As sovereign witness of how Man's dominion is orderly triangulated via Nature's Law & Nature's (Creator/Creative) Science of Right Reason honor for honor doth observe how Man has taken Nature's 3 Crowns (of Law) with One Ring (Fisher of Man) to bind them all, beguiled.

But whom amongst Man is "Normal" when all are beguiled (incorporated) by Hidden Hands and their legions of attorning agencies that never cease seeking your voluntary acceptance of slavery.

But, what every Joint Tenant in the Sovereignty of Life should recall, your free dominion fearfully and wonderfully made by all-fathers Honor for honor, gives competency to handle all your affairs both orderly and peacefully in "Normal Law." There are 3 laws of Nature by which Man triangulates reality in truth honor for honor:

Higher/Highest (Eternal) Law & Rules All by Agreement, eternally: NORMAL LAW (Divine Law)

Secondary (Immortal) Law & Subject to Higher Law: COMMON LAND LAW (Common Law)

Third Law & Subject to Higher Law: MERCHANT LAW (Maritime/Admiralty Law)

What is hidden is now unveiled: The Triple Tiara of Rome has always stood for these supra 3 crowns with each crown representative of all beguiled by-law and controlled yet by Normal Law of One above all, beguiled into legions driven until every possible farthing is exacted, till death do you part!!!

Solutions do not lie & truth is eternal. So, if you seek peace or eternal happiness, seek ye first all normal council to reign in honor for honor by Normal Law. For the day you accept secondary law or thirdly in law, lesser than normal dominion, your oblivion is assured.

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Definitely right about the money. If it could have been proven that there was a readily available and successful treatment, then the emergency use authorization could not have been obtained to use the vaccine

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