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"The KM has also now condemned itself to war crimes tribunals and massive civil lawsuits due to its COVID fraud. Two of the top five medical journals in the world Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine have retracted COVID-related articles."

"Now Hindawi, one of the world’s largest open-access journal publishers is retracting 511 papers that appeared in 16 different journals based on the discovery of “unethical actions”. The papers have all been published since August 2020."


A CIA affiliated Medical doctors comments:

“What this means is that they are admitting to all the fraud and lies by the medical profession. There will be numerous lawsuits against universities, colleges and medical centers as a result of this. Think about all the tenure given, and grants, that were awarded based on published papers that were bogus, wrong, and in place due to corruption and bribes, all for money.” benjamin fulford.net

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Underground Court Lady said a while ago that the LNPs are attracted to fat and in a lean male the heart is the only place with much adipose. The LNPs land in the heart and make spike there. Both spike and the LNP coating is dangerous to cells

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Interesting but I see multiple problems with his “one size fits all” & “the spike is NOT the toxin” approach. One preliminary question: how does his hypothesis deal with the “bad batch” issue that seems to be real? Bottles labeled DON’T ASPIRATE? The fragility of the mRNA product & poor manufacturing and/or distribution processes make a strong case if they didn’t actually produce variable dosage batches.

More generally, not being a physician he does not seem to appreciate the systems-nature of pathology. Individuals have broadly variable immune competence, with varying strengths & weaknesses, based on inherited and acquired factors. His broad-brush “the immune system can handle it” clearly misses the mark.

I have no problem believing that intravascular injection can be an aggravating factor, it can happen. However when he talks about vascularity in muscle, the large (macroscopically visible) vessels lie superficial to the muscle. An IM injection may indeed put some material into a tiny intramuscular vein, but the idea of a bolus injection does not remotely seem feasible. Now I confess I am not aware of any studies attempting to quantify actual quantities & rates, but a high concentration, first pass blast to the heart seems questionable.

Endothelial damage is clearly part of the pathology. BBB problems potentially impact the brain, but we already know that this material can pass readily without the need to invoke “bolus” veinous injections.

I applaud out-of-the-box thinking, but I am not convinced. Thank you for the suggestion that he learn how to teach/speak/present. He also undermines his credibility with blatantly denying models postulated by many others, people far more qualified to present as SMEs (subject matter experts). I noted irony in your mention of the narcissistic style of communication too frequently seen, while having a guest repeatedly “toot his own horn.” Mentioning some obscure website giving him an award? Anyway ....

Matthew, keep at it! And come back & visit Birmingham, assuming UAB hasn’t succeeded in convincing EVERYBODY to get multiple jabs ;)

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Awesome... as usual.

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Thanks Mathew. I personally have no more time for Marc's theory because it doesn't make any pharmacological sense and doesn't explain at all the longer term effects I am (and the world is) seeing. However it's important to let each person have their say especially if they bring evidence to the table. And Marc seems like a nice guy. So I have reposted this article. Keep up the good work.

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Hope this goes up on the podcast. Would also like to see something on why vaccine cardiac issues should be confined to the young (if they indeed are). Maybe they are just more noticeable among the young where ordinarily they aren't found. But is there any reason why they would be confined to that group?

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What would account for negative efficacy against Covid after about five months? If the LNPs were empty, would that still be happening?

The severe heart problems may be limited in numbers, but if a huge percentage of the vaccinated are now more likely to get Covid, doesn't that indicate damage to large number of people, not just the ones injected improperly or who received a contaminated batch?

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Are you a vaccinazi?

If you threaten a person’s livelihood because of their vaccine views, you are a vaccinazi.

If you censor a person’s speech because of their vaccine views, you are a vaccinazi.

If you coerce a person to get vaccinated, you are a vaccinazi.

If you restrict a person’s activities because of their vaccine status, you are a vaccinazi.

If you impede the open study and free discussion of vaccines, you are a vaccinazi.

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The theory of harm owing primarily to unintentional intravenous injection is elegant in its simplicity, and, to the lay mind that is my own, Marc explains it very persuasively.

We know that the covid jabs were understood from the outset to be ineffective at preventing infection and transmission. Birx said so. Yet if the jabs were intended essentially as a tool for re-organizing society and for establishing mechanisms of enforcing compliance, i.e., if they weren't from the outset intended to do physical harm, why did they contain any potentially harmful contents at all? Had they been an innocuous, saline placebo, the precedent of mandating them would have crushed resistance by virtue of their demonstrable safety... and would have been securely in place for the next plandemic.

And if the covid jabs were not intended to do harm, why did health authorities and governments worldwide ignore warnings about them prior to their deployment, and aggressively suppress reporting about adverse events once these became evident?

Wise people have often reminded us that we should avoid ascribing to malevolence that which can be explained by stupidity. The explanation of stupidity fails, however, in the present instance to account for the vehemence and concertedness of the overarching, global effort that the covid jabs are a part of.

Unintentional intravenous injection – human error – is very plausibly a cause of adverse events. For Marc's theory to hold water, I think he will have to show that the plandemic's orchestrators were confident in advance of universal, near-constant human error in administering the covid jabs.

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Surely a significant risk factor when injecting such powerful agents directly into human flesh is the level of expertise required to ensure delivery is to the correct part of the anatomy in order to avoid or at least reduce the risks outlined in this article. It is patently obvious that given the recruitment of so many minimally experienced personnel to perform these injections that these risks are massively increased for the covid jabs.

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All normal CMC requirements went out of the window, when these shots received authorisation.

So we simply have no guarantee that each recipient received a consistent, homogenous product.

The opposite, in fact, applies; nobody got a consistent, homogenous or identical product in their shot.

And how close is the administered product compared to that received by the trial participants?

We know that mRNA integrity went down from the trial reference in the commercial batches (but they just carried on), we know that they changed the frozen storage requirements without apparent rationale (but they just carried on).

We don't even know if the first shot from each vial is the same as the last shot from each vial!

Moderna prescribing and dispensing document includes the following:-

"Swirl vial gently after thawing and between each withdrawal. Do not shake."

What happens if the swirl is a bit too vigorous, and more like a shake??

What if you get twice as much LNP's in your shot, compared to the person who came after?

What difference is there if the vial has been in a thawed state for just an hour, compared to a vial that has been sitting in a warm room for 10 hours?

And then we have the visual appearance of the contents.

Moderna say:-

"Parenteral drug products should be inspected visually for particulate matter and

discoloration prior to administration, whenever solution and container permit.

• SPIKEVAX is a white to off-white suspension. It may contain white or translucent

product-related particulates. Do not administer if vaccine is discolored or contains other

particulate matter."


That takes the biscuit! How do you know if the particulates that you notice in the vial, are product-related or not product related?? When does 'off-white' become discoloured? What if there is a big label on the vial that prevents proper visual inspection?

It absolutely beggars belief that all of this passed muster to the apparent satisfaction of regulators around the world.

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I don't think spike protein is the issue. I don't think it's related to mRNA. I think it's metal(s).

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Naomi Wolfe has picked up on this also. It's interesting but I must say I'm not yet convinced but try tokeep an open mind. But to anyone with a background in biochemistry, microbiology and immunology, the effects of the spikes just makes so much sense.. In simple terms, spikes don't belong in the human body and will cause blockages directly in small capillaries. They will also be attacked by the immune system, resulting in clotting and inflammation. All of this seems cconsistent with the clinical evidence and autopsy findings. Prion disease is also consistent with the cleavage of the S2 protein which can cross the blood/brain barrier.

I think all of this also explains why all involved were so desperate to hids the FACT that the LNPs (carrting the mRNA) are NOT immediately consumed at the injection site.

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I’m going to share clips of this on The Jonathan Kogan Show podcast! https://jsk.transistor.fm/subscribe

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I don't know how people can't intuit this through a priori reasoning. A virus is also a nanoparticle that delivers RNA to cells. The main difference is that the virus has surface proteins which help the immune system to kill it before it can do this and also it generally isn't injected into your body.

Imagine if they actually do make replicating vaccines. If it replicates, it can mutate. Also if it replicates its lipid nanoparticle/exosomal form then it will be a virus that you can never become immune to because the body doesn't attack liposomes but rather lets them deliver stuff to cells so it will never be able to kill it before it gets inside cells, and if it replicates the pseudourylation it won't get recognized even when it's inside cells. Come to think of it it's a wonder that viruses haven't already figured out how to do that?

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