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Thanks for all you do Mathew. Are you in contact with @nickhudsonCT/@pandata19 who have a sizeable South African contingent? Mr Hudson is an actuary, I'm sure you know of him.

The Roundtable video from Puerto Rico (?) <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IeVy7jQoz0> has just come to my attention and provides a good opportunity for subscribers to

a) Put a face to your name, and more importantly

b) Circulate the video to friends and family to demonstrate the integrity and passion of early treatment advocates.

Keep going, this body of work is very important.

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Am not at all surprised with the banning of HCQ in SA. Are you familiar with Prof. Tim Noakes? http://bitly.ws/iEZv

Even on non-mainstream search engines, a search brings up many articles debunking his current low-carb ideas. Yet prior to his stepping into the low-carb community, due to his development of T2D, his research was highly respected.

Instead rewarding him for identifying the error of his research and reversing his and others' diabetes, the powerful food industry coupled with the medical industrial complex (really, they are the same) went after him.

It always comes down to, follow the money.

Healthcare is a business with an innocent sounding name, that is as ruthless as the tobacco industry, in increasing and maintaining it's market share.

When patients realize that YOU are the product of this corrupt system, you will realize that the system does not care how long you live or how well you live, as long as it gets maximum revenue out of you or your insurance.

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I am reminded of a podcast interview by I think Dr Mobeen of a rural South African doctor who successfully treated Covid cases in his very poor and very remote community. Word got out and people travelled for many miles to get treated. His protocol was HCQ and much of the time there was a shortage of oxygen so he succeeded even without this basic treatment. He knows none of his patients can afford a hospital stay and they were too remote for this anyway. He also used HCQ as a prophylactic for his own staff. I’m sorry I don’t recall the name of the Dr, he was very impressive in the interview. I will try to search for the video when I get back to my computer and reply again.

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There used to be a facebook group, SAFARI - South Africans For the Right to Ivermectin or something like that - of course FB shut it down. One of the participants, Dr Rapiti, from the Cape Flats (very poor area) has had great success with Ivermectin and other cheap treatments. He is still on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/drrapiti

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building back better

Using that phrase unironically should be ground for incarceration.

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Dr. Chetty’s breakthrough -not a peep of praise from the corporate media…

If you treated over 6,000 patients in rural South Africa for C-19, and not one needed oxygen, got hospitalised, or died (and these are verifiable stats), surely the world would be beating a path to your door. And indeed, globally Dr. Chetty’s protocol is now widely and keenly sought after. It even bypasses using “controversial” drugs like Ivermectin (with a billion doses, this Nobel Prize winning anti-parasitic molecule of nature, demonstrated to be a COVID killer at all stages of the disease, and cheap to administer, and which has had more randomised clinical trials than mask wearing or lockdowns or pointless six feet rules for an airborne virus, is not really “controversial” but WHO knows?) and HCQ.

Most attempts at treatment had focused on the first, viral phase. And most of the exceptional early treatment protocols we’ve referenced seek to reduce viral replication and thereby curb the progression of the disease.

And most recover. About 20 to 30% worsen, and these are the leading candidates among the vulnerable demographic, for hospitalisation and death. Dr. Chetty discovered, they “worsen” on the eighth day. His hypothesis was that the onset of the inflammatory phase was a “hypersensitivity,” a kind of allergic reaction to the spike proteins. Hence, his treatment protocol uses simple antihistamines, corticosteroids and aspirin (as anti-coagulants) primarily.

His clinic is outdoors, remember no outdoor transmission verifiably reported. Therefore, well ventilated, plenty of natural sunlight. And with the drugs, the treatment can take place on an outpatient basis. The dyspnea that sets in, though with differences in speed and severity, seemed to present on the eighth day.

Dr. Chetty says, “I tried, on a patient who was critically ill, a dose of promethazine and oxygen saturation returned to 95% within 24 hours.” This pattern repeated confirmed the hypersensitivity hypothesis.

The protocol evolved from steroids to antihistamines to ecotrin/aspirin and montelukast. 99% of his patients were fully recovered within 14 days from the onset of symptomatic reactions.

Since his treatment is not “off label,” as he’s treating for allergic reactions and inflammation, the drugs used are acutely “on label,” I have continued to urge policy makers here to allow me to put them in touch with Dr. Chetty, as this version of “early treatment” can begin right away…far safer, cheaper and clearly more efficacious than vaccines, while the “off label” debates (irrational as they are) continue. There is no disincentive here, and we can immediately take the stress off oxygen needs and ICU usage.


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The medical regulators and the heads of these regulators are completely corrupt. They are all interconnected with the various universities and are all being funded by BMGF. Witwatersrand University (WITS) being one of the worst and Prof Shabir A. Madhi is on BMGF scientific-advisory-committee including the Previous Chair of South African Medical Research Council Prof Abdool Karim who was receiving Grants for the department by Gates. Karim's family is deeply entrenched and gates has funded the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) headed by Helen Rees who just so happens to be on the board of GAVI. He also sponsored the National Health Insurance Task Team for NHI (National Health Insurance) investigation and planning. Professor Glenda Gray who is now Chair of South African Medical Research Council has also been connected to Fauchi when his -mails were exposed. Prof Abdool Karim has also been connected to Fauchi.

Its corrupt as hell.

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Other than people actually helping others in SA like Dr Chetty, Gordon Brown in the UK avoided the question of higher taxation for the very rich in an interview recently, but did talk a lot about needing to sell, I mean get vaccines to South Africa….meanwhile a Chinese South African billionaire (who bought the LA Times), is also looking to create another vaccine…



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The increase in death rate with each subsequent wave seems to go along with what Geert has been saying since last year. He predicted that the death rate would go up with each wave, due to the enhancement of the disease. Given that SA, UK, US, Brazil are all captured by big Pharma and BMGF, may explain why these countries have done so poorly in this covid 19 era.

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Mathew closes his penultimate paragraph with this sentence, "However, excess deaths did not revert particularly sharply after cessation of HCQ usage or upon introduction of vaccines. Each gave way to new waves of mortality." Would someone please explain in kitty-steps the relationship between this sentence and his final paragraph about corruption?

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