How Underreported Are Post-Vaccination Serious Injuries and Deaths in VAERS?

The Chloroquine Wars Part LI

The loose network of doctors and researchers I work with has consistently reached out to anyone who would listen to about the tremendous numbers of reports in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database.

Source: Regenbogenseele

The VAERS database is understood to be historically underreported, so researchers generally use the data there more for vaccine-to-vaccine comparison rather than a source for overall numbers. However, it seems to escape those at the CDC whose job is to pay attention to potential threats to health that the numbers---particularly serious adverse events (SAEs) and deaths are historically unprecedented.

The first link given by this member of the CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices led directly to my analysis of CDC safety signals (here and here). So, the critics of those articles suggesting that surely the CDC does more, understand that that document was the first response (out of numerous attempted emails), and the remaining response was otherwise basically, "come to a public meeting [in a few weeks]."

Now, let's focus on the end of that email (emphasis mine)l:

In any case, VAERS can be a great system for catching really sizable problems (which will appear quickly, despite the noise in these data sources). But in general VAERs data quality doesn’t merit more than generating possible hypotheses that need follow-up with more systematically collected research study data.   

Since the email mentions no study projects, and an FDA official replied to a member of our group asking about the same problem with, "that would require a study," I think we can assume that the CDC and FDA truly have no interest at all in assessing the magnitude of the problem at all! Evidence of this should be inferred by the lack of a single comprehensive risk report or risk-benefit analysis through more than seven month of an experimental mass vaccination program [so far as the public knows].

So, the task falls to us (the public) to do our best to determine: How many Americans have suffered serious adverse events or death?

We may also further infer worldwide damage from our answer---at least to some degree.

Before I go further, I'd like to mention that my best guess would be that the level of underreporting of (non-serious) AEs, SAEs, and deaths might all be very different. In fact, judging by the original Pfizer trial report (5.2.6 page 33) in which 0.7% of vaccine recipients suffered SAEs, we should now expect there to be around 2.4 million SAEs among American vaccine recipients. However, as of today, there are only around 78,000 in the VAERS database, suggesting a 30:1 underreporting rate for SAEs.

So, what does 6,000 American deaths in the VAERS database mean? Are they less underreported because SAEs are less underreported than AEs? AEs are their own kind of category because people suffering a mild headache and nothing more may simply move on with their lives and never report. Despite legal reporting requirements regarding COVID-19 vaccines, it is clear that cases go unreported. Even worse, we know that vaccine deaths seem to be automatically classified as COVID-19 deaths. Given financial incentives to hospitals and to families for funeral benefits, it may be that deaths are more underreported than SAEs.

Clearly, some deaths reported to VAERS may be COVID-19 deaths (despite the clearly absurd claim that 99+% of COVID-19 deaths are among the unvaccinated) and numerous are among the elderly who might die for any number of reasons. But the Precautionary Principle tells us that the onus is on the vaccine manufacturers and the authorities that regulate them to study the potentially 30 x 6,000 = 180,000 post-vaccination deaths (which would be 1 in 1,000 vaccinated Americans) to find out.

While those pharmaceutical corporations and the agencies they work so closely with may prefer to remain disinterested in the process of answering the question as to how many Americans have been killed by experimental COVID-19 vaccines, it is their moral and ethical responsibility. If they shirk that responsibility, perhaps they should simply be pushed off the ice.