I couldn’t do all the details. I’m past thinking I must expose myself to this in order to understand it. I’m a dog lover too. Had dogs all my childhood (German Shepards and Red Setters), but not as an adult, because I’m well aware of the responsibilities, which I couldn’t meet without compromises I wasn’t willing to make.

The modern narrative is so bad that it doesn’t bear formal analysis. I don’t know why they don’t just fake the desired resists and have done with it! No one would ever know 🤔

I don’t believe in an accidental leak. Providence doesn’t fit neat timelines.

I don’t like the forcing of the narrative to the forefront of mass media over & again. I believe the perpetrators have extremely good control of main media plus tech. I’ve personally been subject to censorship that, had it just happened today, would probably have terrified me. Now I’m just used to assuming I’m watched 24/7 & probably listened to as well (hi folks at GCHQ! Do your families know what you do for money? If they really understood it, they’d probably reject you, and deservedly so. I live in hope).

Given the extent of conttol, I think it’s reasonable to argue that, if a story is on multiple TV networks and news feeds on the net, the perpetrators put it there & are in any case not opposed to it.

They don’t need to do this. Fauci comes across as corrupt as hell and potentially played a key role in bringing into being a GOF pathogen which has killed millions (I don’t believe any of that). Why would the administration deliberately embarrass itself?

I believe one answer is to force those not paying much attention to choose between two alternatives:

1. the virus arose naturally and jumped into humans. Proximity to the Wuhan Institute a pure coincidence, which happens all the time. Recall the nerve agents released in Salisbury, England? Obviously it was the Russians and proximity to the top secret research facility at Porton Down was pure coincidence.

2. The virus was created in a lab and then leaked out (intentionally or accidentally). People much prefer cockup to conspiracy, so let’s say it was an accident.

Notice the complete & unspoken assumption that there really is a pandemic virus running amok, causing massive scale illnesses and deaths. We know there’s a novel virus because people who would never lie to the public told us there was. And others have confirmed it, because they’re had innumerable positive results in PCR (& other) testing. We know these tests are so specific that there’s no chance a positive result is even plausibly due to anything but SARS-CoV-2. And they’ve found it in waste water, so that proves it was in people.

Back to my question: why are they shoving this absurd story into people’s faces? I think an alternative answer is to minimise the probability that many people will even ask a more fundamental question: what’s the evidence that there was a novel respiratory virus stalking the planet, causing massive scale illnesses and deaths? Because they can’t risk that. A person might conclude, on the balance of probabilities, that the evidence is weak. The most serious objection to there having been a new virus as the dominant cause of widespread respiratory illness & elevated death rate is in the epidemiological evidence. Denis Rancourt’s team & others have found no evidence for there having been a virus pandemic. The wrong age at death profile across the population is inconsistent with a novel respiratory virus, assuming as has been observed for each winters uplift in all causes mortality, it’s the oldest and most frail (already chronically unwell) in whom the biggest % increases in deaths. That’s not what’s seen (at least in USA).

That evidence forced my to look anew at the evidence & I conclude that there’s never been a new pathogen induced cause of massive scale illnesses and deaths.

The media circus we’re currently living then has the objective to make it all but unthinkable that there never was a novel virus. And it’s worked, I believe.

Now we’re in deep trouble if we’re the perpetrators.

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We have no idea what animal tested positive or negative in China because those results are reported by China.

As for the Chinese sequences at the market, they show raccoon dog DNA and Sars-Cov-2 sequences with little human DNA. The biological terrorists covering up their crime tell us this is proof of natural origin. They assume people wont know that aerosols (<5 microns) from infected humans don't carry cellular DNA and cant infect animals or humans w/o transporting their DNA

The authors of that ridiculous paper know GITMO is in their future. This was their Hail Mary Pass. Incomplete. Game Over. Bring out the water boards

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Mar 23, 2023Liked by Mathew Crawford

“Oceania was at war with Eurasia;

therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia.”

— George Orwell in 1984

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Mar 23, 2023Liked by Mathew Crawford

The concept of "invasive species" is an interesting one. There is most certainly merit to it, but its ever-expanding application (weaponization?) is about to make it more or less superfluous.

As correctly noted, the common Raccoon dog is considered an invasive species in Europe today. However, fossils demonstrate they (the same genus: Nyctereutes) were present here for at least 4 out of the last 5 million years, possibly even longer.

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I really appreciate, Mathew, that you connect all the dots between the biology, the psyops, the economic hustle, and the geopolitics. And even look a layer deeper at the ways in which you might have been played, as a dog lover.

In a book that changed the course of my life, Derrick Jensen's The Culture of Make-Believe, he describes watching a video of a cat being skinned alive in a basin of warm water (I didn't watch this one, so don't know if the technique was similar). His point to the whole book is that cruelty gets normalized and it's not psychopaths who do it, but all of us who go along with it because we can't see what conflicts with our beliefs that we're good people.

The phrase "two ways to skin a cat" had some origin, and I've been trying to purge my vocabulary of implicit violence, like anti-torture groups saying they're going to "hold ----'s feet to the fire.

You're not wrong about the anti-China/ Russia fomenting since the inconvenient end of the Cold War. And you're not wrong about the economics, which is my focus in my book. Glad to have discovered that we're not only on the same side but on the same page.

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I doubt that many people understand that they will be held accountable for their nefarious activities towards any living being and have seared their conscience years ago with their evilness towards life on earth.

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It has been obvious to me for several years now that any popularized distraction from the PTB is on a continuum of at least six layers of lies. Why? Because most people lack the mental and physical stamina to look through six layers of bullshit nor can they comprehend that anyone would go through the trouble of constructing same and content themselves with believing the 1st or 2nd layer or pat themselves on the back for being "truthers" by getting to the 3rd or 4th layer then thinking they are done. I appreciate Matthew for going deeper. There are still deeper reasons that are in the unconscious and energetic realms but that may be outside even Matthew's purvue...or maybe not.

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We are deep down in the upside down, inside out and backwards mental gymnastics olympics these days. Particularly amusing since we have known before 2020 of the research being done on these viruses in the United States, in China (with funds from the US), and probably in at least the Ukraine - all US corporate & government run as well.

Raccoon dogs are cute but US government officials are decidedly not.

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"A bat, a pangolin and a raccoon dog walk into a bar . . . no, wait, a bat, a pangolin and a raccoon dog walk into a wet market . . . no, no, I've got it, a bat, a pangolin and a raccoon dog walk into a bio-lab . . . . . . = cue the punchline."

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I guess Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy) is credited on the FCS patent.

Surely kinetic action is on the horizon but the US was already capitulated to China driven WEF by allowing the fraudulent 2020 election results to stand.

A great deal of "faux" fur is actually raccoon dogs. Fur is essential , nothing wrong with it. Especially estate sale fur.

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💯 Really enjoy your writing ✍🏻... Thank you

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When Fauxi was asked to produce the evidence of zoonotic origin, he stated "The raccoon dog ate it."

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Stephen King's lesson for writers who want to create despicable characters everyone hates: just hurt someone's dog. It refers to his novel "The Dead Zone" in which a travelling salesman kicks the dog sitting at his buyer's door for no reason.

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'Racoon' is an anagram of 'Corona'

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"FACT: When the video surfaced, the Chinese authorities demanded to know details in order to prosecute the collaborators on animal cruelty charges"

I doubt that. There is NO animal cruelty legislation currently in force in China. Citizens and businesses can basically inflict any amount of extreme violence and gratuitous suffering upon any animal and not face any penalty in law. Torture and killing of non-human species is legal.


"In April 2020, a university student in China’s Shandong Province was expelled from school after videos of him mercilessly torturing and murdering over 80 stray cats surfaced on the Chinese internet; in October of the same year, a man from Shanxi Province poured boiling water over a pregnant cat, killing her and four unborn kittens; in November 2021, a pet dog was brutally killed by health workers while its owner was in quarantine for COVID-19. Numerous incidents of animal cruelty like these have surfaced in China in recent years. In response, more and more Chinese citizens are calling for stricter protection of animals and the promulgation of robust animal cruelty laws. Though animal welfare legislation is still a somewhat controversial subject in the country, a 2020 vote launched by CCTV News (a Chinese state-owned broadcaster) on Weibo (a Chinese social media platform) shows that the demand for a national anti-cruelty law is overwhelmingly strong: on the question of whether China should pass legislation against animal cruelty as soon as possible, among the 299,000 participants, more than 280,000 voted yes."

I've seen enough sickening images of the brutal killing and torture of domestic pets and farm animals, in the dog meat and fur trades, in China and elsewhere across Asia, to know that it is real and widespread. I don't know if PETA did fake their video, but they certainly had no need to. I do suggest that the 'Fact check' was just the 'legitimate' fur industry trying to cover its arse.

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Here's the WEF/Schwab/Soros gambit in a nutshell:

Throw horsemanure against the barn, and see what sticks.

Of course, the real horsemanure are these Malthusians, but whatever

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