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Very interesting. Funny you should alight on the one aspect that a non-mathematician (me) felt looked “wrong”: the period of the second wave. For reasons I can’t explain, when I heard about a second peal, I had expected it to have a longer period than the first.

But thinking further, now with a toxicologists hat on, what would I expect to see if there were two distinct mechanisms of toxicity that caused death? I believe there are at least two. The first is likely to be due to events that occur swiftly if they’re going to occur in any given individual, such as thromboembolic events. The second is unlikely to kill swiftly, if part because, by its nature, the effects accumulate over time, such as reduced immune defence capability.

What shaped function wuth time might it be most reasonable to expect to see?

I expected it to have a longer period, though I cannot justify why.

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I really appreciate your work Mathew. I think there are too many variables in the equation. Batches are different, multiple manufacturers are involved, etc. Add to that variations in the health of the vaxxed population pre-injection, and the thing that actually killed them being often unknown due to an extreme lack of interest from the people who are providing “care”. Maybe the second hump is clotting. Without the real cause of death, it is difficult to say that there is a connection. Probably precisely what they had in mind.

The bottom line is that we are all looking at the same problem, and from every angle it is a catastrophe. Our government and our “healthcare” are reducing our populations, all over the world. They will not stop, and they will never acknowledge that what they are actually doing is intentional. They are not too blind to see this, or too stupid to understand. At any other time in the recorded history of “vaccines” the program would not have lasted one month, and everyone involved would be running for cover. Today, the people who planned and carried out this crime are still at large and in charge.

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Mathew, I can't follow your math, but I can always count on you to acknowledge confounding variables, and be discerning with what you're sure of. You rock.

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I am commenter 100. Do I get the prize?

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The stakes are high. If they get away with the "safe and effective" narrative full stop, they are going to make an mRNA gene therapy for every illness under the sun, and mandate all of them to participate in society. Kids will have to take 500-1000 shots to get through public school. We will all be subject to bi-monthly multi-boosters. Declining life expectancy will be blamed on the unvaccinated.

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Why is this second hump not just easily explained by vaccine mandates? Vaccine mandates by private companies started popping up in July 2021, which easily explains more people getting the vaccine because they felt forced, and thus explains the second hump. Basically the first hump is manslaughter, the second one is murder.

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Thanks for the article.

I think adding two sine waves that are in phase with the same frequency but different amplitudes would simply be represented as:


= (A+B)sin(wt).

But perhaps there is a phase shift implied in the example in the article. When adding two sine waves that are out of phase, where p is the phase difference, and with same frequency but different amplitudes, I think one can employ phasor addition (vector addition in complex plane).

If I'm doing it right, that might be the following, where w=2*pi*f, and using cosine for convenience:


= Ae^jwt+B(e^jwt)e^jp

= (A+Be^jp)(e^jwt)

Going further,

= (A + Bcos(p) + jBsin(p))(cos(wt)+jsin(wt))

= [(A + Bcos(p))cos(wt) - Bsin(p)sin(wt)] + j[(A+Bcos(p)sin(wt) + Bsin(p)cos(wt)]

Taking the real part should yield something like:

(A+Bcos(p))cos(wt) - Bsin(p)sin(wt)

which may not be the simplest form.

I really should have been sleeping. Thanks again for the article.

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Quite a can of worms we've got. Even the "first" event shown was a "second " event for someone studying a previous spike. If they had no knowledge of an injection immediately prior to (what to them is) the subsequent event, that second "hump" would be mystifying to them.

Then there's the inherent problem with VAERS reports, in general. Does the rapid fall off in days subsequent to the injection date indicate decreasing danger from the jab, or does it reflect the very human inclination to blame a recent initiating cause and not connect the two?

Treacherous waters, here. On many fronts.

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There's a paper out about post-vaccination cerebral venous thrombosis showing an incidence of 4 cases per million in the general population. As usual the authors compare risk from CVT for vaccination v. covid, which is a common fallacy. The risk from vaccination is additive, not relative to the unvaccinated covid case.

"Cerebral venous thrombosis: a retrospective cohort study of 513,284 confirmed COVID-19 cases and a comparison with 489,871 people receiving a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine"


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What exactly is the effect of booster/third dose on the figures? I searched for, but couldn't find, "boost" and "third" on the howbad page. Here in Germany, highest excess mortality occurs with the booster campaign. Also, boosters have been administered roughly half a year after the second dose.

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Would it be possible to find s subset of the cases with a more uniform distribution of calendar day? Unfortunately they narrower the rollout the harder this is.

Another analysis could look at the cases making up the second hump to see what part of the year the occur.

It does seem like there is long term damage eg clots building up, damage to vascular system, but it also does make sense that the final straw could be triggered by seasonal effects.

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The second peak is most likely the effect of booster campaign... not so much deaths caused by shots given 6-8 months earlier.

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from the Albuquerque Journal today, no knowing vax status, but possibly another tragedy:

Former Bosque School hoops star Davidson dies



Bosque coach Clifton Davidson, right, walks out of the Pit with his son Elijah Davidson after defeating Sandia Prep and winning the boys 3A state basketball title on March 14, 2020. Elijah Davidson has died, his father said Thursday on social media. (Roberto E. Rosales/Albuquerque Journal)

Elijah Davidson, who led the Bosque School boys basketball program to a Class 3A state championship in 2020 and was a player at NCAA Division II Western Colorado University, has died.

Davidson died on Wednesday. The Journal on Thursday did not have details on how.

His father, Clifton, who was Elijah’s coach at Bosque School, posted a message on Facebook on Wednesday and said he wrote it with a “broken heart.”


“Our beloved and precious son, Elijah Davidson, passed away early today. … (We) are grieving and struggling through this terrible day.”

The 6-foot-4 Davidson’s hometown is Rio Rancho.

“We know that he was loved by many of you and you will be impacted by this news,” a Davidson family statement read. “Our hearts are with you as we know yours are with us.”

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Davidson was a first-team, all-state player in his final two seasons with the Bobcats, and averaged 26 points a game as Bosque School defeated Sandia Prep in the championship game two years ago.

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Great points, thank you!

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Hey Mathew, what happened to your post, "The Meta Analytical Fixers"?

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