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No they did not collect genetic information. That's a ridiculous conspiracy theory. Over the last couple of years people have slipped the bounds of reason as they compete to ascribe agency where none is reasonably possible. While completely ignoring the very simple logic that outer space aliens with advanced alien Ai are calling the shots.

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Of course they collected everyone's genetic information from the DNA on the PCR swabs. This is a major reason that I've never allowed this violation of my bodily autonomy. Do you really believe that they would dispose of this treasure trove of information?

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"You can also watch on YouBoob, where we would appreciate people hitting the "subscribe" button in order to force the Big Tech overlords to have to reckon with us (we are 56 subscribers shy of 1,000)."

Only for you man, only for you. LOL. Except for music & sports I've broken away from uselessTube

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Years ago I remember you could send your DNA in for marker analysis; I believe part of the Human Genome project. More people providing individual information through Ancestry tests. If not through PCR tests, seems near inevitable. So far I haven't participated in any of these, but wonder, when and if, I'll be forced to.

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Are you sure the graph labeling is correct: Intelligence/intellect/intellectual? I think it should read stupidity ... after what we have been through ...

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Thank you for your RTE round table discussions. And well done to Liam, I watched your first episode and have enjoyed watching you continue to develop the program.

I have to admit I felt terribly unsettled when the data base was brought up. Very early in the pandemic I was an idiot and allowed myself to have a PCR- I hate lying, but this would have been a good time to start - it was the one and only bc otherwise I wasn’t allowed to return to work. Idiot! I ended up losing my job anyway due to mandates - smarter.

In August, 2021 I was searching for answers in random places and found the below doc on UK gov website - I remember thinking at that point (see no 13) this is all about collecting genetic information. But everyone told me ‘conspiracy theorist’ ….. I also heard about QLD premier fathers involvement in genetic database and wondered which politicians linked to these kind of companies in UK, U S etc….



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Most medical science is invented to promote fear and panic and thus a no-question solution of drugs and more drugs. This leads to no cures and little improvements and gigantic profits for big pharma.

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The discussion was outstanding. Thank you.

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I believe one of the provisions of Operation Warp Speed was a propaganda campaign via the military to promote vaccine uptake. I'm mindboggled at how well it worked with liberals. Like all of their justified fears about the Trump vaccine went down the memory hole. The government seems to know a lot more about how to pander to the biases of liberals than to the biases of conservatives. They could have easily promoted it to conservatives if they went about it a certain way. Perhaps worked with Trump to sell it as liposomal homeopathic nucleotides or something similarly snake-oily sounding (which isn't even incorrect - the amount of COVID RNA in it is according to my calculations technically low enough to qualify as a low-level homeopathic dilution) and with the media through reverse psychology by slamming it as horse paste or something like that. But then again vaccine uptake would be much lower if they pandered to conservative biases seeing that conservatives are much less scared of conventional medicine than liberals are of Alex Jones style snake oil medicine.

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"Science" (tm) has always been at the behest of whoever will supply the readies. Nothing new about that. It's not like folks doing PhDs get to choose their topic, it's by negotiation, and that negotiation involves funding.

Every aspect of research involves funding and zero of that comes without strings attached.

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All the subject matter education is fantastic but freer flowing discussions exercise different brain parts and ideas that adds an essential balance and favorite for me. It's as if the text book pieces are the weight lifting and conversation the chance to compete.. fab pairings always deliver and this is one more gem for the RTE collection thank you.

A few notes to add to points made or open questions. In the realm of data collection NSA sits at the top hoovering up every bit and byte from its trunk line taps and global partners.

Booz Allen runs NSA outsourced as cost plus contract that's effective in perpetuity.. Classified procurement are virtual sole source locks & individual corps stake out turf the same way they scout for a new McDonald's location.

Agencies function more like towns who have some exchanges with their neighbors. Imagine little fiefdoms.. cooperation has benefits but they compete for resources and run their own preferred source games. There's no difference between Minneapolis & St Paul coordinating snow removal and DARPA & NIH cooperating on BioLabs or SAIC & Palintir with Booz Allen buddies at NSA. Our public perception of divisions yield a very distorted map of the influence & control hierarchy.

Important to note human networks have roots going back decades, many span generations. It's natural to seek resources you know and trust have skill/clout to effect results. Government ceased to be an independent organ of public service and became service departments for private interests with earnest during WWII. Who you know matters most, revolving doors & money flows redraw all the borders & source of authority.

Theranos is perfect example and reminder few "decision makers" do research or due diligence; they rely on soundbites & assurances from others in their orbit. Your experience w VC pitches is a cultural norm that seems as much a function of the entitled heirs of fortunes coming of age with none of the experience building anything.

Old Beltway adages endure as truisms.. "An ounce of facade is worth a pound of substance." So much is facade that the insiders are the most saturated & confident with misinformation that filters down from Mahogany Row. https://www.campfire.wiki/doku.php?id=propaganda&s[]=https&s[]=swprs&s[]=org#mapping_cfr_media

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DNA ancestry, particularly the marketing of such to the alt right seems to me the thing that began that process of DNA collection in the 2016 era. Apparently it was quite a thing to share results on livestreams back in the days of Milo, early Trump etc.

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Moi aussi, malheureusement, incapable de dormir.

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Thank you for an excellent discussion on a topic that is a big chunk in the control grid that the evildoers are trying to create as they do not seem to be caring about us ‘useless eaters’ too much.

You are doing great Mathew C.

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I am trying to get into my substack, to do urgent updates, but I can't find the way in - my previous entry point does not work any more - is there a time limit between posts and if so, how long is it.

I understand the problem with 8 hours of sleep - I went to sleep at 8.40am today - I thought it was still nighttime and quite early. Your advice re my query, above, would be greatly appreciated.

I will give you a taster, all referenced, which describes what is really going on here - the post I want to update is the first one in my substack with errors the author only discovered when he printed it out and a couple of important links, which he inadvertently missed - you can read his update on: https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/dr-deborah-birx-admits-the-biden-admin-s-vaccine-efficacy-claims-were-based-on-hope-not-science?postId=a3d057d7-ac1b-42bc-a7fe-c024bd287569&utm_campaign=199f646b-68a5-41f7-82de-8a549f823c43&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&utm_content=ceae1640-2bfb-4a34-af39-02b55e4aecee&cid=8bec1d4c-3773-415a-83c2-1694daa095a4 a taster:

Putting It Altogether. (Below) Moderna & Pfizer and others, have made a 19 nucleotide sequence and 19 nucleotide Moderna specific chimeric (CGG for AGA) furin cleavage site mRNA (between 2010 and 2016) to modify the human body with a 19 nucleotide Moderna specific chimeric (CGG for AGA) furin cleavage site, 99% Graphene Oxide injection, with a 3 Trillion to 1 proof that they did, which makes a nanoprocessor driven by a 5G antenna that goes directly to the workings of our brain, with a 10 digit call sign, which goes where - human or computer - which is totally illegal medical/scientific research for secret use on humans, as is the Pfizer contract (I have a secret Pfizer copy) and presumably the Moderna contract, that governments knowingly, illegally signed, understanding the ramifications involved, to make electronic/computerised/modified advanced humans, after those not suitable, have been exterminated - I wonder if DARPA is involved with this - Bill Gates - I would say, certainly.

Which is NOT the mRNA vaccine, that we were told it is, or its purpose, which removes their blanket immunity from prosecution and holds them all accountable in any Court Of Law.

and if you feel it has merit, by all means, copy it onto your substack, as I shall "eventually"

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HI Mathew... the problem is actually worse.

The whole charade of Covid MPox and so is designed to get your DNA.

They are building a Genetic Database... actually a database of everything and the main company is called "Clearview AI" which is a company by an Israeli spy (spied on Rudy Guilliani) and a former Gay model.

The aim is not only Genetic surveillance but "Genetically Targeted Biological Warfare".

What that means is they can genetically target any group with a genetic poison that targets this specific group but is harmless to others.

Furthermore they can split this poison in two or three components that individually are harmless but in combination deadly...

Like Coke and Mentos for example which together are a explosive reaction.

Better read this article I wrote about this


Also and that is for everyone if you want to understand Transhumanism...

I wrote this Article based of Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis" which in retrospect is a Transhumanist Novel if you interpret it that way.

Even if not I use this novel (one of my favorite) to describe Transhumanism so people can understand.


What we are facing is nothing short of a genetic Holocaust.

Actually we must rethink who we are and face reality that we never been alone and controlled by an unseen enemy that lives together with us in parallel societies.

They are all behind this stuff... with the aim to wipe us out.

We are the creation that outgrown our creator race which is a dying race... let them die.


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