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Pfizer has been convicted of fraud on 70+ occasions. If they were to manufacture a toothpick without utilizing fraudulent methodologies it would be a shock- and a first.

And if they did so I guarantee that those toothpicks would be laced with some toxic shit that would make you sick and that Pfizer would soon thereafter produce the next new "cure" for that new "illness."

It's all fraud.

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Great and scary post. Your question at the end is what has been haunting me for almost 2 years. How can we trust anyone in power ever again? They knowingly lied and are still lying about poisoning us all. Then you start rewinding history and realize that they have been lying to us for decades about everything.

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The shameless blatancy is infuriating.

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The VAERS exists to launder the dead bodies SO THAT the $$$ made off of them wont need to be laundered.

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Consider including the rampant use of double standards by the CDC and health agencies. For example:

1) Covid deaths include "dying with" as opposed to "from". In fact a "presumed Covid death" is counted as a Covid mortality. Vaccine induced death requires a full autopsy to rule out every other possibility

2) The CDC uses VAERS reports for assessing myocarditis but ignores deaths from the same database. Why? Both have similar temporal profiles with regard to time elapsed from outcome.

3) When it comes to pushing the vaccine, relative risk reduction is trumpeted. However when it comes to vaccine risk, like myocarditis, absolute numbers are given (80 to 250 per million). The relative risk of these events are hundreds of times higher in some age groups. This goes unannounced.

4) The VRBPAC came to consensus that immune response is not a correlate for protection yet that is used as proof that the jabs "work" in the pediatric population

5) Fauci stubbornly refused to acknowledge the benefit of early treatment because there were no RCTs to support them. Where then are the RCTs around boosters?

6) The "Correlation does not equal Causation" mantra is driven into the public's skulls when it comes to vaccine injuries. Really? That is exactly how efficacy is measured. There's no proof of causation when it comes to asserting that vaccines are preventing disease/death. That's what trials are for, to identify correlations, both with risk and benefit.

I spell things out in more detail here:


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A most excellent article! Thank you.

From my humble viewpoint, it's clear this is about data suppression. I know from talking with many associates who "should have" reported AE's in the last 2 years, they didn't do it because of 3 factors:

1. The process is unbelievably byzantine, so unless the AE rises to the SAE level, they don't have the time or energy to slog through.

2. HMO's are mostly denying all claims that AE's happen AT ALL. Their doctors are threatened, suppressed, and vilified if they say anything. Many will make comments off the record in person, but never in print or traceable media.

3. Patients and trial participants are lied to on a massive scale. Patients are told the most outlandish BS and their concerns relegated to crankiness. This has happened to many people I have spoken with in and out of hospitals. For instance, being told "you do not have blood clots" while the damn MRI or CATSCAN is right there on the screen with telltale evidence, tells me right away we're dealing with a)morons b)liars and c)doctors who are paid off and or scared to talk.

It is literally the case for 2 friends that they were told they had no blood clots, while one was crippled for months and could not walk or get effective treatment and the other just had open chest lung surgery to remove massive clots. "oh, no, that's not from vaccination".....and no other comments, no biopsies, no analysis.

Bad data is the order of the day. Rather reminds me of the way in which very large numbers of non-coms were killed by their own troops in Viet Nam. The government would never acknowledge it nor count, nor talk about it, and threatened a lot of guys if they did. The data was hidden in dead men all over the country.

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point #15) Revised data (Covid jab tracker) - I've follow it daily for a year and half. Although they only update know weekly, I catch them routinely "deleting" doses administered, then seemingly give it back to themselves at a later date?? See this example here: https://i.imgur.com/5Ni19KJ.jpg

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Hiding data and deleting VAERS data! see here: https://i.imgur.com/Gd77vrp.png

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Most of these data jiggering techniques are not covid specific. They were evolved by Pharma and the FDA to lie generally with plausible deniability about Pharma RCTs, which have been found to be essentially no better than observational studies. Consistent with that statement is Harvard's Safra Center research that finds 90% of new drug efficacy no better than the old drug efficacy, except by the jiggered one or two percent required for FDA approval. With Covid we see Pharma pulling out all the stops.

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Looks like you forgot to complete this sentence: "Note that robotic autopsies (a.k.a. "virtopsies") "

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Censoring dissent.

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B"H" Worthy much needed 21st century scaled successor to Huff 1954 How to lie w statistics https://archive.org/details/how-to-lie-with-statistics_202008

FWIW I'd include as a shenanigan the deliberate sabotaging of HCQ trial protocol including highly unsafe dosing.

See 2020 thread by the late ice9 https://twitter.com/__ice9/status/1272233810621587456

"2400mg/day is far beyond safe dosing for HCQ

Typical lethal dose for hydroxychloroquine has been estimated at about ~4000mg

Meanwhile 600mg b.i.d. (1200mg/day) and above is known to present an elevated risk of QTc interval prolongation.

The clinical trial summary omitted the dosage.

Using the search tool on http://recocerytrial.net for 'Protocol' yields only the general overview and a press release, neither of which contain dosage information for any arm of the trial.

Where is it?

The summary overview at the ISRCTN website, interestingly, contains dosing information for each arm *except* hydroxychloroquine, asking the reader to refer to the protocol (which I still have not found) for that one.

I wonder why.


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"I'll go a step further: how can we trust centralized bureaucracy to educate children, regulate the financial industry, or do much of anything else right, and untainted by moneyed interests?"

This is the stark reality that sent me to Bedrock when I realized it due to, among other things, Off-Guardian's 9/11-Pandemic parallels series of videos.

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They've taught us NOT to trust them time and time again...😞

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"Climate change play on two, ready, BREAK"

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