i'm honestly scared. While I'm excited for the evils who perpetrated this to finally be exposed, I'm scared about the human side of this. People who are triple jabbed who have been avoiding stories and data like this at all costs, will eventually not be able to avoid coming across it, and the reactions might be like nothing we've ever seen before. Anger, fear, betrayal, hopelessness can bring out a very ugly side of humanity.

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"Never let anyone tell you that we could not have predicted this, or done the math."

Or even looked at the unbroken criminal record for the drug kingpins involved and seen the liability waivers & unblinded trials for the red flags they are.

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Their reports demonstrate a multiplier of 8-10x. Do you think this lower multiplier than you, Jessica Rose or Steve Kirsch have speculated on is due to the fact that the ICD codes they are screening are specific to vaccine injury? Is it possible that heart attacks, strokes and PE were not captured in this data because their codes are not specific to vaccine adverse events?

Either way, the numbers are horrible! It is scary and when people do finally wake up they should be VERY PISSED OFF! I want people to realize what is happening before they try to inject everyone again this fall with a useless shot that is all risk with no benefit.

Thank you for your amazing work!

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Feb 24, 2022Liked by Mathew Crawford

My fear is that there will be future mRNA/DNA inoculations mandated for who-knows-what viruses that will be created, released, etc. Look at the coercion to jab whole population of Hong Kong.

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It is s great news that mRNA “vaccine” damage is going mainstream.

What is totally mind-blowing that nobody talks about their own documents proving the Criminal Intent and Premeditated Genocide well known by the FDA and the CDC BEFORE the mass vaccination started?

The damage is already done to countless amount of people and the criminal governments continue to push the poison on their citizens.

The above-mentioned documents can be found in the following articles:

Dr. Michael Yeadon: THIS MUST STOP! Pfizer Documents Show FDA Knew of Death Risk


mRNA "Vaccines" Are Gene Therapy. May cause Undesirable Side Effects That Could Delay Or Prevent Their Regulatory Approval According To BioNTech SEC Filing


The Truth About Safety of mRNA Vaccines Found in The European Medicines Agency's Document Titled "Comirnaty (COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine) Risk Management Plan"


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Declare a SUPER DUPER state of emergency!!! Insurance company CEOs are mass murderers, terrorists, and insurrectionists!!! Take away their children and pets!!! Seize their assets!!! Lock them all up and throw away the keys!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!!! CYBERPANDEMIC!!!!!!!!!

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Part 8 estimated 1 death per 2300 doses. What is the implied rate from this dataset and how is this risk profile broken down by age brackets? The risk-benefit ratio of these products for all age groups does not seem to balance for most age groups, particularly for under 50 or under 65 - the age cut is likely debatable. Regardless, it would be great to see the risk of a) severe injury and b) death from the injectable products compared against c) John's Ioannidis July 2021 IFR rate paper and d) COVID-19 hospitalization rate on a matching per age group basis.

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"this lands the U.S. roughly in the ballpark of 120,000 deaths." As compared to what?

I accept that the vaccines are not particularly effective. But even more concerning to me is the government and media attacks on early treatment protocols -- attacks that seem to be ongoing still. But of these 120,000, how many would have died otherwise? And how many lived because of the vaxx? Also, excess deaths would seem more important as well. I say this as someone who is unvaxxed and has no regrets at all.

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What's done is done. Don't expect an apology. Don't look for reparations. Live and learn I guess.

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This will be ignored just like the America One news was. If the media refuses to report it, its like it never happened.

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did the news hit during market hours?

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It's a bit of a thing that we're still in the early days aren't we? Another year or two could see yet more effects...

I've heard that usually they study vaccines for quite a few years simply because of that; they know there's sometimes very long term delayed effects.

I don't know of any examples though. But I can believe it.

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Wow. I hope people will realize now that the is a deliberately perpetrated hoax by an Industry that is protected and encouraged by regulatory capture and corrupted and "penetrated" complicit Governments.

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Don't go away yet, Mathew. They ain't done yet!

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Let’s get to the point. Some scientists told the old psychopaths that own and run this world that they might have a shot at living forever and keeping it to themselves.

What would they risk to achieve that aim? What are we going to do about it?

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