This article is more speculative than most of my articles. Interpret it more as reasonable questions asked, not judgment made. There may be reasonable answers to those questions. I have made edits after talking with one of the doctors in his circle whom I find trustworthy, and who finds Ryan Cole trustworthy. If Ryan really was pushed to the brink by the authoritarians for having his own opinions, that is of course disgusting and antithetical to good or even reasonable governance.

No matter what I write, or what anyone writes, you should always do your best to interpret the grand summary of information as best as you can.

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"Former employees say Cole, the lab’s CEO and medical director, also made concerning changes to how Cole Diagnostics operated. Those changes were out of line with accepted laboratory protocols and would have caused people with COVID-19 to receive negative test results, the former employees said."

So if he was insisting on reasonable PCR levels, like 25 instead of 45 (WHO/FDA), that would get a lot of negative test results. That's just the first thought that jumped into to my mind when I read it. If the "accepted laboratory protocols" are to go up to 45 Ct then Dr Cole would be correct.

As usual "More Info Required".

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Interesting piece. And yes, some, perhaps many, of the MF leaders have raised monies and not always been perfect stewards of such.

However, some have also sunk a lot of, if not the majority of, their own time, money, and carreer success into calling out the frank horrors of our Government's response to a virus that they likely created in the first place.

And on the back of that mutated and highly toxic Spike Protien + furin cleavage site + AIDS like backbone and it's exceptional infective rate, they, the government inflicted the greatest damage ever committed against a civilian population, in times of peace or war. IMHO

Read Dennis Rancourt. It wasn't even their little nasty that did the majority of the damage, it was the "Covid Measures" themselves!

So, wealthy or not. Hero or not. Ego maniac or not.

I am grateful to EVERYONE who stood up and called the insanity out!

Ryan Cole.

Bobby Kennedy Jr.

Steve Kirsch

Sherri Tenpenny

Naomi Wolf

Christene Northrup

Carrie Madej

Rashid Buttar

Peter McCullough

Paul Marik

Pierre Kory

Ed Dowd

Reni Moon

Robert Malone

Henry Ealy

Del Bigtree

Peter Breggins

Matias Desmet

Tess Lawrie

Sucharit Bhakti

Reiner Fullmich

El Gato Malo

Jeff Childers

The list is very very long.

Are they all less than perfect? Yes. Are some possibly "controlled opposition?"

Of course.

We are up against the greatest financial power and government malfeasance in recorded history, IMHO.

So, listen to everyone. And then do your own research. Come to your own conclusions and then wait to see if time proves them accurate or not.

But the conclusions I have come to are-

Sars-cov-2 was a laboratory creation in a program that should not have existed in the first place.

Early treatment was ALWAYS available and intentionally withheld to cause mass harm & mass fear of the virus.

Medical Nihilism was implemented for the same purpose, resulting in most of the deaths labeled "Covid."

Ditto wildly inaccurate statements as to lethality for healthy young people.

Natural Immunity was already stopping the spread BEFORE the vaccines were implemented.

Lockdowns & school closures only caused harm, and it was massive amounts of harm!

Freedom of Speech was attacked relentlessly in order to maintain all the lies.

And the above abuses were utilized along with a poor quality "test" in order to force acceptance of a TOXIC BY DESIGN GENE TECHNOLOGY.

Which also likely created the waves of Covid that came afterwards- read Gert Vanden Bosche. James Lyons Weiler. Fabian Spieker. ICENI. Leaky vaccines during an ongoing pandemic- VERY BAD IDEA.


Sasha Latypova

Katherine Watts

Karen Kingston

And then let's talk about the Government & the "Pandemic Response."

So Mr Crawford, ANYONE who helps generate distrust in a Government or Medical System guilty of all of the above is a friend of mine!

Doesn't mean I won't watch them like a hawk and know that half, or all, are as human as anyone, and that half might have ulterior motives as well.

But I will be always grateful to Dr. Ryan Cole who was the very first to alert me personally to the sudden lethal cancers occurring in women.

Our immune systems do react differently than men's, and fully more than 2/3rds of the reports to VAERS on C-19 injections are from women.

At least Dr. Cole was paying attention. Most men do not, in my experience.

Does he need your money? That's another question entirely.

Remember "Buyer Beware" always applies!

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Jeez Mat. Everyone i thought was on our side is eventually shown to be something else. So disappointing. I loved this guy. It was one of his videos that first woke me up to what was going on with these vaccines.

God bless and keep up the good work.

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Oct 27, 2023·edited Oct 27, 2023

Mmmmm....not sure what you are up to here, Mathew. It would take a lot more than this article, full of speculation and personal commentary, to dissuade me from supporting and respecting Dr. Ryan Cole. I have watched the systematic attacks on Malone, McCullough, Kory, Marik and others who blew the whistle on early treatment and the shots. It's just a tangential way to try to discredit these doctors and scientists to get to the real target.....keep the COVID fear porn alive.

Regarding the comment about Del Bigtree, his ICAN foundation has employed Aaron Siri who has done some incredible legal work on behalf of all of us, getting Pfizer data released, and other landmark legal cases. Del's work exposing the risks associated with vaccines and the realities of vaccine injury is important. Your snarky references about Del, Cole and Kirsch leave a bad taste in my mouth.

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You mean the no graphene and no nanochips for you! Dr. Cole of course.


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That’s a Lamborghini Murcielago, doors open up. Older model but a very fine car. You’re going to need a couple hundred thousand to get into one. The nicer ones will bring more than $500K.

And you'd better save up for new brakes, it's not a Honda!

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Wow. Thanks Mathew. You can't make this crap up. Thanks for always telling the truth. Peace.

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Well, that explains why he's looking so rough around the edges these days. Appreciate the dot connecting, and I am horrified at what was done to you. I had not heard all of those pieces laid out like that, I hope you are finding some relief.

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Wait, what, this feels more like a smear campaign, I don’t know who tells the truth or who lies anymore. All I know is he came out against the Jabs. I know the medical community is under attack. Certainly doesn’t help for this community to hop on board because of fundraising ?

it takes a heck of a lot of money to defend yourself. Is living on the street an OK time to solicit funds?

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I hope you gave him chance to comment on this article before you published it.

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Oct 28, 2023Liked by Mathew Crawford

That statue....is so creepy. I can’t even believe they made it.

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I think there are some nefarious players in this plandemic, and your time would better be spent on the really evil perpetrators rather than speculating and spreading doubt about someone who has been on the side of truth about the vid, the shots, and exposing the plandemic. By pointing fingers at him, you cause some doubt about your own agenda.

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It was targeting not a victim mentality. Sad they had zero compassion for a real situation.

I see Cole in those red pants whisking Astrid off the stage, every time I see him now.

I think the bitcoin is a well known secret in the so called truth community, didn’t dr Paul Alexander say it was very questionable?

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Leaving aside (for now) what Ryan may or may not be up to, I really want to underscore the massive value you are providing in this Chaos Agents series, Mathew. I've been aware of manufactured narratives for many years; my Dad had me looking critically at the Kennedy assassination when I was a kid, and I've tried to deploy critical thinking ever since, with as much awareness of my own biases as I can muster in any given moment. However, you are the one who has helped me to really understand that it is never as simple as a Good/Bad, True/False split, and that those in positions of power who try to drive a particular narrative will, of course, deliberately pollute the ecosystem of those who genuinely seek truth, justice, fairness, with bad actors who are either planted to sow chaos and confusion, or who are manipulated into doing so - the so-called useful idiots.

In any effort to sort out the wheat from the chaff, we have to ask valid questions, and we're not always going to get it right first time. I really honour the honesty and vulnerability that I've seen you display consistently across the whole time I've known you; despite the gaslighting and suppression you've experienced, you still have the reputation, platform, and readership to shake trees, rock foundations, and chip away at the edifice to reveal the seams of truth, wherever they may be.

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I suspected Cole was a tool when he was on Del Bigtree's ( sounds like a Mason name to me) shitshow, claiming that there is no Graphene in the Big Baby needles..... " It's just the usual contaminants" he said.....

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