Just in time to blow up US treasuries and the Petrodollar by driving half the world to transact in Yuan, or their own currencies. If Biff is out there he'd better go to metals and crypto soon or he'll be sitting on the world's largest pile of green toilet paper. Cough, Blackrock. Cough cough, Vanguard.

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Well, I have long said the Great Recession was the largest move of wealth up the social pyramid in the history of the world. I have also said Obama did not just bail out the bankers, he gave them the keys to the kingdom.

Then as soon as the pandemic hit I told anyone who would listen, this will be the greatest move of wealth up the social pyramid in the history of the world far greater than the Great Recession (need some extra money for that?).

So, now if they get away with murder, letting people die so they could start many trillion dollars of mandated mRNA jabs for every sickness under the sun, if you want to eat, drink, travel and socialize...

Also they got away with their illegal and unethical treatment of Trump, censorship and mandates, so in the way of tyranny they will continue until there is no liberty remaining.

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Mar 20, 2022Liked by Mathew Crawford

Matthew this onion is growing. Keep peeling

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Mar 20, 2022·edited Mar 20, 2022

We've got a bit of a contradiction though. Evolution of the virus tells us it has been circulating among humans longer than 2019, most likely back into 2018. However we've got whatever "happened" in Wuhan and the "pandemic". So either this coronavirus has been with us a while, and Wuhan was complete Kayefabe, or someone is deliberately releasing engineered viruses into the wild periodically (which would potentially explain Omicron) for reasons as yet unknown.

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There are many ways of knowing things. Some people get lucky but others have honed their intuition and observational skills and they see things others don't see.

This was posted in September 2019. I like this lady and follow her on Odysee now. We'll see if she's right about the Chinese invasion of the US and the nuclear war she is predicting later this summer.... her entire YT channel was deleted after she announced that one.

👀 👀 👀

Here's her 2019 video. She called EVERYTHING that happened, 100%:


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Mathew, could you possibly explain this in terms that say, a fifth grader could understand? I can process a lot, but this financial stuff confuses me every time! What was the loan intended to do?

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"What Could $4.5 Trillion Buy During a Pandemic?"

Well, my first thought on reading that title was that it should be able to buy you a nice little stable of politicians and regulators and health experts... maybe a whole country or 2!

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"Democracy" is both fake news and a total fraud with that kind of cash being sloshed around behind our backs by a tiny band of our aristocratic betters.

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Mar 29, 2020: Why Is the Federal Reserve Lying About Coronavirus?

With the world's eyes glued to TV's and smartphones, the U.S. Federal Reserve has quietly added a trillion dollars to its balance sheet. The Fed says it did this in response to Coronavirus in order to help credit flow on Main Street, a grotesque lie exposed as such here.


Has the Federal Reserve Kept 2 Sets of Books for the Last 50 Years?

A new take on the closing of the gold window (at least new to video), and just in time for the 50th anniversary of that fated day…

This episode of Mafiacracy Now shows that the Federal Reserve opened itself up to a massive blast of transparency the very minute it started selling cash and reserves not backed by gold (or anything else of value that the Fed can't freely generate) back in 1971.

The video leverages a recent law review article from an international team of prestigious legal scholars (and a lone economist), which makes the highly compelling case that once the gold window closed, cash and reserves alike ceased to qualify as liabilities—undercutting every central bank balance sheet in the west.

And since those balance sheets have been absolutely larded with sovereign debt for the last year—actually, let's make that "alleged debt” since it has no legal validity in the first place, not when the underlying liabilities fail to qualify legally as liabilities—the public and private debt burdens are being overstated to the tune of roughly $25 trillion across the western world.


And while that's certainly a problem shared by all western central banks generally, the Federal Reserve in particular faces problems that are far worse than that, as this episode—applying the teachings set forth by the stunning law review article—explains.

Indeed if the Fed’s only problem were that its balance sheet overstates liabilities by, oh, $7.3 trillion give or take, it would be easy for the Fed to acknowledge the error of its ways for the last 50 years and reduce U.S. debt figures accordingly.

But alas, that long overdue financial reckoning pales in comparison with the legal nightmare that the Fed now potentially faces, as explained here. Damn. And just as the Fed was planning to launch a central bank digital currency, too...


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I mean c'mon.....what's $4.5 trillion among friends?

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Sounds Planned to me.

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Mar 20, 2022·edited Mar 21, 2022

OK, I'm all ears. And I subscribed to Ron Unz's theorry regarding the deliberate release (not by China) of the Moderna-patented viral sequence (Spoiler : WIV was an elaborate false flag, a little like 12 Saudis with Box Cutters) very early on because nothing about the plandemic and the "policy response" to it made any sense.

BUT, the global economy had already been heading South actually since 4Q2018, after the "globally synchronized growth" (that never was) of 2017. I am of the opinion that right now we are seeing an exact repeat of 2018/19 as the "Hawkish" Fed presends to want to raise rates "to da moon" so that they and Brandon can be "seen to be fighting inflation".

None of that seeks to disprove what I think you are about to suggest, there was a desperate need to provide cover for the failures of the Fed and Government policy and also to set the table for the "Reset'. But I think the context is broader than an "equally accidental" financial crisis which can actually be attributed to a shortage of (Euro)Dollars globally (See the Eurodollar Futures Curves of that time) resulting in (pristine) collateral shortages and so the "unexpected" waterfall in Bond Yields in early 2019. And that wasn't the first time, it was also a repeat of 2014/15. Dollar SHORTAGES not inflation from "too much money" - the illusion the Fed had been trying to create.

Remember also that planning for the "pandemic" started in 2001 with "Dark WInter" and concluded in 2019 with "Event 201". After such a long planning period when you are ready to implement, you don't just sit around hoping for an "accidental lab accident" which may, or may not, ever happen.

So yes, I think I know where you are going with this, and am in general agreement, but I hope you don't overly narrow the context. This was a grand conspiracy long in the planning which may have used circumstance as a pretext, but only that IMHO>

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If you code it right, I'm sure you could develop a self-learning algorithm for trade, politics and so on. And why make one, if you have the resources and the money?

Why not make several slightly different, or even completely different from scratch and have them compete? Machine evolution.

Not so much a 'deus ex machina' as Machina Deus Est.

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Trying to destroy Western nations anyway they can.

Subsidarity one solution. Catholic teaching. People are starting to do this now

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After writing this long essay I felt the need to encapsulate what is covered. Please share widely.

In 1958 the founder of the John Birch Society predicted that the end of US Sovereignty would be accelerated by the Federal Government spending money as wastefully as possible. Is that not exactly what the Biden Administration has done over the past 2 years?

"A part of that plan of course is to induce the gradual surrender of American sovereignty piece by piece and step by step to various international organizations of which the United Nations is the outstanding but far from the only example. Here are the aims for the United States. Step One: Greatly expanded government spending for every conceivable means of getting rid of ever larger sums of American money as wastefully as possible."

Certainly the three issues threatening our sovereignty and inalienable rights are the WHO Pandemic Agreement, a US Digital Currency and the War in Ukraine. Now with the bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley Bank we can add -- a Depression level bank run. Unfortunately Biden supports all four which, in my mind, means he is committing treason against the ,American People. And sadly most world leaders are also committing treason against their citizens, as they collectively push for a Global New World Order.

The way I look at the world is that there is a globalist agenda at the apex of the power hierarchy. They -- the EU, WHO, UN, WEF, Blackrock, Vanguard etc. -- call the tune for China, the US, Israel and all other nations. And they are the real enemy of humanity.

Net Zero: How the Globalists intend to impose Digital Slavery through Vaccine Passports, Digital Currency and Fake Climate Change (03/11/2023)


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Is there any way to write without economic speak? It is so hard to follow this.

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