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Ehret and Crawford - Read "Pawns in the Game" by William Guy Carr. Written in 1954, It helps to provide perspective on how all these various "adversaries" work in lock step towards a global totalitarian technocracy. Thank you both for the prolific work you are doing!

"Truth will ultimately prevail where pains is taken to bring it to light."

- George Washington

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"Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops." ~ Jesus of Nazareth, quoted in Luke chapter 12

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George Washington?

Master Mason at age 21. Shortly before he assumed a majority (at 21?!?) in the Virginia militia.


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That was an incredibly engaging interview. The dots connecting the infiltration of Scientology was a stroke of brilliance.

Growing up my mom believed in Jesus and Christianity but was not fond of traditional Christian churches. She had many books on her shelves some new age (for the time) stuff. Power of positive thinking, Edgar Cayce, etc.

She liked the Unity Church of Christianity out of Missouri. I went to Sunday School there. Later as I busied myself with the usual dating, marriage, mortgage, career, divorce, repeat it all again successfully this time I mostly walked away from it all.

Decades later while in business for myself I wound up meeting a guy that I grew to admire. A staunch Christian, knew the Bible like the back of his hand, had a successful business, lived in the country with a six foot cross in his front yard for all to see.

A weight lifter he didn’t go to church but belonged to a prison ministry. He’d witness to some pretty hardened criminals. He had a gift because he wasn’t the least bit irritating, pushy or cringy he was for lack of a better term, the coolest guy I ever met.

When he wasn’t creating amazing pieces of jewelry for wealthy clients he built hot rods in his spare time.

We were having a conversation over thirty years ago. I never forgot he calmly said they’re going to use aliens to beguile us away from The Lord.

I was stunned. I’d never pondered such a thought.

He said, it’s as plain as day. They’ve conditioned us with a barrage of science fiction, books movies, TV shows, it’s everywhere.

They’re getting us to accept we are not alone in the universe and when the time is right they’ll use high tech trickery to convince most everyone of a super alien race that we were spawned from. The antichrist will probably be billed an extraterrestrial.

My mind was blown because it made perfect sense. Almost everyone I knew would buy it. Just like years later almost everyone I knew bought the scamdemic.

It just has to have the right mixture of fear/expert opinions/media barrage/controlled narrative/and the promise of a better life. Bingo.

Perhaps the antichrist is the creation of a singular religious entity with tentacles all over the world feeding a false godhead beguiling us to believe less human is more humane.

We live in interesting times.

The man I am speaking of was always the picture of health. Un-covid-vaccinated. I’d lost touch with him then found out he died of bacterial pneumonia March 2023.

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I'm glad it came off as engaging. I was sleep deprived and without structure. I missed a lot of points by going so quickly without good sign posts or notes. But I figured it would be at least educational.

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I know you’re a busy guy but this astrophysicist makes a lot of sense to me and scientifically reinforces the point that there is no intelligent life on other planets. https://youtu.be/HOixhxqGiNc?si=BF_alBrCR1qtJHh5

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Terrific interview with Matt Ehret. Need to listen twice. Thank you for your efforts & insights. 🙏🏻🤍

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The first time I pulled the declassified stargate files right off of the CIA website I had my suspicions. Either one of two things could have been true. 1) What they said in the documents was true, which means our entire perception of reality (not social- but physical) is false. Yet, few people have ever really reacted to it. The "revelations" in those files, assuming they are true, should have caused a tsunami of discussions, experimentations...et cetera. 2) What they said in the documents was false, or largely so, which of course prompts the question as to why? For a long time I thought it was to throw off seemingly geopolitical foes such as Russia but then that thought grew into thinking it was part of an ongoing domestic psy-op.. but they lie about everything so at this point I do not know and it is entirely too easy to get engineered off course. I am interested in following where you take this.

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People have an ego attachment to certain engineered truths and become comfortable with their slavery if rewarded with trinkets and baubles. Stockholm Syndrome, if you will. Elite oligarchies are all connected at the top with a certain amount of squabbling. We are the enemy.

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Terrific lecture and interesting discussion. I was wondering if you could tell me where I could find more information on the Kingston Experiment. My kids are 6 and 9, so I don't know how open the window of opportunity still is for them.

Also, do you have any recommendations on books about the UFO cult/intelligence nexus and/or the Rockerfellers and other oligarchic string pullers? I've already read Cynthia's book and several of Matt's books and was thoroughly entertained, informed, and horrified by them.

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The Kingston experiment and the rest of my education articles:


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Congratulations on that great talk at Matt Ehret podcast.

You stepped into the Rockefella's mansion?!?!? LOOOL. Now Housatonic and JJ are gonna call you a shill or Agent Crawford or something, just for the kicks. 😂

Those two have been raising doubts for months about almost everyone even slightly associated with Kenedy. I think it's mostly entertainment and an unexpected turn of the fanservice custom of video gurus. But I learned from you to not just blindly trust people who look OK. So I don't think they are doing anything wrong. It's like a stress test of the people in the MFM and other dissidents. In fact, I'm counting the days to see Marc Kulacz deconstructing Fareed and Tyson and Marik on IVM. If it happens, let's see how it goes. Let's see if they are for real or part of the op.

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The San Juan Summit was held at Brock Pierce's home, which I found out that day was formerly the Rockefeller mansion. But hey, that's where I was essentially interrogated and dismissed by the operators who have only iced me since. Particularly on the DMED analysis.

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What do you make of the free masons? I just found out that most of my country's leaders, as well as many prominent historical figures, have been linked to this organization. Have you read George Washington's letters that mention the Illuminati and the Free Masons? Very weird...

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Just my SWAG here but I view the masons as the survivors of the Knights Templar purge hiding out in Scotland. The problem with being a secret society is how do you know when someone else has taken over? You can't. The scenario goes like this:

Spy recruits climb the ranks until they are at the top. Could take a century. Once at the top they initiate those just below them into previously unknown ranks. Stuff they just made up but makes the new initiates feel superior to others. Lots of monetary rewards to those who go along with the new program that most think is real anyway.

The Illuminist/Illuminati movement probably did that to Freemasonry after the crackdown on the Illuminati forced the survivors to go into hiding.

The Illuminati had ties to the banking cartel which was headed by the Frankist Rothschild family and friends.

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Jesuits started freemasonry then distanced themselves as though they are not connected.

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I always intuitively connect the two groups since the Jesuits tend to be more active in Latin America while the Freemasons are more influential in North America. Of course, both were or are active in Europe. Do you have any books you can recommend?

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I don’t have a book specifically connecting the 2. I do have a copy of Tupper Sausey’s Rulers of Evil. Professor Walter Veith did a series entitled “Total Onslaught. He was given documented resources. I believe you can find it on YouTube. The episode is Revolutions Tyrants and Wars. He had extensive experience with occultists and the Jesuits are most definitely involved with that.

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Thank you for your comment. I'll try and find the sources you cite in spite of the massive erasure of information on the internet. I have traveled extensively also within the context of having to escape CIA entrapment and government mind control projects. The Jesuits/Masons use Astrology to time their events for the long haul and have ties in various organizations if you scratch the surface deeply enough. A big problem is people's attachment to the psy-ops created over decades if not centuries in exposing the relative truth.

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Jesuits are controlling everything but hide it well. Adullum films has some very relevant information also.

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Do you ever cover Havana Syndrome CIA "issues" and do you know a reversal for extreme hearing loss. Not asking for a friend, asking for me.

Genesis 12:3ª Blessings

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I have not researched that topic more than superficially.

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Look up Brandon's Substack- Brandon Iglesias suffered an attack and addresses remedies along with other great info

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This is some guesswork, no medical advice. Please contribute, as you would help desperate alzheimers and parkinsons and dementia cases as well. I more and more feel are systematically maltreated. Only a little bit helping. No cure allowed.

De-clot, and de-scar thus re-functionalise tissue.

Then one could do neuronal feedback or biofeedback to therapy right after or while “clicking” the brain parts affected, ie trans-cranial magnetic pulse stimulation, after which for some 1/2hr you gain quite childish plasticity in learning tricks; but too cheap to use in recovery programs, like wind a coil 200 rounds on a triangle form and give it some pulses (discharge capacitor eg).

De-clotting from

Micro blood clots is also easy, all inorganic antiseptics do this well below the dose for NO side effects, 0! - (normally, protocols use like 1/3 of NOAEL, No Observeable Adverse Events Level of dosing known to all of them from toxicology, so NO excuses:).

CIO2, H2O2, NaHClO, O3 (O3 is the heftiest, thus smallest therapeutic bandwidths, so dose this with experienced Therapeut and produce from pure med O2, so not from normal air.)

Nitric oxide, too: probably one could just turn up the NO Nitric Oxide generator to just produce NOAEL for that — in DE every ICU bed has one NO generator attached to the respirator. 3 hrs later lungs are taking in oxygen again. This is reasoning based on all stuff preventing or dissolving micro blood clots. So proof me wrong! One remark: micro blood clots do NOT trigger dD-dimers, so d-dimers are NOTbsuitable diagnostic tool for eg spikopathy. See Dr. Kory from FLCCC net on this. :)

For healing to occur, immune system must be stabilised a year or so, I could imagine like for CoV H1 blockers traversing the blood-brain-barrier taken at least in the night (they make tired) could help. And in need IL2 and IL6 blockers. Search for a therapist doing functional medicine to find out a promising therapeutic path. I could not and did “diagnostic therapy on suspected mast cell activation syndrom”. See mastzellaktivierung.info EN downloads medication guide and foodlist pdfs.



- human form progesterone

- hyalurone precursors small enough traversing blood brain barrier (bbb), hyalurone even helps healing bbb if you can get a level in blood fir 1/4 yr.

Experiment with cracking hyalurone down by eg H2O2: if it is still beneficial, it will diffuse much better

- enzyme cures (ask therapists what is de-scarring.)

- magnesium, preferrably as diy bicarbonate (see Dr. Marc Sircus how to produce it DIY, mainly

Just throw in some


Hydroxide in sparkling water;

chloride from dead sea or zechstein magnesium flakes salt, or organic forms like Magnesium Citrate.

- enhance effect by detoxing brain, to Dennis N Crouse from Aluminum, and by chelators from eg Mercury, use i.v. EDTA best, combine with Methylene Blue (orally), or use the chelators Vitamin-C (I use 4-5g orally max per serving) and NAC (600mg max per 2 hrs, i.v. some CoV ECMO ICU used 30g/day sucessfully - all walked out a few days later)

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FYI - I promise I'm not a scientologist, nor am I a Hollywood writer (although I apparently, previously unbeknownst to me, share a name with one) - nor indeed a Hollywood anything at all. I am merely a retired sotware engineer and technology salesman who is also an amateur conspiracy theorist. And my comment was absolutely intended to be critical of Scientology and the occult complex which I regard as the apotheosis of evil.

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I believe you. Apologies if the layered context led me to the wrong conclusion. Fortunately, no harm done.

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Apr 9·edited Apr 10

Correction. I found your recent interview with The Canadian Patriot and Matt Ehret fascinating. Your graphics reminded me of another form of how these entities stay hidden while infusing themselves everywhere and anywhere they need to steer or spy on and that is in a type of Lego system build out. When a problem or threat arises for them they need to be plugged in to make adjustments, steer and distract. I didn't know that Legos is an actual education system they have launched in universities which I find symbolic. Wonder what the history of that company is. Plastic, lifeless, and synthetic and artless layers to cover a vast area. Wonder what that Lego graphic would resemble. Because the lies are gargantuan, the infiltration so deep, any and all should be prepared for scrutiny.

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Apr 11·edited Apr 29

The 2020 Pandemic. A retrospective.

British Dr Neil Ferguson authored his dire pandemic outcomes based primarily on data coming out of Italy. His report was a significant influence on the actions other nations adopted.

After a state of emergency was declared worldwide and lockdowns ensued in many (but not all) countries, Italy fessed up that it did not delineate between who died of covid vs with covid. They also reported deaths were predominantly octogenarians with comorbidities. But, by then the fright train had left the station. Red Flag.

Curiously, fright had not entered Dr Neil Ferguson’s mind as the married Dr was famously caught visiting his mistresse’s flat during the very lockdowns he recommended. Red Flag.

Hospitals in preparation for being overrun by sickened patients canceled all non-essential procedures. And, a fearful population avoided Dr visits altogether making Urgicare centers ghost towns. A sea of red ink ensued.

Consequently, government threw a lifeline to healthcare by offering financial incentives for all Covid diagnoses. Changes to death certificate documentation and an almost perfect numerical flip from flu/pneumonia cases to Covid cases ensued. Red Flag

PCR testing becomes the gold standard to diagnose Covid. This, despite the Nobel Prize winning PhD, Dr Kary Mullis who invented the assay protesting that it was never designed for definitive diagnoses. The main point being, PCR will surely find whatever it has been primed to look for but that does not mean that is what is causing symptoms. The patient may be suffering from something else entirely or may not be suffering at all (asymptomatic).

Furthermore, since PCR was never used for such purposes in the past there is no history which may indicate people had been carrying around Covid molecules for decades. We don’t know. Dr Mullis coincidentally died shortly after making these criticisms and his protestations were summarily ignored. Red Flag.

As the media endlessly pounded the drum of case counts and other dire news, Covid did not appear to frighten our lawmakers at all. Despite them lowering the boom onto the rest of us, we had in addition to the aforementioned Dr Neil Ferguson’s well publicized rendezvous, also during lockdowns, pictures of Cuomo at the gym maskless, his nursing home debacle, DeBlasio strolling around NYC maskless, Lori Lightfoot’s haircut. Then, there was Gretchen Whitmer angry because there was no one to get the family boat out of dry dock for 4th of July, 2020. Trudeau telling Canadians Jesus would want them to stay home at Easter, then caught traveling to visit his own family at Easter. Pelosi maskless at the hair salon, Newsome at the French Laundry. Fauci at the baseball game, the list of our betters flouting rules for thee is long and suspicious. Red Flag.

The shots came on the scene in record time. They were presented as a return to pre-Covid normalcy. Mandates ensued. Much pressure accompanied the rollout. Many jobs, education and military service hinged on compliance. As did traveling and going to bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. The onus of compliance was heavy. Statements were made, “Covid won’t end until all are vaccinated.” “If you get vaccinated you won’t catch Covid.” Anyone questioning the shots were demonized as “Anti.” Much anger towards skeptics ensued.

However, as time went on the promises fell apart along with the much vaunted effectiveness and safety of the Covid vaccines. The FDA, astonishingly, wished to bury the clinical data accrued prior to the rollout for 75 years. Red Flag.

On the subject of masking it is well known that viral particles are orders of magnitude smaller than the weave of the fabric. It is also well known that unless sterile and tightly worn, breath escapes around the edges, and if not discarded after each use the fabric harbors bacteria.

A mask worn multiple times pulled from pocket or purse is contaminated and unhealthy. CO2 trapped and re-breathed for extended periods of time is also unhealthy. To mandate long-term masking of anyone especially children is detrimental to human health. A homemade cloth mask of which there were many has no clinical effectiveness at all and an N95 does only under tightly controlled circumstances.

Masks do little to nothing to stop the transmission of a viral swarm. Yet they were mandated anyway. Red Flag.

It is also curious how it was that it was deemed sensible to sit down and eat in a public place unmasked, gather to protest, and pretty much do whatever our betters approved of despite it being in deference to otherwise restrictive healthcare protocols. Can’t gather unless approved by a higher authority was very much unscientifically appropriated. Red Flag

Healthcare has a long history of repurposing drugs. There is also crosswalk between several human drugs and veterinary medicine. During the pandemic many doctors expressed positive outcomes using Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin on Covid patients. They were summarily threatened with loss of license and threats of litigation. However, the fact is, in order for the experimental vaccines to go forward under the Emergency Use Authorization Act there could not be any other effective therapeutics. Therefore if HCQ or IVM gained traction as effective against Covid the vaccines would have been in jeopardy. So, the demonization against all other “unapproved” treatments including Remdesivir over monoclonal antibodies was off the charts. Red Flag.

I have purposely stayed away from mind reading, speculation, and conspiracy theories. I did not include whether the virus exists, was natural or man-made, the many contradictions from healthcare experts, claims of blood clots, myocarditis, and turbo cancers, etc. I stuck to what we indisputably know. And that resulted in nine red flags. Do we need more?

I’ll leave with one final thought. It has been brought to light that much of the panic that proliferated in the media and particularly on social media from China were fabrications.

Whether you believe that or not is immaterial. What is material however, is that none of our trusted agencies made an effort to reduce public anxiety. Instead they folded their arms, threw up their hands, and ran “at the speed of science.” Which is not comforting.

At no time during any emergency has it ever been protocol to scare people. In every circumstance whether involving a single person or a mass casualty event the instruction is always to remain calm. Panic triggers what psychologists refer to as the reptilian portion of the brain which overrides the logic centers. That is why it’s frowned upon to yell fire! in a crowded place.

Knowing this one must ask why our agencies did not instill in us a sense of confidence. A feeling of, this might be bad but sit tight we’ve got your back. Instead they ran around like chickens with their heads cut off.

And when social media exploded with panic stricken nonsense there was no effort made to discredit it like there was to jump on anyone criticizing the narrative. Looking back it becomes obvious there were powers that meant for us to be scared. This is highly abnormal and, the 10th Red Flag.

Anyone requiring more than the above 10 red flags is a lost cause and will remain stubbornly unconvinced they were duped out of their Liberty, Independence, Freedom, and Personal Sovereignty unless the TV spells it out for them.

Little chance of that I’m afraid.

Nowadays the dissidents are so splintered in their opinions over every aspect of the malfeasance inflicted onto society there’s little hope for meaningful headway.

Hung up on semantics and debating every possible nuance is unhelpful. Exposing the Scamdemic is not about minutiae. It’s about what’s obvious. And, there’s a ton that’s obvious. But we veer off onto one avenue after another all amounting to a lot of hot air.

Stick to what’s real. Easily seen. As plain as day. Conspiracies are unnecessary and too difficult to prove. Too divisive. Stick to what is known and the con falls apart.

Arguing over 5G, snake venom, whether viruses exist, or whether one should use the term vaccine is never going to initiate an awakening. Worse, bickering and confusion allows evildoers free rein to continue on with their plans.

Hit them where they live. Stick to the obvious.

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I was very supportive of the Medical Freedom Movement during the height of COVID, especially when prochoice Genocide Joe, mandated the mRNA experimental toxin after he said he would "not" during his phony baloney 2020 election campaign.

Notice, how the Dems deny bodily autonomy when it comes to the toxic vaxx and the Republicans eliminate it when it comes to female reproductive rights.

In any event, the Medical Freedom Movement has aroused my suspicions as being nefariously connected to Zionism, hence techno/fascist billionaires who are deploying another underhanded psyops.

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Hi Mathew, I have to throw this in there...

From my own personal experience, and family stories who have no financial interest, I do think there is something to people thinking of each other and somehow connecting.

More than once I have suddenly thought of someone and they called that exact second.

I once was waiting for a project report from Germany which was weeks overdue (I am in Israel) and I sent a reminder email and received an apology email from them that moment, our emails crossed before either one had seen the other...

My aunt once came home and saw my mother's wedding ring next to the sink (from washing dishes) and hid it in a place my mother had never hidden it. My mother came home, went straight to the hiding place and put it on. When my aunt called her to tell her where it was, she said what are you talking about I am wearing it.

My grandmother once ran home from the Synagogue because she smelled smoke and just as she burst in the door my mother's hair caught fire from the candle.

Of course, you don't know me, but I'm putting this out there...

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I have some issues with your lecture to the Canadian Patriots. If connections exist between people in the Health Freedom movement and Scientology, you have to ask, is it a meaningful connection? I am a follower of RFK, Jr and I appreciate CHD. The meaningful connection between the people of CHD is either having a vaccine injured child or not wanting to have a vaccine injured child. You should watch Vaxxed I and II to get a sense of what this movement is about. Polly Tommy, Mary Holland, and Brian Hooker all have autistic children. Lucie Cole has a child with some kind of injury. Michelle Ford connected Tony Muhammad with RFK, Jr. because the CDC had ripped up the study that showed African American boys were three times more likely to get autism if given the MMR before the age of three. She wanted to include African Americans in the movement. The CDC was lying to the public about the safety of vaccines. Vaccine injury, lying on the part of the CDC, FDA, and California’s 2015 law SB 277 that requires certain vaccines for school attendance—those are meaningful connections that created this movement. I, too, got connected with these people because my daughter developed chronic illness after a vaccination. When later she was given a viral titer, it showed her immune system had collapsed. She went on an anti-viral and her college test scores improved 400 points. I went with RFK, Jr, Michelle Ford, and a lot of other people to Atlanta to protest at the CDC over their fraud. Nearly everyone there had an injured child. These moms asked me why I was there as my child was not autistic just sick. I said, I felt I belonged. It’s a horrible experience to go to a doctor and come home with a child that is never well again—it’s a trauma. We had all had this experience and felt betrayed. I have been to about three of RFK, Jr. fund raiser dinners here in Los Angeles. I might have met some of your Scientology people but the concern was about being a parent and wanting to have healthy children that will not be injected with poison.

Coincidentally I also know a lot about the occult—I am sure I know more than you do. Los Angeles is a city rife with occult influence, not just the home of Scientology and the JPL, L. Ron Hubbard, etc. I have been in Annie Besant’s house on Beachwood Drive below the Hollywood sign that is now occupied by the Gnostic Church run by Gnostic Bishop Stephen Hoeller. Stephen Hoeller once was a teacher at the Manly P. Hall’s Philosophical Research society. Did they know the JPL, L. Ron Hubbard story… yes…smirk. Vaccine injury—in that group I can’t even imagine bringing it up as I have no idea who is vaccinated or not. Not a lot of parents among the Gnostics. It’s like an entirely different conversation, entirely different people. So, I am interested in Tarot cards and I am writing a book about the origin of the Tarot and have had to know a ton of history. It’s way too easy to miss very important contexts—study Jacob Frank and Frankism. “Redemption Through Sin.” Also, i would read James Web’s books The Occult Underground, and the Occult Establishment. At least part of the explanation of the occult is that it is rejected knowledge—a warehouse of things no longer used like alchemy, the Ptolemaic Universe, and so on. Is there some kind of occult faculty—yes. Being interested in anomaly, and a lack of business sense. This is very different from the moms of the vaccine injured. They don’t want to be shoved under the rug, living out lives of a pariah. They want to be seen and heard. And they welcome, possibly indiscriminately, anyone who is on their side.

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I always found the Konstanin Petrov COPS theory, that The Golbal Mafia want to replace Judaism with Scientology quite interesting (1.18.00)...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCj_hU6xAxw

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@Mathew. How do you tag in this damned app?!

Not my real question. Do you have a link to the Pyramids/Egypt movie you referenced?

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