I wasn't expecting to find reference to me in the Maui article. Haha!

Mild correction? Coley surgically operated on John D. Rockefeller Jr's girlfriend, Bessie Dashiell. Johnny Rock was JD Rockefeller's son. Coley wasn't that much older than him, about 30 when JD Rockefeller was 18. I suspect Johnny Rock was a bit of an anomaly with regard to the Rockefellers. He didn't seem to fit into the family, maybe much like the other sibling who had an airplane crash. I don't know that Coley was friends with the father.

Interestingly, Rockefeller University awarded HC Nauts an honorary doctorate for her work on Coley's toxins and also helped establish the Cancer Research Institute.

These things never translate into real-world results for ordinary people. But the elites know they work.

GcMAF works, too. You can still buy it and I know a lab in Japan that produces it and is also interested in building a lab to make CT.

Anyone who wants to know if anything works can just search pubmed. Thankfully, it still hasn't been censored like YT has. The censors don't need to censor pubmed yet, and may never have to, because no one reads primary scientific literature anymore. LOL

Of course, retractions are a thing but you can still find retracted papers and it's almost a badge of honor now to get retracted. In my opinion, anyway.

You can find Wakefield's seminal article on gastrointestinal problems and autism, which briefly mentioned the MMR, with RETRACTED all over each page of the PDF.

I haven't achieved this level of notoriety yet. SAD!

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Back about 20 years ago I began work as the IT Director for a biomedical research institute. At that time I attended the staff meetings of our executive director. I'll never forget one of those early staff meetings when one attendee posed the question "What happens if/when we find a cure for cancer. Cancer research is a big business employing a lot of people." It was something that I hadn't considered until then.

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Mathew this is gold. Viva and I talked about this and he actually mentioned that horror of horrors idea that about the missing kids. I couldn't handle it. https://rumble.com/v3a0tdr-maui-fires-with-jessica-rose-miami-seaquarium-endless-covid-and-more-happy-.html

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Their (globalists) cards are on the table even though there's a huge population in the US who refuse to step up to the table and look, the rest of us know the level of evil we now face and it may be too big and too late to escape...which is why they stopped caring how well they cover their tracks. The more we abandon the system and join locally the better chance we have. At the same time STOP supporting these unelected evil globalists and the corrupt in congress. The power is in our hands. STOP CLEANING THEIR HOMES, TAKING CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN, FIXING THEIR CARS, PROVIDING SECURITY, COOKING FOR THEM, FIXING ANYTHING THAT BREAKS...AND WHEN THEY GATHER TOGETHER AT WORLD CONFERENCES MAKE SURE THE A/C BREAKS, THE TECH DOESN'T WORK, THERE ARE PLUMBING PROBLEMS AFTER FOOD 'ISSUES'. THEY DEPEND ON THE 'USELESS EATERS' FOR LIFE SUPPORT...END IT AND SEE HOW FAST THEY FALL. THOSE WHO CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THEM ARE AIDING AND ABETTING CRIMINALS AND MUST BE 'TAKEN ASIDE' TO EDUCATE ON HOW THEIR LUST FOR THE BIG BUCKS IS DESTROYING THEIR FUTURE AND THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY.

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Bingo Mathew!

And I am soooo glad you brought up Hanlon's Razor and the proper response to it in this case.

And the Catherine Austin Fitts / Sasha Latypova interview also supported my hunch that microwave DEWs and possibly geoengineered accelerants were also used. Just a little bit of digging, and I turned up several articles where a police spokesman admitted using LRADs (a form of DEWs) to disperse the protestors at Canberra last year. Too bad I can't post photos in comments, but maybe this Tik-Tok link is accessible ... https://www.tiktok.com/@katrinalouise230/video/7066603943060720897.

On Aug. 22nd, I posted the following link to a substack by Midwestern Doctor on my F.B. page, for all the good it will do, along with the following comment.

"During my undergrad years, I spent three summers as a mountain fire fighter in Arizona ... mostly as a G4 TTO (Tanker Truck Operator, and backpacking up slopes with a chain-saw, pick axe, and piss-pump), but also occasionally with elite Hotshot crews (Blue Ridge) and Helitack. As most of my time was not on the burning edge, I know the importance of constantly thinning the brush and digging up duff to make firebreaks to mitigate the damage of future fires.

In private mail, I've been in a somewhat long back and forth with another substack buddy (here in Japan) about where on a continuum between incompetence and corruption this disaster happened — and is continuing to unfold. As with what I've seen in the lock-step plandemic responses, I tend to lean toward a jaded, 'modestly named', reversal of Hanlon's Razor to Martin's Razor — "Never attribute incompetence to that which can adequately be explained by corruption."

I have been scanning YouTubes and Tweets (mostly of uploads from victims) and taking notes for a few days, intending on writing up something about this catastrophe. I thought I spied what appeared to be a 'too perfect' wave of incompetence, similarities to institutional responses pointed out in Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine", and similarities to the institutional responses and perverse incentives of the pandemic. This article (Midwestern Doctor's) did a far better job than I could have, so I will defer and recommend this to others whose suspicions were raised.

That being said, the situation is far from finished, and suspicions may be mitigated or verified by subsequent actions and timing taken by the public private sector, not to mention the possibility of anything from lone-wolf arsonists to high-tech military action nudging these fires along and trying to maximize damage. As with much of the origins of a 'pandemic', I suppose we will never know with certainty. A Spock-like Baysian logic might be more appropriate here.

If for no other reason than self-interest, those interested in the next lock-step lockdowns, might want to stay on their toes regarding this disaster, though I hope those with enough empathy and imagination will observe and act on behalf of those whose lives were directly affected on the island.

Thank you Midwestern Doctor, for a comprehensive and, I feel, balanced report that invites us to wait for further developments."


Another comment I made to a FB friend who agrees with my substack buddy in that it is merely opportunists taking advantage of a 'natural' disaster ...

"I agree that there is probably criminal culpability here ... but those in charge of the response were probably just following orders from those above the law. But natural crisis? Maybe.

Maybe pandemics are natural. And I guess if we parse 'natural' in terms of human nature, perhaps entitled and marginalized social castes, Cluster B personality types (those Kulangetas you mentioned Mathew), and false flags to enforce the order, are also perfectly natural.

Odd though ... an 'officially' estimated 90 percent of fires on Maui have been caused by arson, and for all of Hawaii ... 99%.

But this one seems to have been deemed a 'natural cause' three weeks in advance, with Josh Green signing the July 18 emergency proclamation rendering all building, zoning, and historic site codes null and void in the event of 'natural disaster'.

And though not natural, I find it oddly legal that the outsider brought in to the position of police chief just 2 years ago — about the same time Hawaii's first responders were being reduced to the most compliant thanks to mandatory jabs or unemployment — is also the official coroner ... enough of a potential conflict of interest to have initiated the proposal of a bill in California (which failed) to separate those positions. Evidently, Hawaii must be one of those three state who allow police chiefs to determine cause of death. https://www.courthousenews.com/push-on-to-separate.../

Even without the possibility of DEWs being deployed, how is the downing of power lines by Hawaiian Electric over grasslands that should have long been cleared from beneath power lines after the 2018 fire and identical questions that remained unanswered, 'natural'?

I spent 3 summers as a mountain fire fighter in Arizona during my undergrad years ... and when we weren't fighting fires, we were clearing duff from areas vulnerable to campfires or lightning strikes gone wild.

Could the fact that the largest shareholder of Hawaiian Electric is Vanguard, then followed by BlackRock have anything to do with it? They own this world.

The ruling class has the means, the motive, and the opportunity.

That is enough to convict a mere peasant in a court of law.

But the ruling class, by definition, is above the law.

Phizer is on record as having been found guilty and penalized the largest fine in history ... but I don't know of any of their executives who have done time in prison for it. Or executives from Big Oil, Big Agra, or the Military Industrial Complex.

They are not bound to follow the laws they write, and politicians rubber stamp.

I realize I am just a disposable peasant.

But I will not go gentle into their good night."

Will end for now with one more VERY interesting bullet-point pod-cast, which dove-tails very well with Catherine and Sasha's great post.


p.s. And something you most likely already know, but may be of interest to a few readers. The School of Hygiene and Public Health at John Hopkins (one of the purveyors of fear porn at the beginning of the plandemic) was founded and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. John Hopkins was also front and center in the infamous Tuskegee Syphilis 'experiment'.

Cheers from Japan, Mathew.

Keep up the good fight.

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Winston Churchill did NOT say "Never let a good crisis go to waste." You can check with the International Churchill Society if you doubt it. This is a misattribution.

Rahm Emanuel, on the other hand (brother to the Eugenicist and Obamacare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel) did basically make such a statement quite publicly. Nice family, the Emanuels.

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Humanity is undoubtedly being herded. The equivalent of being shuttered inside box cars and sent to death camps by budding trillionaires convinced it’s the right thing to do. Can’t have the hordes putting up the tray tables and moving about the cabin. Better to strap them in and fly them into a mountain. Funny how nobody see’s nuthin izzinit? Pronouns, like wildfires and deathly microscopic spiky orbs just…happen, like pallets of bricks to rioters, sorry, I meant, protesters. It’s all blamed on ethereal externalities that somehow always escape our high tech handcuffs and require us to give up something precious to initiate a reversion that curiously never arrives. Instead it’s a hand-off to the trillionaires who offer us our only hope. The herd shrugs and follows the comfort of believing their narratives. Life’s better in the corral. Chew the government cud in the sunshine Bessie, your kids make great veal steaks.

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There are definitely cures for cancer. We can’t have them because it’s too much of a big business. Look around any city or town, how many are medical buildings, hospitals, cancer centers, more doctor offices, pop up emergency clinics,imaging centers. If they have a cure, many of those businesses & employees lose. We can’t learn to heal ourselves because again those businesses lose. Pharma loses. They need their life long customers. Rockefeller is the one that for this industry in the main stream. A corrupt industry with so many politicians in their pockets.

If people can’t see that Maui was a man made disaster for evil purposes, they will never wake up to the corruption. The missing children is the ultimate evil, whether they allowed them to burn or stole them. It’s sickening.

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There’s also this angle. From Dr D on TAE

Lahinia, something is going on that’s neither the official story OR the conspiracy theory about it. Because this is nuts. 2,000 children missing. Aaaaand where are their parents? I know they’re busy but not ONE can get on Social Media, or the social media is censoring them PERFECTLY for the first time ever? No one on 4Chan, Rumble, Rogan? Not one. Huh. That is not suspicious at all.

That’s because they’re not dead or their parents would lose their minds. Parents are G-D- terrible these days, all love is dead, but still enough of them would despair of life altogether – entirely illogically – that they would make one hell of a mess. Shoot them, jail them, they just wouldn’t care. But zero, none? Huh. No way.

And unlike at first when we pinned this in mind, they thought that they might be somewhere alive. If they are not named and lined up now, they are 100% with absolute certainty, dead dead dead, and the parents would not have that twig to hold onto.

Add that to the complete blackout, blockout, they have no money for water, but they DO have money to build a 20 foot fence around the whole island? Specifically and only to keep out drones? Like PHOTONS are dangerous now, and the information they deliver? And they’re not the good guys: they’re still preventing all normal landings and charity crews.

Here’s a thought, because not one fact here makes a lick of sense. NOT, definitely, a land grab. WAY too large. The upper level may have created buy-in by selling it as a land grab, but like I said, you send Antifa or Vinny with matches for that (and have. Many times). As a message, it’s not going well. They’re more exposed now than ever before, and not just this island but America and the World is looking right at them. Even if they built the city now, everyone would just remember it as the first Dachau, founded on the charred remains of infants.

I’d say They, — call them “somebody” for now – who are associated with the FEMA, WEF, billionaires, but is not them, used a very specific “space” weapon to do this. That blew the lid off their DEW which is in Top Secret lockdown for decades. Now everybody knows they have them. Russia knows. China Knows. Niger knows, and they know they will use them for ants. That may be part of the Blockout, but can’t be all of it.

The town is actually burned. Bigly. The people were actually locked in BY the Hawaii authorities at the highest level and by the Policeman who ran the Vegas Shooting. Yet the kids can’t be dead as we just said. And the parents must think so or know something.

So what do we have? THEY, Bad Guys, got the jump on the Good Guys this time. They destroyed the town, but NOT as a signal or message, some other reason. Yes, the town might have been planned to do this sometime, but this wouldn’t work, obvious it would never work, and indeed it hasn’t. There’s evidence there? They’re no longer powerful enough to get in and remove that evidence the normal way? The Good Guys are dead flat-footed and scramble only as it’s beginning to happen. Like the FEMA arrests rumored. All FEMA is meeting an hour away, the world’s biggest coincidence.

The kids weren’t to be baked – what a waste! – but abducted and put on busses BY the School. And why not? There isn’t an authority figure on the planet they wouldn’t obey. You’re the 5 policemen who killed Amir Locke and St. Floyd by standing on his neck then went to Uvalde and drank coffee for an hour? Here you go: all our children. Drive safe, honey! Kisses from me!

Anyway, so the kids were stolen not to waste them, and are driven to ‘safety’ of trafficking, or at least out of the fire. The Good Guys then appear and start knocking heads. What are they supposed to ADMIT whatever biolab, child-experiment lab, DUMB tunnel, God-knows-what on Maui? Are they supposed to ADMIT we have space laser weapons, have for decades, and use them? There’s a word in the UFO world: disclosure. That’s why “They can’t do that”.

If they admit this, people will lose their minds NOT because of Worldwide Mass Panic, Dogs and Cats living together like the dumb-ss elites put in movies about us, but because they will say WHAT ELSE have you been keeping from us for 80 years? I want to know right now, mister!!! It opens a sweater that will unravel everywhere, you can’t predict where at all. Not a bit. Although everyone knows they SHOULD disclose, they CAN’T as it’s too chaotic and uncontrolled. Even for the Good Guys. And everyone is complicit in this, Congress, Pentagon, corporations, it’s the cause of all our poverty, ruin, death, as it’s where all the money is going. It ends EVERYTHING. They’re clearly outing the Bad Guys publicly, but no one is ready for this level yet.

So they had to have re-captured the kids, “kidnapped” although the kids may or may not know that. I expect yes, they saw bad stuff or they would just re-appear them. So they were stored in a tunnel or something, saw too much, and now even the Good Guys are at a loss of what to do with those families, and are feverishly working up a PR story as we speak.

That leaves the Space Lasers, which again Russia knows we have, but if the PEOPLE know they aren’t safe anywhere and our tech is NOT 50-year-old F16s, they’ll say WTF? Use these on Ukraine! Again, opens too many discussions which can’t be controlled. …Because everything is a lie.

So they HAVE to hide it, but from who? Russia and Iran can see Maui from space. No: to YOU. YOU are the only person they want not to know. You the voter who has to make voting decisions. And they don’t care that WE know, on TAE, 4Chan, all they need is deniability. Revelation has to happen, but SLOWLY. Slow enough to digest and slowly merge the CNN fable and something more like reality down the line. You notice they’re doing that, and it’s causing a lot of stress even at the – to me – glacial pace of the last 6 years. If you double, 10x that, you’ll have George Floyd riots and lose Congress again, and who benefits?

So the Kids are alive, they’re spinning a cover story, maybe the Witness Protection them all, 2,00 families at a pop, they’ve never had to do this before, or this many this publicly. They still need to settle the land grab/water rights issues, which all Hawaii and their Governors were exposed as being evil, grubbing, vicious, family-cooking fiends. But the really, really need to close the UFO/Space Laser issue. People would ask,

“Why aren’t we on the moon then?” “Wait: ARE we on the moon?”

“Why are you spending $500B on bullets and tanks from 1979? Wait: ARE you spending it on bullets from 1979???” “Because just now it occurs to me you have no 777 shells for $10 Trillion spent over the last decade…”

No little Billy. No, we are not. And we have that Space Plane too. Everything you know is a lie, but your poverty because of it, that’s very, very real.

This is why Russia is very conservative with us. Because who has the Space lasers and whatever craft or method to deliver them? They could pop out of thin air any moment and arson all 500 square miles of Moscow. Literally 5 minutes later, all gone. The NeoCons may not know this, but they could find out and get control of them any time. Tread lightly.

See the problems here?

That to me is the only explanation for the provable facts we have.

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I read this slowly and carefully, Mathew, because I was learning so much. The Australian bushfires were new to me and such a textbook example of disaster terrorism (which certainly should be updated from mere disaster capitalism, although closely related). I was already planning my restack and then you quoted me on Lahaina. What an honor!

I had been thinking that there are four quadrants of the Great Reset puzzle: Depopulation which you cover in the suppression of cancer cures, Dispossession, which you cover in home prices skyrocketing, Destruction, which is the bulk of this article, and Deception, which you're always alert to and pointing out in the psyops within the psyops.

As the resident 'woo-woo woman' of this gang (a moniker I claim willingly), here's my suspicion: if we can put the geopolitical reality puzzle together, the flip side will be the spiritual Reality. While this side may lead to despair, putting it all together as you're doing, is also creating the way out. One is a distorted mirror of the other but they fit together the same way.

And to understand the reality IN the world, everyone should read your deep and detailed article.

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I’m inclined not to believe any of the reports from Maui, entirely because of Pelletier’s involvement. Take a very close look at the Vegas incident to get your bearings and then come back to the Maui incident with new eyes:


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Sep 3Liked by Mathew Crawford

2400 Australians burnt alive in a Masonic BBQ over the next decade doesn't sound like a lot..but it is more people than the total recorded Australian history of lives lost in bushfires.

Note- removing livestock for net Zero agenda without immediate dry matter growth control by seeding and cropping turns ALL of Australias farmland into a tinderbox. Lucky we're making cardboard drones to put out any fires that accidentally start.



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4.2 microns is the only wavelength that meets the following criteria:

1) high power density laser beams can be produced via chemical reaction (D2 + F)

2) 4.2 um lies within a narrow wavelength band which can be transmitted through the atmosphere with minimal absorption losses

3) diffraction-limited optics for 4.2 um is on a scale that allows for satellite systems that can be launched from Earth

As a weapon system, 4.2 um is ideal for the reasons cited above, and importantly, it is invisible to the human eye. There also are not many sensors/cameras that detect IR in this range.

The D2 + F reaction was the entire basis for the Star Wars program. Spacebourne laser systems were produced back in the 80s, but supposedly never launched.

Now, imagine you were safely situated several miles from ground zero in Maui watching in stunned amazement at the fires raging in the distance. Unbeknownst to you, IR lasers are actively scanning over the fire area. At a particular moment, one of the beams sweeps over a highly reflective metal surface, maybe a car, for instance. Specular reflections from this interaction shoot straight into your eyeball and you suffer severe thermal burns. Maybe your face gets burnt too. Yet, the rest of your body is fine AND you survived the fire AND you were miles away from it. How can this be explained? There is really only ONE explanation and that is a laser beam. Does this explain the tremendous secrecy and missing people surrounding this event? I think it certainly deserves consideration.

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Sep 4Liked by Mathew Crawford

Mathew, do you read Elizabeth Nickson? Scathing descriptions of what is happening, and what the roots are. This piece reminded me of things you've said about the worlds your brother was in ~ https://elizabethnickson.substack.com/p/the-deliberate-destruction-of-post

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Interesting points and a plethora of information except for one thing. I live on Maui and support the local Hawaiian culture an what they are trying to do to return the land to itself to become the model to reverse this rape of the Bigs over water rights first for the sugar cane, the pineapple and now that the land is thoroughly unusable to divert all the water to the big hotels. The remark you made about the man who refused to divert the water into the fire hydrants because water is sacred is bullshit. That water was not ever connected to the hydrants, that water when diverted would go into the reservoirs so that the helicopters could take water to douse the fire. The winds were 70 mph so nothing could fly let alone maneuver. The hydrants were broken, in disrepair and the water levels low to begin with adding to the fact that the earlier fire had taken these resources. The earlier fire was "100% contained" NOT and the tanker trucks (used to fill the hydrants) were diverted to fight the Kula fires on the other side of the island. There were only 18 firefighters left and a few empty tankers and thoroughly empty hydrants when the blaze took over the town at the same moment the Mayor was announcement on television that he was "please to report that Lahaina roads are open in both directions". These are the facts. The man who was scapegoated and fired for not responding to the request to divert the water into the reservoirs that would do no good was burned at the stake and the lies that he had something to do with this were allowed to spread much like the fire. Now the local government is suing Maui Electric Company to get them out of here and put in their own "smart city". Meanwhile the "relief" efforts from the President, a one time $700 payment to survivors who lost everything in the blink was tied to funding the war in Ukraine. There are many many many questions to be answered that will be swept under the rug but this one question is very clear. The man who was fired was not in any way at fault for the complete devastation of our Island gem that will never again be.

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Also, ELI5 me the cui bono: America, Australia and friends love unchecked Middle Eastern immigration. Why continue using them as the scapegoats to leverage? Is it because the Scooby-Doo reveal is always "white nationalists?"

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