It may be of value to point out the people who were the mouthpieces (knowingly part of the psyop or not) as extensions of the operation.

I am thinking primarily about "Dave" from the X22 Report.

I listened to him pretty consistently for a few months during the late Spring and Summer of 2020. He is the ultimate Q fanboy and had a huge following back then. Looking at "Dave's" primary streaming outlets (Rumble and Bitchute) he still has a decent following with regular viewers numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/n78PbEkvWx2g/

Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/X22Report

He also does interviews and a quick look at his video history includes a handful of the names on your list. Before "Dave's" YouTube page got scorched, I listened to some of his original videos from many years ago. He sounded like a complete podcasting novice on a low budget, far different from what he has become. This of course, can be a natural progression of him developing his chops, but working with the hypothesis of a long-established "astro-turf freedom movement" psyop, he could have been placed to naturally build his following and his skills at persuasion and engaging the audience. He speaks with an interesting and unique cadence and comes off as subserviant to "the plan" while being very authoritative in his delivery.

What I find most interesting - and very telling - is that he has never (to my knowledge) shown his face.

I would love to hear other people's ideas about "Dave" since his presence certainly drove the QAnon project for a very long time.

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Thank you for your courage in speaking out. It is a balancing act isn't it to know who to trust and few of us have the time to look up all the actors. I have really appreciated your work in this area and also JJ Couey. Have you seen him speaking to the Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International? A friend posted it and had this to say about it which relates very much to your themes in these articles.

"There is a particularly interesting bit right at the end: 2:24:30 on ways in which popular "truth tellers" might have been arm-twisted into focussing on certain topics and ignoring others - really worth a listen;"


It sounds like you have experienced a lot of childhood trauma so even more kudos to you for being able to speak out and to do your best to bring reason and logic to the process. (-:

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Suzie Dawson was the first (that I'm aware of) to accurately observe and characterize the grift of Qanon describing its initial purpose.



Bear in mind that the intelligence group tasked to persecute/neutralize Snowden and his message was called the Q-group, and in electrical engineering the "Q-factor" describes the restrictions of a band-pass-filter that limits the band-width of a signal (and hence the extent of exposure at an audience level). There's also "Q" from Star Trek, which I gather most of the NSA nerds worship at the altar of, for inspiration. And he has the power to change the most fundamental laws of reality. No hubris there.

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I hesitate to drop a name here. I think I will, I'm not planning to do anything bad by mentioning that name, although something bad might come from it.

The name is Tom Cowan. My Dear Leader Supreme.

Not really, just kidding.

I sincerely appreciate Cowan's public speaking. I think he is a great person. One of those rare individuals who strive to always follow his nature. I'm aware a lot of people hate him and spread lies about him. Since I'm not a fanatic, it's not my job to defend him, and he can defend himself better than anyone could.

Having said that, I'm now informing you, dear Mathew, and the fellow commenters here. Tom has disavowed (maybe too strong of a word?) a few times the "MFM." For a number of reasons. Personally, I think the main reason is that he doesn't like movements. At all.

Tom is a veteran. He has touched on almost every topic, and visited even the weirdest ideas of the MFM people, over decades. He was at some point associated with the anthroposophical movement in California, but left, in anger, it seems.

Cowan is a reader of the famous Rudolf Steiner, whose name sometimes appears associated with modern hermetic and gnostic "movements."

In another webinar, Tom commented that a relative of his was involved in a cult (he didn't mention what cult) and left the cult. But, as a doctor and as an addict to observation and analysis, Tom noticed the difficulties that people have while on the cult, and when they get out.

Cowan has been always associated with the much hated Weston Price Foundation, I think as a founding member. He was against statin drugs before it was cool!

About that WAPF there are a few dramas, some related to Hollywood people and the Intelligence community, but I won't write about that because I have avoided researching those phenomena. Many colorful people gather in the WAPF arena.

One particular topic very, very interesting, which is far away from the germ theory debate, is the heart issue. Tom Cowan says, provocatively, that the heart is not a pump, but a propulsion device. He didn't came up with that. A Spanish surgeon named Francisco Torrent Guasp (PMID: 18598979) came up with the idea that the knowledge about the heart was built on wrong foundations. It's more like two loops of a helix that use the same band of muscle tissue going from the pulmonary artery to the aorta. The special geometry of the heart allows it to work in the special and seemingly contradictory way it works. The symbol of Dr. Cowan's site and company is based on that geometry.

Here is a lesson by Frank Chester about that geometry, rooted in the root-3 number. It's a sweet lecture, I think everyone should give it a try:


Now, I don't know if this argument of the heart science being fundamentally wrong is a correct argument or not. You guys judge by yourselves. I only bring this about as an example that Cowan seems to be too eclectic about everything to be a cultist of any kind. It would be surprising for me if anyone had information to the contrary.

About others among the most prominent NAV people I wouldn't be surprised if there was some strange connection somewhere. But Cowan is pretty kosher, in my opinion. It's just that people hate him because he is a smartass (he admits to being one.) So his rivals will try anything against him, rhetorically speaking.

Finally, I think Cowan commented once that he grew up among MDs. Wealthy, Jewish MDs. In Michigan, IIRC. They were angry at the young Cowan because he would always win every golf game with them. I think that's where he picked up his relentless mode of arguing.

Finally, one last "scoop" (not really) about the great Doctor Cowan. When he was young, 1970s, he went to South Africa and another country of that area. He was teaching gardening. He didn't want to be a doctor. But there, in Africa, he became interested in natural healing and traditions of medicine other than western medicine, which he despises. I think he mentioned that a friend gave him the Weston Price book on anthropological research regarding dentistry and diet, the specialty of Price. Then he went back to the US and decided to become a Doctor, and start practicing alternative everything, but with a license.

So he was a MD for almost 40 years, since the 1980s until the plandemonium, where he had to become a retired doctor, and started storming the internets denying the existence of the virus.

That's the end of my presentation of the pieces of information I've gathered.

One last thing, for humor's sake: Owen Benjamin Smith, the wild comedian and talented pianist, seems to be too respectful of Doctor Cowan to interview him. That news left me in awe.

I lament that we never got to watch a Mathew Crawford and Andy Kaufman conversation. Besides Kaufman, there are many other interesting people in the Cowan orbit. It's just too bad that many people in this bizarre little world of covid research are so melodramatic and so prone to cut off people completely. That's what the lowest quality presenters and independent "journalists" and podcasters do. Not the case of RTE, I know, this is a nimble boutique of goodies. But, still, I like good conversations between intelligent people on controversial issues.

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Robert David Steele's entry is chopped.

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Nov 28, 2023·edited Nov 29, 2023

Sunday I was listening to Bret Weinstein. He said we don't have enough people yet that will refuse to comply. That's what I've thought all along. It takes a lot of simultaneous non-compliance to stop the likes of those who are running the governments of the world from pushing towards greater and greater tyranny.

I'm all for learning about what the different motives are for what's being pushed and who's involved. But at some point the MFM needs to remind people of the basic issues that are in plain sight if you want to convince more people to refuse to comply. And even those issues may be too complex for too many people.

It's hard for me to be optimistic.

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Jikkyleaks/Arkmedic also used to be a Qtard before COVID, and his Gab profile image still includes the text "WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL". [https://jikkyleaks.com, https://gab.com/arkmedic/] In a snapshot of his old Twitter account from 2019, there's 20 tweets visible, but at least three of them are retweets of tweets by Qtards. [http://web.archive.org/web/20190806035704/https://twitter.com/Arkancideisreal] His pseudonym Ah Kahn Syed comes from the word "arkancide", which refers to the Clinton body count meme that was popular among Qtards.

One of the tweets retweeted by Jikky was posted by Christine Polon (LadyWarAnon), who in March 2020 was one of the people who "exposed" Colleen Smith, and a video about Colleen Smith by the Qtard Amazing Polly included one of Polon's tweets which said: "I just called this hospital. They checked twice and there is NO Dr. Colleen Smith that works there. Critical care patients are in gowns, not shoes and street clothes. hey have plenty of ventilators! This is a flat out lie!" [https://www.bitchute.com/video/cAnSkQojE_4/, time 5:56; https://archive.ph/unTGo] In a reply to the tweet, Polon also pointed out that Smith's license was only valid until 2018.

In an interview with Sacha Stone that was published on April 1st 2020 UTC, Robert David Steele said: "We have wrecked a 20 trillion dollar economy for what appears to be a massive medical simulation. The deaths are just not there." [https://www.bitchute.com/video/m4Qx_7FDunE/ / https://altcensored.com/watch?v=m4Qx_7FDunE, time 0:10] On March 25th local time, the New York Times published a viral video by Colleen Smith which showed that Elmhurst Hospital in Queens was overran with patients, but over the next few days, she was "exposed" as an expert in medical simulation by people like the Qtards Christine Polon and Amazing Polly, Jason Goodman, and the flat earthers Karen B and Brian Staveley. Jason Goodman even interviewed Colleen Smith over the phone. So RDS probably referred to the Colleen Smith video when he said that COVID was a medical simulation. My theory is that the Colleen Smith video may have been a psyop that was targeted against conspiratards to make them think that the pandemic was fake, so that it may have been part of the plan that people would end up discovering that she was an expert in medical simulation.

Housatonic's connection to George Webb is even more suspicious because I believe Patrick Bergy did one of his earliest interviews in alt media with Housatonic, after America Out Loud News, Jason Goodman, and George Webb. Steve Outtrim wrote: "Like so many 'ex' intelligence people, Patrick Bergy got his alt-media start on Jason Goodman's 'Crowdsource the Truth' channel. Soon after he was interviewed by George Webb, and soon after that he filed his 'qui tam' lawsuit - just like George's brother Dave did in the 1990s against the CIA (legitimate documentation that he is on the side of truth and justice and not the clowns, in my opinion)." [https://burners.me/2020/08/18/millie-freed-illuminati-recruiter-defango-maga-coalitions-biggest-donor/] Bergy's book was published in 2017 but he did not yet appear in alt media at the time. I tried searching for the oldest tweets which matched the phrase "Patrick Bergy" in double quotes. [https://twitter.com/search?q=until%3A2020-1-1+%22patrick+bergy%22&f=live] In 2017 Bergy was interviewed on the podcast of Kevin Holly, whose description says that they mix comedy with celebrity interviews and strange news (so it doesn't seem to be alt enough to count as part of alt media). Next in 2018 Bergy was interviewed by America Out Loud News, which now hosts the podcasts of several shady characters like General Paul E. Vallely, snake venom guy Bryan Ardis, Tom Renz who was a lawyer for AFLDS, Peter McCullough, Limeng Yan, and Peter Breggin. [https://www.americaoutloud.news/an-agenda-to-ambush-and-destroy-our-way-of-life-patrick-bergy-is-a-victim-of-the-deep-state/] Next in 2019 Bergy again appeared on Kevin Holly's show. The first video on Bergy's YouTube channel was posted in April 2019, but his first videos had less than a hundred views and I found only a single reference to his YouTube channel on Twitter before he had been interviewed by Goodman. There started to be more references to Bergy on Twitter in October 2019 when he was interviewed four times by Jason Goodman, when there were dozens of links to his different interviews on Twitter. After Jason Goodman, the next person I found who interviewed Bergy was George Webb on December 6th 2019 local time, and the next person was Housatonic on December 9th 2019 local time. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl46MQtowIM]

In early 2020, Housatonic appeared in video panels hosted by Addy Adds, which also featured Kevin McCairn, J.J. Couey, Paul Cottrell, and George Webb. In February 2020, Cottrell became known as "the American whistleblower" in China after one of his YouTube videos went viral in China. [https://mongol-fi.github.io/pfizerstew.html#J_J_Coueys_Mossad_t_shirt] In the video Cottrell said that his follower received the text messages from someone who worked at the CDC who said that the CDC was covering up the number of COVID cases in the United States. However the same screenshots had previously been posted on TikTok on January 27th 2020 UTC, when the story was that they were not leaked by the person who received the text messages but by his 18-year-old son who took the screenshots on his father's phone. And the screenshots were probably fake because they showed the name of the sender as "Nancy Messonnier (CDC)" even though the Messages application on iOS only displays the first name of the sender. [ibid.]

In the description of one of Cottrell's old YouTube videos, there was a link to a video on Cottrell's backup channel which featured a Cicada 3301 puzzle posted in 2015. [https://altcensored.com/watch?v=SWg1-3n4tM8] When Cottrell reposted the video on his main channel, someone in the comments asked "What is this?", but Cottrell replied "forward operations", and when someone else said it was a puzzle, Cottrell replied: "much more than a puzzle my friend." [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IRNXFCOV8s] When I googled for the term "forward operations" in double quotes, most results were about something called "defend forward operations" or "hunt forward operations", which appear to be terms that are used in the context of cyber warfare and which refer to proactive defensive cyber operations. [https://www.cybercom.mil/Media/News/Article/3218642/cyber-101-hunt-forward-operations/, https://books.google.com/books?id=nHhXEAAAQBAJ&pg=PA20]

In March 2020, Paul Cottrell appeared together with Thomas Schoenberger as a guest of Michael Decon's radio show, and Schoenberger said that he had been following Cottrell's channel since around mid-January. [https://radiopublic.com/the-michael-decon-program-WdQ29R/s1%219775a, time 36:10] Then because of that Jason Goodman posted a video where he declared a cyber war against Cottrell, because Goodman said that Schoenberger was a "social engineer". [http://web.archive.org/web/20200419220724/https://sdny.news/2020/04/03/conspiracy-theorist-jason-goodman-launches-into-fake-quack-doctor-paul-cottrell-in-epic-social-media-stereo-rant-after-thomas-schoenberger-video-surfaces/] Part of the modus operandi of the LARP ring around George Webb and Jason Goodman was that they staged an endless series of fights between different members of the ring, so then conspiracy researchers wasted their time following the fights instead of doing something productive, like how Robert David Steele sued Jason Goodman, George Webb sued Jason Goodman, George Webb's brother sued Jason Goodman, and so on. So it's suspicious that Cottrell was pulled into their whole LARP wars scheme, and Cottrell is also a Jew like Goodman and George Webb. The same day when Jason Goodman posted the video about his fight with Cottrell, he also posted one video he did with Jerome Corsi, another video he did with the so-called former CIA agent Kevin Shipp who used to be a regular guest in Goodman's videos, and another video about a phone call with a frontline nurse (which is reminiscent of all the phone calls that Cottrell did with people on the frontlines).

Steve Outtrim wrote: "It has now come out that Cicada 3301 was founded by Bruce C. Clarke, Jr. the former head of the CIA's research division, and co-founder Thomas Schoenberger previously worked for the Pentagon, possibly on remote viewing projects such as STARGATE or GRILL FLAME." [https://burners.me/2019/06/22/latest-weapon-in-the-infowar-data-maps/] Schoenberger posted a comment to the blog post where he just wrote "Excellent work." Defango was a member of Cicada 3301 and Schoenberger's company ShadowBox, but he has admitted that he had worked for IARPA's Project CREATE. [https://peakd.com/cryptobeast/%40steveouttrim/latestweaponintheinfowardatamaps-d5i0wrxn0z] The official website of Cicada 3301 features a list of three alumni of Cicada 3301, who are Bruce Cooper Clarke Jr. who was the director of the Office of Strategic Research at the CIA, Iona Miller who is a researcher of the Count of St. Germaine, and Ian Murdock who created Debian Linux. [https://www.cicada3301official.com/pages/alumni.html] Iona Miller's husband Richard Alan Miller has been featured as a guest of the Leak Project and Oppenheimer Ranch Project channels, which were the first two channels I found where Cottrell appeared as a guest, and in fact Paul Cottrell and Miller appeared as guests on consecutive episodes of Oppenheimer Ranch Project in February 2020. [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJHy6u5Yrwd5lVj0KJnz-i6ubTAPg6CcV] Another member of Cicada 3301 is the classical composer Marcia Stockton, who calls herself a polymath like how Schoenberger and Paul Cottrell also call themselves polymaths. Patrick Bergy is also one of the handful of people in alt media who have done an interview with Schoenberger.

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I'd like to share my perspective. I'm not an expert on psyops, but I am a longtime political news junkie and fan of the likes of Ron Paul, James Corbett, Tom Woods, Lew Rockwell, No Agenda podcast, etc since 2010. I also live in B'ham and being involved in local GOP politics have 200+ tea party and mainstream GOP politics posting friends on FB. At the time that media outlets like CNN, NPR, etc started promoting the term QAnon, I was well aware of the hoax and asked several GOP friends what they thought about it. They'd never heard of it. In 2019, I was more likely to know a Democrat who knew what QAnon was than a Republican who knew what it was. Out of my ~200 Trump/Republican supporting FB friends, only 3 knew about, followed, and believed that QAnon was real/legit. My 3 friends (all 3 I'd met during tea party political activism days in 2009) believed that there was a group of active and former military "white hats" who were working behind the scenes to take down the Deep State. They thought we should trust Trump no matter what he did. They believed that what we were being told in the news (even Covid) were lies and distractions to cover up what was really happening: a very much alive Jeffrey Epstein and a freed Julian Assange were down at Gitmo testifying in Military Tribunals led by Jeff Sessions and General Flynn where they were locking up all of the Deep State bad guys. They were told to "trust the plan" and they did.

Imho, that Bitchute video wasn't an admission by Vallely that QAnon was a psyop. It was a confirmation to Q followers that QAnon was real. Vallely said it was a "white hat" information gathering organization and 'much of what they were disseminating was valid being off on the timing of the indictments'. The title of the video was "QANON revealed - US Army Major General Paul Vallely says Q is Military Operation". In 2019, if I'd told my 3 friends they were falling for a psyop, they would have said "no, it's real". If I'd shown them that video in 2019, they would have said "see, he's admitting it's real. It's not a hoax". Am I missing something?

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Feel like we live in a box within a box within a box, ad infinitum.

When it comes to Trump either we believe he’s being clubbed like an Eskimo seal, entrails slated to be sorted on the Globalist’s kitchen floor. Or, it’s Globalist empathy theater so he becomes fully worshipped.

TDS runs in both directions. The scariest thing about Trump is the lack of any contextual middle ground. Few see a mixture of good and bad. Most see 100% good or 100% bad. Biden black hat, Trump white hat rising out of the ashes to save the day. Massive hero worship ensues.

Exactly the kind of leader groomed to initiate policies previously thought of as untenable by citizens who’ve now been manipulated to accept anything he says with a minimum of pushback. If Trump says it, that’s the way it has to be. Zero sum game.

Conspiracy? Maybe. I guess we’ll find out.

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There is no one righteous, not even one.

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Dec 4, 2023·edited Dec 4, 2023Liked by Mathew Crawford

Hi Mathew,

Regarding the kulangeta, just thought I'd share an information source you may already be familiar with. "Corruptible: Who Gets Power and How It Changes Us", by Brian Klaas.

Based on a few intriguing YouTube interview, I bought a Kindle version of the book, but I have a half dozen other reads to get through before reading it, including Isobelle Wilkerson's "Caste", and the latest book about the Lahaina massacre, "Burn Back Better".

But I thought this would be a good opportunity to tap GPT4 on the shoulder, followed by my knee-jerk response.


ChatGPT 4


Good afternoon. Could you please summarize the following book?

"Corruptible: Who Gets Power and How It Changes Us"

by Brian Klaas


"Corruptible: Who Gets Power and How It Changes Us" by Brian Klaas explores various facets of power and its influence on individuals and society. Key points from the book include:

Survivorship Bias in Power: The book discusses the concept of survivorship bias and its application to power, highlighting how our understanding is often skewed not just by the evidence we have but also by the evidence we don't have​​.

Recruitment for Power Positions: The recruitment process for positions of power is crucial. The book points out the importance of considering not only who gets selected but also who applies in the first place. In policing, for example, it's vital to attract the right people to the profession, not just change the tactics of those already in it​​.

The Power Delusion: Klaas addresses the human tendency to value appearances over substance in leadership, a trait that can lead to the selection of incompetent or even harmful leaders. This issue is partly attributed to the flawed evolution of our brains​​.

Gender Politics in Leadership: The book discusses the absurdity of gender politics in leadership, noting that physical size and masculine displays of strength are often rewarded in political leaders, despite being irrelevant to their actual effectiveness​​.

The Dark Triad: Klaas examines abusive supervisors and the 'dark triad' of Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy, explaining how these traits can be destructive in positions of authority​​.

Fundamental Attribution Error: The book highlights the difficulty in distinguishing between bad people and bad systems, and how we often misinterpret behavior as a result of the 'fundamental attribution error'​​.

Misconceptions About Power: Klaas argues that the common view that power corrupts is often exaggerated, pointing out phenomena like the 'dirty hands problem', where those in power face moral dilemmas with no right answer​​.

Power Approach and Inhibition Theory: The book discusses how power leads to proactive, risk-taking behavior, contrasting this with the cautious, reactive nature of the powerless​​.

Impact of Power on Physiology: A study is cited showing that hierarchy and status can affect brain chemistry, influencing behaviors like drug addiction in animals​​.

Strategies for Better Leadership: Klaas provides practical lessons for improving leadership, such as actively recruiting incorruptible people, using sortition and shadow governance for oversight, and rotating personnel to reduce abuse​​​​.

Overall, "Corruptible" offers a multifaceted look at power dynamics, combining research, anecdotes, and practical solutions to address the complexities of power and leadership.


My initial thoughts on the summary (if it is representative of the book) is that it reminds me of somve variables I've forgotten. But similar to my reaction to Lobaczewski's work, I am pessimistic that any strategy, heuristics, or system can avoid being eventually gamed and corrupted by the kulangeta.

Of the three strategies for better leadership:

1 — "actively recruiting incorruptible people?" ... "Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp. Or what's a heaven for?"

2 — "using sortition and shadow governance for oversight?" ... I like 'sorition' because it reminds me of John Rawls' "veil of ignorance' strategy, but 'shadow governance'? Ha. Easily the most corruptible of the strategies.

3 — "rotating personnel to reduce abuse" ... I am reminded of how 'rotating personnel' has been working out here in Japan. In pre-industrial Shogunate Japan, war lords were compelled to leave their family as hostage at the Shogun's palace, and make expensive periodic pilgrimages to the Shogunate as a show of fielty. Similarly, contemporary corporate Japanese employees are often compelled to move and live away from their family (tanshin funin) — which must have some impact on the drastic fall in demographics, and interestingly, 3 years is the commonly used time span for a position in a particular section of the company (sacrificing specialization for prevention of corrupt power structures). Something I only recently found out, those working in the banking industry are, by law, required to take a minimum 5 consecutive day vacation. Sounds good, compared to other companies where vacation is intermittent ... until I heard the reason why. 5 days is just enough time to track changes in money flow during the employee's absence ... to check for embezzlement or other illegal / immoral activity.

I will read the book, but I can't help but to be a bit predisposed to be a bit more negative than Brian Klass for one spin on the survivorship bias ... he is a winner, a member in good standing of institutionalized education, and with high social currency. Thanks to kulangeta, I am a loser, having resigned in protest from a tenured position and living out my final years in obscurity. I can't help but to think he is predisposed to thinking in terms of optimizing hierarchies rather than flattening them. In that respect, I guess that makes me a "pro-social anarchist".

Cheers, Mathew.

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I’m so confused as to why anyone could possibly believe what Q. Is talking about currently. The white hats etc.. people being already tried & executed (& now being played by actors) ..

Does anyone believe it on here 🤷‍♀️

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It would not make sense for a playwright to meticulously compose only the leading act for an epic, adversarial drama; the script would not make any sense without incorporating a properly dramatised re-action. If you accept that Covid was a scripted performance acted out by government actors then it necessarily follows that the ‘freedom movement’ is a scripted performance acted out by selected antagonists. Moreover, it would be immensely risky to leave half of a real-world drama to chance; anything could happen, the script could be derailed by meddlers from the audience, important people could get killed, therefore the acts of the antagonists had to be as meticulously controlled as the leading act. Anything less would be reckless and, in its own way, ‘unethical’.

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Very interesting indeed.

Are you suggesting that everyone on your chart is knowingly part of the psyop and working against "the people", or are you just listing everyone who seems to be related to any of it - and that some of them may be acting of their own accord (for good or for ill, and with good or ill intentions)?

In particular I had thought that Catherine Austin Fitts, Mike Yeadon and Sasha Latypova were on the side of the angels - although I admit that Sasha seems to associate too frequently with some dubious people.

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Serious question; who do you trust?

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Thanks, Mathew. Very useful information. My gut feeling is that it all leads back to British Intelligence, working for the Venetian families who brought their vast wealth to London. The British deep state.

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