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I have no idea which hypothesis, if any, is right. All I can tell you is the plot of a strange British TV show called "Utopia" that aired in 2013. It's nearly impossible to find on IMDB, and most searches will lead to the watered-down US remake a few years later.

Nonetheless, here is the plot of the original Utopia (spoilers included):

1) Psycho elites meet at the Club of Rome in the 1970s and decide to build an international group of fellow travelers that do not have to obey laws. Their goal is to eliminate 90% of the population.

2) Fast forward to modern day - a high-ranking gov't official (civil servant) in the Health Ministry (UK) is blackmailed (via an elaborate sex sting) into authorizing the government purchase of vaccines BEFORE any outbreak occurs.

3) A new disease is announced (called "Russian Flu") that is supposedly extremely deadly. But all the cases are in remote areas of Scotland off-limits to the press and public. Nonetheless, the announcement causes widespread panic.

4) The gov't declares that the "only solution" to this "deadly virus" outbreak is mass vaccination.

5) While this makes a big profit for the vaccine manufacturer, it is later learned that the profits are secondary. The point of the vaccines is to sterilize the human race to achieve global depopulation.

6) The civil servant who got duped into buying the vaccines sneaks into Scotland and obtains a body tissue sample from someone who "died of Russian flu." He then takes it to a scientist for testing. The scientist goes on a rant about how SARS (the original) was entirely fake and invented by the same people who created the fake Russian Flu panic.

7) The scientist then betrays the civil servant - for vast amounts of money. The one journalist who might've been willing to tell the truth about the fake Russian Flu panic is murdered.

8) Meanwhile, we learn that an earlier circulating autoimmune disorder (called Deel's Syndrome) was created in a lab intentionally.

9) We then learn that the scientist who created the vaccine technology was once part of this global cabal but then got locked away in an insane asylum when he disagreed with their plans.

10) Later, the vaccine manufacturing facility is destroyed, but the elites don't care because they discover a new way of altering DNA directly to induce global sterilization.

11) The elites hire a number of crazy people who are obsessed with global warming to commit acts of mass terror "in order to save the planet." Once given the secret bat signal, they murder their families and set off canisters to spray the new DNA-altering substance everywhere.

12) Anyone who tries to fight the elite are either a) co-opted or b) murdered. Many who are co-opted are then forced to murder people in order to prove their loyalty. Incredibly, one man who was badly tortured by these elites is later convinced by their arguments about overpopulation (and global warming, etc) to become their right-hand man.

It's one hell of a show, especially how it ties together several real issues, including the Club of Rome, Operation Gladio, the elites treating "global climate change" activists as useful suckers, and the infiltration of intelligence services by these "depopulation elites." MI6, the CIA, and others are all part of the propaganda and secret influence scheme.

Even before COVID, it was a scary show - it's far scarier to rewatch now.

Long story short - global depopulation (along with iron control over the survivors) is the end by which ANY MEANS necessary is taken by the elites, including one horrific scene in which an adult who was groomed and abused by the elites murders several children in cold blood.

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There is a long history of taking true stories and putting them out in the public as a way of ridiculing the notion of them. The Men Who Stare at Goats is a milder example, and one to which I have personal ties. Rags like the National Enquirer and the Weekly World News seem to be "catch and release" publications, generally. A celebrity accused of rape? Print it, but print it opposite a story about Big Foot taking over a UFO, hovering in it above a high school football game and taking a crap on the players. What rape?

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You can watch the first two seasons on Amazon Prime if you have that. Just make sure you watch the 2013 Utopia because there's also a show called Utopia that came out in 2020.

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There's also an Australian show of the same name - now in its 5th or 6th season - that is also entertaining, but the narrative is just the hopeless incompetence of an Australian government department whose main job is supposed to be major infrastructure projects.

It's quite funny, until you think behind the jokes and realise that the guy at the top of the actual department IRL will be a careerist bullshit-artist, not an overly-easygoing ingénue like the TV character.

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Combine that "fictional " storyline with the actual exponential increase in Big Data collection and exploitation over these past several years, it's easy to see how every last political leader around the globe could be extorted into complying with the cabal's game plan (the globe was eerily in lock step, including use of synchronized slogans, within minutes of the "global pandemic" announcement).

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Epstien island was about blackmale not 'child' abuse.

I also say child abuse "" because age of consent laws are more or less a joke. On face value it appears the juristiction prince andrew is being sued in, 17 is the legal ahe of concent, and therefore the media is miss reporting his case.

In any case, the west needs to wake up and have unified age of.consent laws, which include age difference limits for individuals under the ahe of 18 (adults in most jurisdictions), and yes uniform laws about ahe of an adult might help too.

Sorry if it is off topic, but it rubs me the wrong way when a 100 year old having consentual sex with a 16 year old is not illegal in probably 25% of the western world, but it appears to be reported uniformly as statutory rape everywhere, when it is not.

Something about the "truth" seems to be missing. Like the parents explicit or implied concent? Seems this lady who has already recieved damages she agreed to, would have better grounds to sue her own parents for not protecting her?

More broadly not all 17 year old people are sweet and innocent, which seems to be reflected in the wide range of age of concent laws.

In any case, the intent of using young people seems to be to use them as pawns to entrap people in scandals (Sin) that brings so much shame to them and their family they would rather be party to killing 90% of the worlds population than let the world know they made some pretty poor decisions 20 year ago. . .

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If in twenty years time the full scale of this comes to light as us living out Utopia rather than Contagion I rather suspect things will end up like Children of Men....

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downloading it now thanks!

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That was an awesome show. I seem to recall that a comic book (oops - 'graphic novel') was part of the narative, too.

The guy who played the 'hitman' (Neil Maskell) got the 'shallow affect' of the sociopath-who-doesn't-need-to-hide-it *exactly* right; the main female protagonist looks like my first-ever girlfriend, but isn't.

Time for the "You look just like my first wife" joke:

Guy: You look just like my first wife.

Girl: Really? How many times have you been married?

Guy: As of right now... NONE.

And yes, the US version is stupid and shallow - like the US versions of 'Shameless' and 'The Office' and 'The Thick of It'.

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Don't forget the creator of Janus (BTW check "Janus kinase", which is a real thing) caused his son to have autism-like behaviour (a vaccine-related condition).

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Good article - thanks for including me in it!


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Animals are interesting, did you know that most species create their own Vitamin C? (humans and guinea pigs dont)

wonder why they are reservoirs for viruses but dont get sick themselves, such a mystery??

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I recall learning that fact from a Pierre Kory interview (maybe there are three species that don't?) but hadn't thought about the observation of animals remaining perfectly well while harboring these viruses. Thank you for bringing that up. I'm not sure if I believe that always happens, but it might *often* happen.

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Because co-evolution ''thinks'' differently about disease and health than humans do. Viruses are a bio-logical necessity that indicate through symptoms where energy imbalances exist. All life is interwoven and every life form, without exception, is a ''product'' of viral interplay.

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"White-tailed deer don't drink filtered water or flush their poo away. These things matter."

Life is much more interwoven than our technology-soaked brains can grasp.

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"Weirdly, authorities don't even want to properly test for omicron now. They haven't reconfigured primers to properly sequence and test for omicron, which seems awfully weird given that they fully have the resources and capability."

Which gives us known knowns and known unknowns..

"We have vaccinated our way into known unknowns and even unknown unknowns. This seems like one of those reasons why caution maybe should have been exercised."

All the qualities of a Rumsfeld operation... we know how those turned out!

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Uuaauuu!!! Correct or not this is extremely intelligent, interesting and fascinating thinking.

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Thank you for giving me a lot to think about. I love it.

One immediate question I have is related to my general impression that the arrogance of humans (especially those apparently at the helm here) is greater than their actual ability to control nature. Once you release a virus (or a mRNA genetic code) into a population, outcomes are unpredictable and uncontrollable. So how much of this is "all is going according to plan" and how much is "the natural environment and the human body aren't controlled laboratories"?

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The language of many political leaders re Covid is testimony to this. 'The Virus' is 'The Enemy' which must be 'overcome'. It's personified, like the forces of Terror that have threatened the western world since 9/11.

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Omicron Hypothesis Part 4: It comes from the end of needle and is the outcome of injecting industrial, experimental mRNA poisonous neuro-toxins into your biological system.

The problem with continuing with some form of the "pandemic narrative" and getting too deeply into the "effectiveness" of the "vaccines" (which unfortunately Malone does), "what is Omicron", "what is Delta" and on and on is that it serves to cover and misdirect from the most important facet of this- there was no pandemic or viral event- it was MASS MURDER.

Dexamethasone in combination with remdesivir was mandated (not to mention vents w/fentanyl) and killed hundreds of thousands in the US alone.

Number one issue right now that needs to be highlighted is that THERE WAS NO PANDEMIC - THERE WAS MASS MURDER. All of this (and much much more) was done to create the mass hysteria event in order to hide the massive economic collapse of 2019 and hide the $13 trillion (so far) worth of bailouts handed out to the uber-wealthy AND to jump start the Pharma bio-security system as THE new economic driver in a bankrupt system.

Covid-19 was not a viral event it is a business model.

Covid-19 is not an epidemiological story it is a crime story.

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Covid-1984 is a World Bank project, running 2020-25; regardless of variants, it will not disappear. Should it fail to deliver in time, an extension has already been scripted, as SPARS epidemic (2025-28).

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Interesting. Not the first time I've heard the mid-late 2020s given as the date for a second crisis/attempt. Where have you heard it?

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I should not think about it as a second attempt; there is a continuum of planning.


It is sickening just to read it - no real virus needed. Agenda 2030 is not a random round number. There have been forecasts of timelines convergence (whatever that may mean) by 2030; viz. the Looking Glass project and/or Yellow Cube.

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Wasn’t it originally Agenda 21? Why’d “they” change it to Agenda 2030? Did Trump’s surprise 2016 election stall it?

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got any links for the remdesivir and dexamethasone and it's bad effects when used?

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Just go to DuckDuckGo and look into the Ebola trials and remdesivir- for starters.

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Thanks once again Mathew! I have a couple of questions that might be dumb.

1-If Omicron is actually of a different origin than SARS Cov-2, how did it quickly overtake the Delta variant?

2- According to the theory that Omicron has been circulating for longer than publicly acknowledged, were there people testing positive for Omicron months ago, but assumed to be SARS Cov-2?


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Hard topic. Questions are not dumb.

1. Delta was reaching endemicity while the vaccines carved a reservoir out of the vaccinated.

2. We could find out with backtesting with the proper primers, or just adding Sanger sequencing to the routine. Such research might answer some questions decisively. I suspect that some of that will happen one way or another.

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I vaguely recall some recently escaped laboratory monkeys. We turned the channel because we hate to watch animal suffering. Was that a setup for a new “disease”?

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It seems mink is the funnies - Yoichi Shimatsu had a long article on the virus and escaped mink in the UK, probably in 2020 (Rense.com). At the time I read it as a fairy-tale; now, not so sure.

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First, I want to tell you how much I love, love, love your articles! Lots of info with just the right amount of snark.

Second, #7. Fer sure.

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Except we already know of a huge divide in the "human terrain."

One group has a fully functioning immune system.

The other has immune damage of varying degrees to both innate (suppressed CD8, monocytes filled with spikes, and God only knows what else) and adaptive (IGG antibodies exclusively misdirected to Cov-alpha spike), so is effectively immunocompromised.

Unless there is data showing unvaxxed getting both variants, what is the basis that OBA1 & 2 are substantially different in effect?

What is more likely -- and is directly predicted by the known effects of these pseudovaxes -- is that the vaxxed are unable to mount an effective defense against either variant and will remain unable to defend against an unknowable number of diseases, from a series of mutations to other infectious, autoimmune, dna related such as cancer, etc.

Whether mutations are linear or quantum pseudo-species swarms, the vaxxed will be mutation factories until they aren't.

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Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts along with the data! I find all of this so fascinating, yet, my brain is 1/10 the size of yours. I feel like a little mouse in your pantry… I could never bake the cake, but the crumbs are delicious! Disappointed I can’t contribute more, but I will definitely be hanging out in your pantry!

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So much to comment on.

From the JAMA article SGTF eclipsed S-gene positivity by mid-March 2021. This seems to indicate CoV2 was endemic then, prior actually to enough bioweapon uptake.

Identifying Omicron, via SGTF, as a VOC of CoV2 is public health malfeasance. Hiding the fact that the Common Cold, Doing Business As OMICRON, existed much earlier allowed TPTB to aggregate Vaccine Injury and regular ILI to the effect of continuing to scare enough sheeple to perpetuate the pressure to get people injected. #VaccineReactogenicity

The PCR fraud continues to be the foundational fraud supporting the C19 psyop.

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Canine Respiratory Coronavirus, CRCoV, is related to but is not the same as the common cold in humans. Also, the term "kennel cough" is used as an umbrella term for lots of infections that dogs can get. What is as of yet unclear is the extent these infections can overlap with human and vice versa. (Caveat: As far as I know, only having read up on it when one of the dogs had cough that just wouldn't quit.)

Hardly surprising really. Medical science is barely a century and a half, and veterinary medicine is even younger. It was not that long ago it was a matter of pure empirical experience rather than scientific study that was the foundation of both.

We tend to forget that, since we live in The Future. Again, hardly surprising after more than a century of collective fairy-tales about The Future beyond the year 2000. You know; colonies on the Moon at the very least. Perfect medicines keeping everybody healthy without exercise. Scientific food giving you your daily bread in the form of a pill.

Where our forefathers accepted the fallibility of man's machinations, all westerners alive today are raised in the spirit of dr Pangloss paired with the Twain-ian* Devil whispering from behind his bush: "It's the best of all possible worlds, but is it perfect?"

So what in the 1850s would have been an epidemic of a year or two, complete with an initial high death toll followed by natural immunity and better hygiene and understanding of infectious diseases, is instead reacted to and acted upon as The End of The World as We Know It, as if someone somewhen in some way promised everyone born from 1960 onwards La Dolce Vita: "Life's not supposed to be this way!" we wail.

Meanwhile, the turks, arabs, chinese, africans, indians, and russians are getting on with business. Time waits for no man, and even less for women.

*Edit: Kipling's "The Conundrum of the Workshops", not Twain! Gah, good thing I'm not teaching any more!

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On the wild animals, has anyone screened their host genomes for sequences that would bind to the primers in the PCR test? Do any of those studies validate PCR in those specific species with test for “culturable virus”? If not I wonder how well we can trust that data.

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I've wondered about SGTF, which feels like a good way to hide differentiation.

I haven't had the time to read that level of detail on the animal studies.

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I went through a huge list of PCR methods that IIRC were compiled by the Gates Foundation and only a few of them even use S gene. So I think very rarely is this going to affect stats on COVID rates, though I had trouble finding what any given source for state or local data was using.

With the animals I’m not wondering about that. I’m wondering whether these could be testing naturally occurring RNA in the animal.

Unlike the blood antibodies, which were very widely tested against pre-pandemic serum for specificity, when I looked I could only find 3 such studies on the PCR test, two in humans and one on cats, and none of them were trying to rule out that the PCR test would have been positive in humans before the pandemic. They were just trying to find evidence the pandemic was a few months older than it was, and were negative.

Now that I think about it I didn’t save those studies and I wonder if they were using S gene. My vague recollection is at least one of them required three genes to be positive but didn’t report the positivity rates of individual genes, just reported all the samples negative. So it would be interesting if they in fact found widespread omicron positivity and buried it.

But I’m not sure if the early PCR specificity tests looked for human sequences that bind the primers. I believe the studies claiming reverse transcription actually found substantial putative primer reactivity with sequences in the human genome, which they were looking at because their claim would be considered so extraordinary.

But if that’s never been done in white tailed deer, then I wonder if it’s just not the case that there’s some RNA produced from their genome that binds the primers.

This is where we have to keep in mind that diagnosing with PCR is bullshit.

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I found the paper I was thinking of


It didn’t test for S gene so the negativity can’t be attributed to that (it used N, E, and RdRP) but strangely it does not report the positivity rate, but says “ No samples tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. In particular, the negative subgroup for influenza with highly suspect clinical, radiological (CO-RADS >4), and hematological parameters for COVID-19 was also negative (about 4%), confirming that these investigational parameters alone or combined are not sufficient to diagnose a SARS-CoV-2 infection.”

How can “no sample” test positive if the definition of “also negative” is “(4%)”?

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Although this is Nov 2019 to March 2020 so before Rome was hit but not truly pre pandemic.

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