Congratulations on finally getting a major alt outlet to listen to your side of the story and review the evidence, Mathew!

And thank you for your brave willingness to say Mistakes Were NOT Made. It is becoming increasingly impossible for rational people to continue toeing the “mistakes were made” exculpatory verbiage the more evidence mounts for intentionality (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-robert-malone). If they aggressively resist even considering the possibility, it is worth asking why.

For those unfamiliar with the origin of this phrase, you can read the poem and learn about its inspiration here:

• “Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/mistakes-were-not-made-an-anthem)

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MC makes a very good (but stunningly obvious) point here.

“We have excess deaths, we should investigate, but we’re not”.

If TPTB are SO sure it ISN'T the vaccine - then what is it?

The water supply could be tainted.

The food supply could be tainted.

There may be invisible, excessively high contaminants in the air.

But they're not investigating any of that.

This is confirmation by omission and absence.

They're not investigating alternatives, because they already know exactly what's causing excess deaths.

They could have looked at least a LITTLE credible if they'd made a show of diving down a few avenues of enquiry.

As it is, the lack of investigation confirms they know there is no need to.

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I am a chief actuary and I’m convinced that the vaxx is the main cause of the excess deaths (directly and indirectly). Many of the deaths are labeled as “unknown cause”. Here’s the latest SOA study posted this past week. It’s so sad....see table 5.8.


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As Brett Weinstein said (paraphrase) 'doing everything the exact opposite of what should optimally have been done, cannot be by mistake, it must be by design.'

The intricacies of what has occurred in this specific actuarial example are replicated over and over the further out we zoom.

The 'pandemic', response to it, and response since, is as likely a result of inadvertent mishaps as is a Swiss watch.

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Watched live. Thank you.

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Most people were and still are just following orders. That includes the President and other world leaders. Puppets on strings are not ever going to come clean and admit they are spineless puppets with no actual power.

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Did "Common Core" math skills finally kill us all, or is there something even more sinister at play than "fuzzy math"?

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Vaccines (first doses) killed these young people.

Population-level data could not be any clearer.

The correlation between "COVID deaths" in August 2021 and lagging first doses is 0.96 in females aged 50-64 (and around 0.9 in all other adult age tiers).


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God bless you

Keep moving forward

With prayer all things are possible

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Excess Mortality _Estimate_ <> Excess Mortality

What is the trendline comparator that the actuaries used?

Actuaries can't use an old trendline that doesn't incorporate new mortality engines--they have to incorporate the mortality engines into trends in order to be able to estimate future mortality accurately so that future payouts can be determined and premium changes can be determined.

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The COVID criminals must be held accountable:


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July though September, and a jumble of states of vastly different characteristics? One can prove almost anything by slicing and dicing the data in the right way. The only way to really tell is to analyze the data for comparable populations.. I would hazard a guess not many people who were literally on death's doorstep, an extremely high percentage of whom soon died, did not get COVID jabs.

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insurance companies might not admit it for one simple reason.... they encouraged everyone to get jabbed. and encouraging people to get jabbed, it is very hard for them to say they are wrong.

had something similar with lead in the water in Flint Michigan...

the Flint thing was just one more reason i never got jabbed.

"Even after the city announced the water was briefly contaminated withbacteria and, later, chemicals that cause cancer, state officials insisted that nothing was seriously wrong. A leaked report from the federal Environmental Protection Agency warning of lead contamination was dismissed as the work of a "rogue employee." When pediatricians in Flint reported a spike in lead in children's blood, a state referred to it as "data" — with the scare quotes in the original."


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I posted important new info on preventing Covid vax deaths from fibrous clots by Spencer Feldman at https://covidandvaxfaqs.substack.com/p/special-prevent-covid-vax-deaths. He said the vaxes appear to be extremely sophisticated bioweapons (thus not easy to remedy).

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Regarding graphene (in + beyond vaccines), Dominique Guillet has done considerable work.


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Excellent! Well done Mathew.

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