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For 2.5 years hydroxychloroquine was ignored. And didn't the FDA get the Ivermectin meta-analysis from Tess Lawrie in August 2021 and ignored that?

Isn't mass murder a crime against humanity any more? We need to stop believing the government is above the law.


Didn't need those meta-analyses anyway. Since millions of prior treatments had been safe for decades, the anecdotal reports were sufficient: May 2021, Uttar Pradesh, 97% reduction after five weeks of Ivermectin.


You don't wait for unnecessary meta-analyses during a battlefield crisis. That they did is prima facie evidence of mass murder, as well as some nefarious agenda.

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Great article and analysis! I wish more (or all) researchers/statisticians would be like you! Our world could be a much better place if we had more Mathews like you.

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HCQ worked for me. I took HCQ on the 5th day after an exposure to a sick friend, who died from the bioweapon 3 weeks later.

The tell-tale PERSISTENT, DRY COUGH was the tip-off telling me that i had the bioweapon in me. (I recognized the tell-tale dry dry cough because it seemed EXACTLY like the dry cough which some of my relatives had 7 months prior when the illness ran through their entire household, killing one of them.)

Despite the fact that i took only 1/7 the proper amount of zinc with the HCQ, I credit the HCQ with clearing up my cough within a day. Two days later, I felt perfectly fine after only the first 2 pills of HCQ/Plaquenil 200mg ... no symptoms at all ... cough gone ... no lingering fatigue or anything ... I had no difficulty walking up & down multiple flights of stairs 3 or more times per day ... and i'm in my 60s ...

So, HCQ nipped it in the bud by taking the HCQ **EARLY** ... got to treat it early ... before the damage to the lungs occurs.

I was one of the lucky ones who knew it might be a good idea to obtain a supply of HCQ ahead of needing it ... thanks to the great Dr. Vladimir Zev Zelenko and Dr. Didier Raoult in France who pioneered its use ... and also thanks to President Trump for mentioning HCQ at one of his pressers, after which Dr. Anthony "Gain-of-Function" Mengele FauXi and the Fake News media went bonkers at the mere mention of HCQ ... Mass murderers they are.

What a world we live in.

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1) I don't know why you expect more from Harvard. I haven't for years. Whatever isn't being run by China at Harvard is being run by the DNC or little woke wizards thereof.

2) What you're describing is the exact same research/publication corruption that has been going on for at least 30 years to eliminate competition for emerging or expensive pharmaceuticals. "Meta-analysis" has been a shell game for ages. You can make anything say anything, AND get it published.

The machinery for this evil was in place long before COVID.

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Dr. Zev Zelenko (RIP), prescribed HCQ for early Tx of covid to at risk pts with success. Thank you Mathew for this thorough explanation of how the success of early Tx with HCQ was buried, distorted, bastardised. It is painful to read.

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This piece chimes nicely with an item I read elsewhere today, referencing the depressing conclusions about "health research" reached by a former BMJ editor, who lamented, “The system encourages fraud, and we have no adequate way to respond. It may be time to move from assuming that research has been honestly conducted and reported to assuming it to be untrustworthy until there is some evidence to the contrary.”


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One more thing. A good friend mentioned the other day, many companies are preferring to take kids straight from high school and instead, provide a company work/training program that matches the company’s ethos.

Looks like Big biz is getting fed up with “university” educated students who graduate unable to string a sentence together or spell, cannot critically think and have no initiative. Is this possibly the future for the job market? If so the universities will be in financial ruins

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"There is a lot to unpack here. This is a classic Spaghetti Western: There is the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, all in one place." Love this! Wouldn't it be fun if everyone just started showing absolute integrity? Like what if people just forgot how to be corrupt like when people can't find the word they are reaching for?

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You don't really need hydroxychloroquine because Quercetin works as well or probably better, is completely safe, and is much easier to get on Amazon.


Or you can use EGCg the active ingredient in green tea on Amazon.

When the virus first arrived, before hydroxychloroquine, I slapped together a vaccine in my kitchen with a bunch of interactive ingredients targeting the relevant three-dimensional molecular structures of the virus. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory supercomputer (149 petaflops then, recently upgraded to 1 exaflop) examined covid's structure and published 77 molecular possibilities that might interfere with viral efficacy. Quercetin was in the top five so I stocked up.

Quercetin, HCQ, and EGCg are zinc ionophores transporting the zinc through the cell membrane which zinc has a hard time getting through on its own. It's mainly the zinc that interferes with viral replication, but each ionophore has it's own independent viricidal action.

The current pooled analysis of the various studies for all mortality results (all stages) shows that Quercetin has an efficacy of 59% with HCQ at 21%. These efficacy numbers are based on stand-alone results (I believe), so they'd be much higher if taken with zinc. Since they are safe, take them all and you push efficacy over 100%. You're completely protected against the flu too and might live almost forever.



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B"H" Thank you for this Mathew. I really really appreciate your expert hand and exposition. I learn a lot from you, in many domains.

If I still taught this type of analysis and (mis-)use, I'd use this post and paper as a very compelling case study (like I did w Doyle 2007 viz the Barabasi 2000 Achilles Heel of the Internet claims, see 2008 lectures 17-19 https://web.archive.org/web/20190111200542/http://cs.wellesley.edu/~cs249B/lecture ; major statistical point condensed in one slide https://imgur.com/a/jjxeKdS )

April 2020 I dedicate this to the late ice9 a world class established scientist, one of the very few who did not betray their integrity & calling https://web.archive.org/web/20220216201441/https://twitter.com/daniel_bilar/status/1245287206366990337

See cardiac arrhythmia risk Fig 3 for doses schematic diagram of the recommendations for ECG) monitoring during HCQ CQ (hydroxy)chloroquine prophylaxis. https://www.heartrhythmjournal.com/article/S1547-5271(20)30634-2/fulltext

DJB July 2020 "4-5 months later we now know that HCQ works when used early, for prophylaxis & in non-lethal doses" https://web.archive.org/web/20200715011618/https://twitter.com/daniel_bilar/status/1283147765959348224

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2022 meta analysis, nice. Fact: In mid-January 2020, around the time WHO declared no evidence of human to human transmission, France overturned a 43 year over the counter Hydroxychloroquine availability and made it very difficult to obtain, prescription or not. Long before Trump even mentioned the word.

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One other point is that 200 out of 300 trials for HCQ were done in the late stages (inflammation, and inflammo-thrombotic) in of the disease not early in the viral replication phase. The doctors who worked with it successfully always said it was "early treatment only" but were ignored.

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Deep stats territory, Matthew, deep stats. Very good read, and so happy someone bothers to get into the cracks and crannies of method and bias. I'm not a stats person. Just not. But I can read, and I'm thrilled. There are many "camps" in the C19/viral investigations. Some are marginal discussions heavily salted with political bias and social convictions bordering on monastic religion. I think it only becomes alive when there are bright people who have vast experience in their field, and considerable life experience altogether. Another camp that has another necessary and equally important role is the clinical evidence group. The men and women who have actually treated thousands of hands-on patients and are trying to educate past idiocy and unexamined protocols. Those who constantly talk cannot listen, those who will not read widely will never see more clearly, and those who listen and look carefully see the signals in the human world and the data.


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HCQ as a treatment seems very interesting, but I'm trying to work through what it would mean as a preventative measure. COVID isn't going away, so using a drug to prevent it would seem to be a lifetime commitment, which feels excessive. As a preventative measure, perhaps we would just recommend to the elderly or folks with serious comorbidities?

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scientific evidence is tricky. Can't wait until we can simply turn it over the the AI overlords who can run endless simulations on digital recreations of our immune system. Oh, yeah, the bad guys will own the AI and sure enough all evidence will point to the recently patented medicine that just came out.

Eat healthy, take care of yourself, and enjoy the time you got seems the only thing we can do.

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Thank you for breaking everything down, Mathew.

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