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That Canadian video could’ve been a release of Rotenone. It’s a toxin derived from beans or plants and it’s not as deadly to birds or other animals but it’s highly toxic to fish. What they do is they spend a few days catching all the salmon out of rivers, then release the poison to kill all the invasive fish. The poison only lasts for a short time and breaks down since it’s organic, and once the river is safe they release all the salmon back into the river.

Otherwise the invasive fish decimate the native salmon populations.

Notice I said, “could”.

That’s not to say they wouldn’t release some other toxin under the cover of removing invasive species.

Edit to look it up, yeah, rotenone has been used in the US to kill off invasive species. A lake in Alaska, Utah and San Fransisco we’re killed off and restocked with native fish.

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I'm just going to go on the record (I've commented this on other sites in the last year, as well) to say that when I got "covid", I felt terrible and was very sick. BUT it was not what I have experienced in a normal "flu" or even pneumonia (which I had years ago). My body felt like it had a chemical poison inside me. It's difficult to articulate, but my "aches" were not the normal body, joint, or muscle aches one typically gets with a high fever, it was an acute, searing pain flowing through my body. My burning "fever" wasn't a real fever, it never went above 99 degrees. My "fatigue" wasn't a normal tiredness where I was just lethargic and needed to sleep - I literally could barely move my body for 10 days. I described it at the time as feeling like I imagine someone going through chemotherapy treatments, with the poison coursing through their body. And every day (to even this morning as I was waking up), mentally, I go back to the night I "caught" it at a wedding from recently vaxxed relatives who were shouting (and shedding) in my face (music was loud!) and I could feel the aerosols (disgusting, I know) in my face. When my husband and I left the wedding, I told him that we just got infected with shedding from the vax. And 7 days later, voila. I firmly believe we got biologically poisoned.

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Given the number of bio labs in say America, the Ukraine, and I believe Moderna is setting/has setup shop in Melbourne, Australia, very interesting hypothesis.

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Thinking out loud:

So in addition to bacterial vectors, there’s also the potential for other released toxins, such as nano metal particulates, which could be aerosolized and act as fairly potent lung/airway irritants acting in localized areas.Both bacterial and mineral toxins could combine with low-grade viral infections to create much more serious conditions in people unfortunate enough to be exposed.

Other environmental aspects could be playing a factor too, such as small particulate matter. Wuhan, Bergamo, and NYC all share relatively high micro PM levels in the air. There may be similar environmental toxin interactions at play.

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Well, didn't the monkeypox appeared at the end of the CoronaShow? I think this is another released pathogen that was supposed to scare the shit out of people and to make them forget about all the Corona restrictions and bullshit, but unfortunately (for its creators) it flopped.

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Mathew, I'm right now cutting a clip of J.J. Couey calling out Malone directly for continuing to work this Emerging Bioweapon rationale into the mix, even as he (Malone) walks the tightrope, and after rambling uncontrollably and putting everyone to sleep, allows that it merits scrutiny.

About the 1:30 mark.


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My dad served in the silent service (submarines) in WWII. When he got out he married mom and for 5 years they tried to have children. No luck. During those 5 years mom prayed to God for children. The first child was born in March 1951 (me) and then a year and half later my brother. Mom always attributed her prayers for the fact she and dad had children.

I think that dad's sperm count was very low after WWII. A toxic environment those subs. It took 5 years for the sperm count to reach levels that they could have children. One other reason I think this is that dad and mom had four children. Each child was healthier in every way than those before. Dads sperms most likely were too.

Our parents moved from SF to the Mother Lode East about 120 miles in the Sierra Foot hills when I was almost 4. I grew up with hay fever. The only one of 4 kids to have that. Every year in mid spring a deep lung infection would lay me low. None of my siblings had any problems breathing. Finally in the mid 1970s working near Taft Calif I got what the locals called Valley Fever. My lungs became so congested that I slept setting in a chair. One night so bad I gave up on breathing, I didn't care if I died. The next morning I woke with the congested chest mostly gone. From that time on I have never had a serious chest cold of any kind.

I wish to add an observation to Mathew's insight. From 1970 when the general health and longevity of the US was about fourth in the world to the present time when the US is 79th in health and longevity and falling like a rock, our food and environment has become increasingly toxic. At the same time EPA and those charged with keeping the health and welfare of the nation in robust vigor, have been on vacation.

So Mathew's insight "low-grade bioweapons?" + WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Afgan and Iraq wars, are all engagements where we send our best to serve. Most likely like my dad, these Wars have a profound effect on the vitality of the children born to these veterans. Today more than ever before women are included in the military and exposed to many toxins. + Degradation of the environment; Soil, Water, Air and thence food which also helps explain in part the precipitous decline of health, from fourth to 79th the USA has fallen in relation to the rest of the world

This appears to be s storm of multiple cause and effects and deep in our being we feel uneasy about it.

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A bit OT, but there is a bit of a dovetail here with the "are bioweapon risks exaggerated" subject. Here is an interesting quote from Max Perutz's review of Alibek's confession book.

- - -

"One evening in 1979 [bla bla bla anthrax-growing lab accident] a cloud of anthrax spores escaped which the wind blew over the town. Alibek writes:

"No one wanted to set off a panic or to alert outsiders [...] military sentries were posted in the immediate neighborhood of the plant to keep intruders away, and KGB officers pretending to be doctors visited the homes of victims' families with falsified death certificates."

Reports about the number of deaths differ between 66 and 105, far fewer than the thousand reported earlier. Alibek calls Sverdlovsk as serious a disaster as the one at Chernobyl. In fact, the number of deaths is surprisingly small for an urban area containing about a quarter of a million people, possibly because inhaled anthrax spores are not very infectious to humans."

- - -

Can't have the TV-skilled public knowing that, of course.

Cloud of anthrax blown directly from huge factory growing loads of anthrax over 250k people. Death rate of 2 to 4 in 10k.

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Helps explain the massive increase in chemical spraying all over the country (chemtrails, geo-engineering, homo-genetus cirrus clouds) etc.

Some of my posts on the merger/lateral Congressional/US President transfer of the DoD Chemical and Biological Warfare Program (50 USC 32) to the HHS public health emergency/emergency use authorization program (21 USC 9).




Tl;dr - US Gov says (to this day) that its chemical and biological warfare programs stopped in 1969 (bio) and 1975 (chem).


These programs did not stop at all. They just got re-homed under HHS/BARDA/NIH/NIAID/CDC/FDA, with coordinating divisions in DOD/DARPA/DTRA, DHS/FEMA, DOJ, Dept. of State, Dept. of Ag, and many, many other federal agencies.

Key events -

1977/07/30 - Congress and President Carter passed Department of Defense Appropriations Authorization Act of 1978. PL 95-79, 91 Stat. 323. Section 808 addressed DOD use of military personnel as research subjects for biological and chemical weapons under 1969 law, codified at 50 USC 1520; required notice to be given to local officials before subjecting civilian populations to chemical and biological weapons tests (related to programs targeting urban and suburban populations); required DOD reporting to Congress. The provision on DOD reporting to Congress was amended in 1982 and repealed in 1996. Other provisions of the law were amended in 1997 to expand experimentation on military personnel, through the NDAA for FY1998 at Section 1078 and the Emergency Use Authorization provisions of the 1997 Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act at Section 402.

1993/11/30 - Congress and President Clinton passed NDAA for FY1994, PL 103-160, 107 Stat. 1547. Section 1703 related to DOD reporting to Congress on chemical and biological weapons testing programs. Codified at 50 USC 1523. Amended 11/18/1997 and 10/17/2006. Repealed 12/23/2016, effective 12/31/2021?? , Also authorized DOD to “enter into agreements with Secretary of HHS to provide support for vaccination programs...in the US through use of the excess peacetime biological weapons defense capability of the DOD.” Codified at 50 USC 1524.

1997/11/18 - National Defense Authorization Act for FY98 - PL 105-85, 111 Stat. 1915. Section 1078, “Restrictions on the use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents,” repealed and replaced a 1977 section of 50 USC Chapter 32, the Chemical and Biological Warfare Program. The 1977 provision (50 USC 1520) had added a requirement that DOD report to Congress about DOD human experimentation programs. In 1997, Congress replaced 1520 with 1520a, purportedly to prohibit DOD conducting experiments on soldiers without the individual soldiers informed consent. It was passed by Congress in response to public outrage over injuries and deaths caused by mandated anthrax injections of soldiers during and after the 1991 Gulf War. However, the authority for federal government experimentation on non-consenting human beings continued; Congress simply transferred the program to the Food Drug and Cosmetics Act, 21 USC 360bbb (see below, passed three days after the NDAA) under declared emergency situations (Emergency Use Authorizations/EUA).

1997/11/21 - Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act - PL 105-115, 11 Stat. 2296. Added new section to Federal Food Drug and Cosmetics Act (21 USC 9) to expand access to investigational drugs and devices during emergency situations (21 USC 360bbb). This was the beginning of the Emergency Use Authorization framework...

1998/10/21 - Congress and President Clinton passed Omnibus Consolidated and Emergency Supplemental Appropriations for FY1999 - PL 105-277, 112 Stat. 2681-358. Title II established the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile, later renamed the Strategic National Stockpile. Appropriated $51,000,000, “to remain available until expended…for pharmaceutical and vaccine stockpiling activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Division I, Chemical Weapons Convention Implementation Act of 1998, established prohibitions on chemical weapons. Codified at 18 USC 229 and 22 USC 6701.

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And for "Covid" itself.. Ron Unz has consistently put forward a convincing circumstantial case that SC-2 was a US bioweapon attack on China and Iran. Also not proven but plausibe, especially when the binary choice of either Zoonotic evolutions of an "Accidental leak at WIV" is being shoved through the Overton window and down our throats.

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Someone on Twitter has been poking around similar theories as yours.


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You're scaring me. And I don't scare easily and don't fall for the distractions of the legacy media and the establishment politicians.

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Regarding seasonal flu and colds in relation to 2020. I am prettysure the CDC had on their site the reason for the collapse...but never publicly addressed it.

They rolled covid/ cold/ flu into one category...and called it covid.

They had an acronym for it...but I cannot recall what it was...though it was obvious the intent. So....they admitted openly to compressing the stats and inflating the covid #s...but only in the shadows.

If I can find it I will post it. Of course no msm picked up on it.

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Grim. All I know is that in my smallish city we see planes spraying every now and again. They go back and forth creating trails. We're not big enough to have constant air traffic and it appears to be one to three planes at a time. Usually the trails widen into clouds and the sun disappears, so my guess was cloud seeding (that is supposedly illegal here). And then it rains. Hmmm....

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Something that has crossed my mind too. It is diabolical but possible.

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This is an interesting thought and certainly fits with much of what we have seen. Do beware of the different kinds of “pneumonia” as I addressed above, this muddies the issue & results in some errors.

To the main point: look at omicron. It is rather clear it isn’t a variant that has evolved down the long path through delta, etc. it has the appearance of branching off the original, and that doesn’t happen after the original is extinct. This was another lab release, and patterns of outbreak suggest multiple releases over the past 3 years.

I think of the “traveler” in “12 Monkeys” with his pack of airline tickets to spread his pathogen all around the world. “COVID” has been more nuanced than this, but I agree that this is what we are seeing. Thus prior ‘experiments’ to provide proof of concept are virtually certain.

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