NPC--A non playing character as in : ‘The dungeon master rolls the dice for the NPC’s.’

Npc-- “An agency that serves as the focal point for all Intelligence Community activities related to nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery systems”. ‘The US tax dollars pays for all npc activities’

I think we know that this is going on. How do we get out of the game?

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The traits of which you speak are difficult to question. Anyone that has been in a sales profession (and was any good at it) probably understands it better than most. Still, there’s a pesky thing called ego constantly getting in the way.

A long time ago I read a book about the science of influence by Michael Cialdini. An easy to read yet fascinating snapshot into common human triggers. I managed to get a friend to read it and he said it was the best book he’d ever read. And, he’s a PhD.

But it’s a funny thing about people. Knowing the game is not enough. The mind still plays tricks. It takes practice and discipline. Everyone believes they’re way too smart to be bamboozled. Those same people will agree bamboozlement exists and is effective…on other people.

What I tell people is, if you think you’re above being suckered then you already are a sucker. Humility and honing insight is the only way out of the trap.

I should point out, I include myself as always a potential sucker. Am I always successful? No. But at least I’m trying. Ego works against us in these situations.

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Wow -- Interesting story on the conman (and what a life back in the early stock trading days)!

What I'm taking from this post is that: there's so much out there and topics are so complex, things aren't what they seem

I'd agree 100% which is why i think our best course of action is to create a system where we are no longer dependent on THEIR system.

By creating a system that relies solely on what we've created, no matter what policies or rules they pass, it won't affect our system since it's self reliant. Of course, easier said than done, but that's the ultimate solution for peace, freedom and love in this world we find ourselves in.

I put a book together to breakdown how we can go from a) being aware to the maze we find ourselves in to b) how can I start building my own system. Sharing if anyone's interested:


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Yes, indeed, great labor. But very interesting labor. I just watched a Juri Lina film about how the banksters bankrolled both the failed 1904-5 and the successful 1917 Russian revolutions. Wilson granted Trotsky (Leiba Bronstein) citizenship, and thus a passport, and pressured the Canadians to release him from custody so he could continue his travel to Russia.

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Reminds of the adage, "the only way to win, is not to play"

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Do Not Expect Your Enemy to Attack Straight On

This would allow the Philanthropaths and their assets to give up invisibility, which is a strong superpower.

Consider these possibilities: The most powerful nations and organizations have other nations and organizations do their dirty work for them. If England wants to attack a nation, maybe the U.S. will do it for them. If the U.S. wants to spy on its citizens, maybe it'll have Israel do it for them. If the globalists want to expand the credit-backed currency supply, maybe the U.S. will hire China out of a French-built laboratory to engineer a pathogen—or even an inert substitute that triggers PCR positivity. If some oligarch with military leverage wants Bill Gates to use Warren Buffet's money to bribe the World Health Organization into taking the posture of a global health dictatorship by using Jeffrey Epstein's sexual blackmail as leverage, you may not know whom to blame. And you're going to have a thousand influencers telling you that they know the answers you seek, but most of them are just NPCs themselves.

That paragraph alone should be enough for you to reconsider any radicalization into which you might be baited. If you haven't chased the source of your anxiety past hypnotic influencers who eloquently share stories similar to yours, and pat you on the head for being smart or wise, you should remain firmly open minded. The arts of epistemology require great labor. And you cannot even begin that labor until you step away from the cult.

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I’ve been researching the IRS portion of the scam, if you’d like to see how that works. It’s one of their many ways to steal our money. my latest post:


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The proper question, is this:

What is the biggest solvable problem we can fix if we can find ways to work together better as humans?

We believe the answer is this:

Stop the corruption in our systems: systems of government, philanthropy, medicine, science, food, academia, and more.

BUT -we cannot fight the old systems. We need to create new systems that make the old ones obsolete, and migrate to the new ones. High trust systems. Transparent systems. Decentralized systems. Systems that are much much harder to corrupt.

We are working on these types of systems and need your help. Come be part of the solution, together.

This article explains how we can run systems like philanthropies, governments, or businesses with this type of high trust system. But that's not all Human Swarm Intelligence can do if we build the right ecosystem for it.


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Who flipped the coin?

FWIW it is possible to "learn" to flip a coin. If you practise enough, you can flip at the same speed and catch in the same place and it comes up the way you expect 60% - 70% of the time. I didn't practise all that much to achieve this - I imagine that someone who dedicated themselves, could achieve a higher degree of accuracy.

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Two thoughts arise from your current essay. One is that none of us are required for the work of judging the living and the dead. Jesus Christ has that task well in hand. The other is that we don't know enough to be very sure of our actions. But God knoweth. Praise God. Amen.

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I'm really enjoying this series.

I don't fully understand the concept of the "ante" in the example given (QAnon). The example is a revelation of shocking behavior (i.e., that there is a global pedophile ring). Is it the ante in that it upsets/motivates/disturbs the player, or is it meant to represent a specific CTA? Or something else altogether?

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The Howard Ring story: The correct odds are clear on the coin flip and the payoff. Why would anybody get involved in this? Perhaps the story isn't accurate, just like the description of Howard Ring's win over 45 other players which was in one of many event held in 1998:

August 1-9, 1998; Crowne Plaza Addison, Dallas, Texas

WORLD CUP VI (46): 1-Howard Ring (IL), 2-Johannes Levermann (Germany), 3/4-Fred Chamanara (IL) / Malcolm Davis (TX); 1C-Stu Hosen (TX), 2C-Tino Lechich (Australia).

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The Secular Ruling Families are OWNERS of the MONETARY SYSTEM - a debt based scam - and it is evident that we - herds of modern moron slaves - are really happy with living under Their shadow and in debt!

Can't be simpler than this... https://postimg.cc/N9JX8mZF

So enjoy... while They let you.

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The Art of War

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"pat you on the head for being smart or wise" - Or praise you for being a victim or courageous freedom fighter. That all falls on deaf ears. I'm none of the above. I'm a survivor and that's it. So far, so good.

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