The phenomenon of vaccines protecting against other infections is called non-specific effects (NSE's). This is usually discussed in the context of childhood vaccines in low-income countries, and is basically always used to describe benefit rather than detriment, though it can apply in both directions. Sometimes the term off-target effects is used. The studies are typically very confounded and consumed by society unintelligently. However, some beneficial NSEs are probably real. This would be BCG vaccine and also live oral polio vaccine. (OPV). In the case of OPV, this is demonstrated with a natural experiment, meaning comparing childhood mortality in a region just before and after introducing the vaccine. This avoids the usual confounding as you are in essence comparing a society to itself at different times, rather than comparing vaccinated to unvaccinated people. Two similar natural experiments are among the studies which implicate DTwP vaccine in increasing childhood mortality. Same of some other vaccines as well. Some vaccines do not have data available to do such natural experiments.

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Continued vaccine injections will result in the extinction of human beings from earth.

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It is so sad to see mankind use so much of its brilliance for evil purposes. When did the scales tip towards eugenics? I work in public school and I see the majority of teachers and administrators are outright communists and don't even realize it. I suspect that many doctors are eugenicists and don't even realize it. The slow drip of evil into so many industries combined with dulled critical thinking skills must grieve God so deeply. They certainly grieve me.

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I’ve long suspected that any vaccine as long as it’s doing it’s thing creating antibodies and ultimately memory cells is diverting attention by devoting resources to this process that leaves the recipient vulnerable to other potential invaders. People often complain the flu shot either gave them the flu or made them sick in some other way. Purveyors of the shots say that’s impossible. Technically it’s true the serum isn’t making them sick. But the body’s reaction to it compromises immunity in other areas weakening defenses to potential maladies that may be latent or newly encountered. So indirectly I do think the shot can open the door to susceptibility. Under that premise it would be reasonable to presume that a flu shot would indeed make one more vulnerable to covid.

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Also, considering the carcenogenic SV40 component in some of the Covid jabs, seems to fit with their R&D (unsuccessful so far) to produce cancer gene therapy injections for the masses. People were not scared enough of the common flu to be injected with a brand new experimental gene editing injection, hence SARSCov2 was talked up to be more deadly than flu. Give them something which will cause something else which we can then provide another profitable solution for!

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Don't forget about the increase of RSV associated with covid shots. https://vigilantfox.substack.com/p/evidence-suggests-the-covid-shots

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For me, the real problem with flu vaccines isn’t whether or not they work, but with the effects of the witches brew of ingredients and the motives of those pushing them. I received a flu vaccine in 12/2019. Before that, I was a regular blood donor (every nine weeks, like clockwork). I had only a few years prior learned that I was an O-negative, CMV-negative donor - also known as a “neo-donor”. My blood is sought after for premature and newborn infants. After that shot, however, I learned that I was now nesting positive for HBsAg (Hepatitis B Surface Antigen). The test was non-confirming, and independent tests don’t show it. But every time I tried to donate since then, my blood was discarded due the the false positive. I was eventually deferred altogether, though I will likely go back for another recently test next year.

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Dr. Lee Merrit and Dr. Buttar were the first one talking about a binary bio weapon but almost as covid jab #1 as being the first in the series and some other injection in the future or even other poisoning in the future like a chem trail? That’s when I thought why wouldn’t they have softened up the population with some previous jab? Annual flew jabs would be a greater tracer for the pharma cabal. Like a vintage of wine, your 2013 flu jab with 2021 Moderna equals death or stroke or simply “activation”? I’ve been waiting for the crazy train to pass through Eaglesville...

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I thought I remember the Army working on a vax about the same time Russia was working on Sputnik V, and India was working on Covaxin. I felt Covaxin could less risky than an mRNA vax and if I was forced with my life to take one, that was the one I would take, but the approval process in the U.S. was stalled for years. The Russian one I believe involved gene editing, and I think mRNA as well. I cannot recall what the Army was trying, but I was hopeful it might be better than using mRNA and better than Covaxin. I just never followed up to know what came out of it. Seemed Pfizer and Moderna was what the U.S. government was wanting to support. For me I choose natural immunity and have no regret. I just had wished for more options for people that were coerced to keep their jobs, antibody testing or therapy included. Or just respect their wishes if they wanted natural immunity. But I suppose that was ignored because of the type of event planned for "real world evidence" of a biological weapon countermeasure.

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Thank you for posting this. I remember early in 2020 seeing reports that those who had received the flu vax in late 2019 into early 2020 were experiencing the highest rate of bad outcomes in their bouts with Covid. But when I went back to find them it was as if they had been scrubbed from internet searches. Her research seems to incorporate that data.

I'm very interested in how curious minds willing to step outside conventional paradigms might be interested in digging around into what was actually in those 2019 jabs that could have precipitated the entire pandemic. And we know that vaccines shed, especially the live-attenuated types that were used in the 2019-2020 flu season design, so one didn't need to receive the flu shot that year to have gotten very sick from it. And it used a known severe H3N2 variant that was hotly debated about its inclusion in the quadrivalent because it was known to be very severe. Here's some interesting information that may help connect some dots when paired with her study. And the November, 2019 CNN Fauci piece I highlight at the end is also very, very curious to consider all that has transpired since.

- This publication describes a brand-new style of flu vaccine that came online for the 2019-2020 flu season. Mammalian cell-based instead of egg-based. Claims that it was studied for efficacy...but no mention of safety trials:


"A new cell-based seasonal influenza vaccine has been issued marketing approval by the European Commission and will be available for the 2019/2020 flu season.

Flucelvax® Tetra (Seqirus) is the first cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine (QIVc) to be made available in Europe and is licensed for use in individuals aged nine years and older.

To date, there have been no randomised controlled trials comparing the efficacy of QIVc and standard egg-based quadrivalent vaccines (QIVe)"

“This real-world study, along with other emerging evidence, indicates that cell-based influenza vaccines may result in better influenza-related outcomes compared to standard egg-based vaccine options in some seasons"

"In the UK, the potential advantages of QIVc, which is cultured in mammalian cells rather than eggs"

“We are pleased to be bringing Flucelvax Tetra to the UK next season and have sufficient capacity at our cell-based manufacturing facility in the US to also ensure supply in September 2019"

- This article is interesting. It says that they added live-attenuated influenza vaccines to the schedule. It goes on to say that flu vaccines most definitely, positively, absolutely don't cause the flu, and by that definition won't shed...even after all of the science on vaccines admit that live-attenuated vaccines do shed. Curious:


"The 2019–2020 influenza vaccine recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) have remained mostly the same, with the exception of adding the LAIV to the immunization schedule."

- These articles tell us about what the WHO's process is and what they decided the 2019-2020 vaccine recommendations would be. I'll note that the first link speaks to concerns with preparing for H3N2 from the prior year, while the second link says they ended up not developing that specific strain of vaccines, after all, and the third link says they went ahead and included the H3N2 variant, after all. H3N2 was a "very severe" variant:





- Now, this is an interesting story from CNN that came out in November, 2019, an important time frame in the evolution of the CV story. Note the discussion about the need to develop a new type of all-purpose vaccine, a desire to test it widely, one that focused on a protein they link to a particular virus...like, say, a spike protein. Fauci is frequently quoted in it:


"But a universal flu shot would theoretically cover every strain of the flu using what’s known as an ice cream cone approach."

"Last spring, doctors at the NIH started testing universal flu shots on Sonn and other study participants to see how their bodies respond.

“I have a personal connection to the flu,” Sonn explained. “My grandfather was orphaned due to the flu epidemic in April 1919.”

The 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic infected a third of the world’s population and killed 50 million people.

Losing his parents at 6 years old left a mark on Sonn’s grandfather, and subsequently on Sonn himself.

“He really had great trust in science and medical research, so I know he would be proud I’m taking part in this,” Sonn said.

One of the most useful things about the universal flu shot is that if it works out as hoped, it will also protect against flu pandemics like the one that killed Sonn’s great-grandparents.

In a flu pandemic, a new strain of flu virus emerges. Since very few people have immunity to it, it can spread quickly and easily.

There have been four flu pandemics in the past century: in 1918-1919; in 1957-1958; in 1968; and in 2009.

The research got an extra push in September when President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at developing a better flu vaccine.

Fauci said it could take less time – but still many years – to develop a semi-universal flu shot, which would protect against not all flu viruses, but rather a group of flu viruses."

"The faster and more precise method is not to grow the virus at all and instead just create the virus’ protein, he said.

“We clone the gene that codes for the specific protein we want,” Fauci said. “I don’t even want to see the virus. I just need the sequence of that virus, the genetic map of that virus. And you could send that to me by email.”

That’s the technology that’s being used to create the vaccines being trialed on participants like Sonn right now.

“We feel like we’re pioneers, and our volunteers are pioneers,” Ledgerwood said."

How does the 2019 flu vaccine look like now? And how does that CNN piece from November, 2019 read in hindsight now?

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I would like to point out one glaring point here and it is that the thing everyone is talking about, i.e., viruses have never been proven to exist at all, period, nada, zip, zilch. There is no scientific evidence that proves any such creature exist, in fact it is in the unicorn category. They did not meet Kocks postulates, they did not isolate, examine and break down the elements of any virus. The see dead cell material, then call it a virus. Don't believe me! Look up Dr. Samantha Baily from New Zeeland. The entire facade of virology is a puff of smoke. Have you ever seen a photo of any virus? No, they just generate a computer model of something floating around with whatever shape they decide to give it and call it a virus. Look at the evidence as well as the non-evidence and decide for yourself. No electron microscopic photo exists for any virus. The medical cartel that brought us the covid fraud should be trusted on any way! I think not. Remember the Rockefellers took control of allopathic medicine early in the twentieth century as well as public education! I urge you to read the book by Eustice Mullins, Murder by injection for the history of this fact. We in the United States have one of the worst health outcomes in the world when it should be just the opposite, so why is this so? Doctor Obvious is exactly right about vaccines. Washington's Doctor warned us about this possibility 200 years ago. Dr. Benjamin Rush stated that the possibility of a medical Tierney was possible in the future if we were not diligent. Guess what, we were not diligent and here we are.

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I remember coming across this study back in 2020. Whoever had linked to it (can't remember) talked about how a new (maybe stronger?) flu vaccine was used in Italy and that perhaps that explained the explosion there in COVID-19. In any case, I believe the elderly in general are steered toward higher dose flu shots to increase their immune response (or, shudder to think, to make them susceptible to coronavirus?!).

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David: I can't remember that far back, except for a couple of days in a dark room, and all the milk and cookies I wanted. I have enjoyed mostly excellent health throughout my life. I haven't been sick since 2005, when I gave up all industrial food for high-quality home cooking.

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For probably over 90% of the readership, this report suffers from two problems:

1) way too complex and convoluted ; and, closely related to #1,

2) riddled with subtle equivocations and ambiguities.

With this issue, as with other complex issues like climate, the sociopolitical effectiveness of communications will either rely on swaying the vast majority of laypeople with emotions (tied to ideology); or persuading them with arguments. The latter approach can't be based on the expertise, since the vast majority of readers don't have the ability to understand it -- and therefore it must be based either other considerations (trust) or, if possible, a translation of the technical complexities into layperson language.

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Welcome to the last 100 years of western meds.............Keep the vaxx machine running for profit sake and in case we need to kill them all once they awaken .

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