't get that and walk away.

THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING FOR QUITE SOME TIME. EVEN WHEN WE KNOW WE NEED VITAMINS THE VITAMIN AMOUNT WE TAKE OR IS RECOMMENDED IS EXTREMELY LOW. REMEMBER THIS. Please watch Dr. John Campbell video. He basically explains this here. I have been saying this for a long time now. Nice to see people catching on finally.


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