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Hi Mathew,

Thanks for all your great work!

Here is a link to the pdf version of the article, for those who want to browse/review it per your suggestion but not pay for it:


I could not find the appendix; however.

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Request to other readers:

Honestly, I am confused about masks...even after digging into the topic somewhat.

Anti-mask arguments (which, after my research, I find somewhat more compelling than the pro-mask arguments, like the one that Mathew just reviewed in this blog post) seem to go as follows:

SARS-Cov-2 is mostly spread by aerosols and not droplets Therefore, regular cloth masks are useless as they mostly prevent spread by droplets and are not effective in blocking aerosols.

However, another argument against masks is that they are dangerous because of the build-up of carbon dioxide.

Aren't these two arguments contradictory? Anyone who is well versed on this topic, please respond. Also, other resources (articles, videos, etc) that will help shed some light are welcome.

Thank you!

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