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"Yes, it's possible for older people to learn math."

It's popular to say never stop learning but we have seen our culture is very committed to building walls around areas of learning guarded by academic fiefdoms & we are conditioned to defer to their credentials and limit our own thinking to end where expert consensus draws the line. Who could have guessed the depth of corruption would blow that model to smithereens!

There are so many priceless lessons the pandemic has gifted all with the curiosity to ask questions about any facet of official claims. So many gifted teachers have not only emerged in specialty areas but worked together to broaden a big picture for a lay audience.

Fab reminder learning is a steep climb one fingerhold at a time & better than a diploma to see what a joke it is Funky Debunk's math and grasp of relevant calculations are dwarfed by mine. His egomaginary blindness stunning.

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The argument that IQ is static is basically equivalent to taking 1000 people, measuring their squat, bench press and deadlift over time, then asserting because the population average doesn't change, strength is static. And if someone goes to the gym, adopts a proper program and improves their lifts, then the claim is made that they didn't really improve their strength, they just improved their skill at specific lifts.

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Thanks for this post. Have been looking for educational opportunities for home schooled twin 7 year olds. This looks great.

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I have a couple friends who have loved mathematics sometime in their lives. They said something similar, that there's something kind of transcendent about mathematics, it's more than just solving problems on a piece of paper. (I can't quite catch the feeling of how they were talking about it or their words).

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The highest form of Intellectual ability is the Intelligence of Feelings.

How wrong Mathematics is easy...

Every one is different and there is no calculation for difference.

It is a philosophical Question.

As with AI it is purely mathematical and since computers are really just calculators they can never achieve the Human ability.

Emotional Intelligence i.e. the Intelligence of feelings is a step towards telepathy.

And Telepathy is one of the hidden capabilities of Humanity.

As for AI... STARLINK again is the Key for AI warfare to function.

AI can only function within given parameters.

Humans have no restrictions.

And I warn about Elon Musk STARLINK AI and the planned war against Machines in this Article.

Star Trek is a possibility.

The Matrix is a reality.

they are building it around us as we speak and STARLINK is at the center of it.


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It doesn't get any dumber than A/I.

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What age does your math curriculum start at? and since giving this talk have you managed to make it available? What I got from your presentation is that nothing beats 1 to 1 tutoring, but that the art of storytelling is the key to effective engagement. Culture, community and networking effects also play a huge role. If the parent is learning the same curriculum together with the child and at the same time trying to teach the child, all the better.

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Is there any update on your assessment of Moore's Law?

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