Pfizer market cap is $228bn today. It sounds a lot but it’s only 9% of the value of Apple. Why do we allow this relative minnow to do so much societal harm?

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I'm not answering these questions flippantly. I've spent a lot of time thinking about these questions. This is the best I can come up with for now.

(Haven't read the full article yet, need to go to a meeting now, but those first questions really compelled me to comment :-)


> How do we establish trust in experts?

We keep meticulous detailed records of their predictions.

> What is an expert, anyhow, and does the type of expertise matter?

Someone who truly understands "cause and effect" and is able to make accurate predictions based on their knowledge (and is able to explain it to others).

They gain "expert" status when many of their predictions turn out to be true.

> How do we keep from being fooled?

By keeping good records and reviewing them often.

> If we place proxy trust in experts for what we do not or cannot understand, how do we prevent ourselves from being manipulated?

Having open and transparent discussions on their predictions before they come to pass and after they come to pass.

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Excellentt essay. With HCQ, the prime movers in its removal from the list of drugs suitable for treating Covid-19 appear to be Gates and the Wellcome Trust (Jeremy Farrar, now chief scientist at the WHO), plus the WHO itself.


The British recovery trials fatally overdosed trial patients intentionally, far too late in the progression of the disease, in order to 'prove' that HCQ did not work and the FDA cited these results as 'scientific evidence' for revoking the EUA authorisation for HCQ.

"To sum up:

1. In the UK Recovery trial, and in WHO Solidarity trials, HCQ is used in a non-therapeutic, toxic and potentially lethal dose.

2. HCQ is furthermore being given, in clinical trials, too late in the disease course to determine its value against SARS-CoV-2.

3. Collection of limited safety data in the Solidarity trials serves to protect trial investigators and sponsors from disclosures of expected adverse drug effects, including death.

4. It appears that WHO has tried to hide information on the hydroxychloroquine doses used in its Solidarity trial. Fortunately, the information is discoverable from registries of its national trials.

5. The conclusions to be drawn are frightening:

a) WHO and other national health agencies, universities and charities have conducted large clinical trials that were designed so hydroxychloroquine would fail to show benefit in the treatment of Covid-19, perhaps to advantage much more expensive competitors and vaccines in development, which have been heavily supported by Solidarity and Recovery trial sponsors and WHO sponsors.

b) In so doing, these agencies and charities have de facto conspired to increase the number of deaths in these trials.

c) In so doing, they have conspired to deprive billions of people from potentially benefiting from a safe and inexpensive drug, when used properly, during a major pandemic. This might contribute to prolongation of the pandemic, massive economic losses and many increased cases and deaths."


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Fantastic article, the opening paragraph reminded me of this great clip of Carl Sagan at the start of this substack.


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Mathew, read The Authoritarian Personality written after WWII where the predominantly Jewish Frankfurt School designs the plan to eliminate the Christian family with Eros and propaganda calling it fascist. More neutering of competition.

Disney came from the communist Hungarian Lucas using fantasy animal play in school to break down children's minds.

Also, the Jaffe memo in the 1960s (?) describing "population control" with promotion of homosexuality and other means to eliminate Eastern European family formation.

Likewise, E. Michael Jones' Slaughter of Cities where Catholic family areas in major cities like the Irish were targeted for break up of neighborhoods.

All designed to neuter.

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Matthew, I have been an avid reader of many of your great articles (and have learnt an awful lot), but this is perhaps one of your greatest articles to date, I can't wait for part two, and this would make a great book... I was rivetted by the history lesson which seamlessly jumped into today's dystopian chaos... Fantastic work, thank you for all the hard efforts you put into each article, and the high quality of your output.

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Interesting slant on the origins of the word we use, propaganda.

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"How do we establish trust in experts?" - You DON'T.

There is no "Trust, Follow or Believe" in the scientific method. There are "Repeatability & Falsifiability". That comes down to predictions being correct repeatedly and stating what it would take for you to admit that you are wrong. Fauci, Ferguson, Drosten and all the other lackeys of the WHO have not called an infectious disease outbreak correctly in 2+ decades. They are ALWAYS on the high side by at least an order of magnitude.

The hiding of data must end immediately. Look at what we've discovered via court granted FOIA requests that the government and corporations tried to hide for decades.

May 2021 - Pfizer's bio-distribution (done in Japan) study showing that the toxic lipid nanoparticles go throughout your body and lodge in lots of organs.

April 2022 - Judicial watch got documents showing that natural immunity was superior in every category you can name (safety, efficacy, cost, variant coverage, durability).

March 2022/23 - The FDA took 108 days to approve Comirnaty then asked for 75 years to release it all. The judge was having none of it and we got it all in 2022/23. Among other vile stuff they tried to hide was the fact that they experimented on 34 children under 12 a full SEVEN months before they had any approval to do anything of the sort.

November 2022 - The CDC's V-Safe study (10 million subjects) showing a 7.7% serious adverse event rate. A "corporate person" named Oracle was managing the database for the CDC and was data mining the de-indentified data the whole time (legally) but us "people people" had to sue to get it released. The CDC is still refusing to release the free text field so back to court we go.

We can't give informed consent because information is being withheld and slowly being released by the courts. Those who took the injections just gave up their right to informed consent and agreed to livestock status over a disease with an IFR of 0.3% (CDC, May 2020).

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Well done. One would think the low hanging fruit would be to stop the funding of medical advertising. I'm old enough to remember how hot the debate was back when they first suggested it. Allowing that probably accounts for most of the brainwashing of the US public into white coat and big pharma worship. Another low hanger is their influence in medical texts and schools. This is how we now have a dumbed down and captured medical profession. After that, stop congressional lobbying. I've been saying these things for decades, and the problem is in Congress and the people who elect them.

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Great and the kind of woke we need. ”Europe was the first Wild West”. Yes. Time to take a good hard look at deep history. It is all there in full technicolour.

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Good article... However there are a few things I like to add.

First is this...

Zeng He is valued by many Asian Nations to this day.

Zeng He told the Emperor that the outside world has nothing... so they burned the boats and closed China.

There is more... the Native Americans trace their genetics to China as they found 40.000 years ago in bones in America... the same DNA.

You will find Chinese DNA in the Inca Atztech right down to Argentina.

Christianity is Mind Control and you also find inside the Vatican proof of our Alien Ancestors as it is buried there.

The Chinese Language and writing System is Pictorial as our brain works with pictures and sound.

Our Writing system is mathematical as we are controlled by mathematics.

We are limited by mathematics.

True Intelligence comes from Intelligenz of feelings... instinct... emotional intelligence.

As for the Matrix...



I warn people for a long time about this yet nobody picks it up.

They are building the Matrix around us, literally physically and technologically.

As for new technologies look no further than here.


Again they try to bury this and no one picks me up on this.

Yet no one can prove me wrong.

And if no one can prove me wrong... I am right!

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I'm not working off anecdotal evidence, I am repeating what many others smarter than me who know far more than I do from independently derived experience and with no identifiable reason for saying such a thing, do repeatedly say - that the military has been working with the aliens for decades.

This whole phenomenon is beyond strange. Let's not throw out the baby with the bathwater, which is a goal of psyops and the common response of simple-minded binary thinkers.

You may have experience with a lower-level less successful government project. I am surprised that you believe that because it did not work in your experience, it cannot work. That's an error of faulty generalization. The government funds many projects which compete, some successful, some not. Those that are not successful become cover for those that are successful.

The CIA - a hard-headed government agency not easily fooled - has documented Uri Geller's paranormal perceptual ability as "unambiguously successful," despite Geller's many flops and modeling of underwear, neither which is dispositive. See here:


I'm not totally down yet with the military working alongside the aliens as being fact but the more I learn, the stronger that conclusion becomes. I am also finding disturbing information that the military is involved with the torture and mind control of American citizens on a widespread basis (estimated at 50,000 Targeted Individuals - google that) and this seems to parallel reports of what the aliens are doing.

It is possible that outer-space-aliens and UFOs do not exist and everything along those lines is a result of our military directing highly advanced secret technology against We the People for some reason. As a real-life example, focused directed energy beams can ionize nitrogen and oxygen atoms creating a 3D glow that pilots see and radar picks up as jumping around in the sky. Some speculate UFOs are a military psyop that will cumulate in a false Alien Invasion narrative. A counter-narrative might be that the aliens have already invaded us with genetic manipulation, so no need.

The alternative explanation is there are millions of psychologically tested and found normal people around the globe who are experiencing an interlocking extremely detailed mass psychosis repeated with consistent particulars that they consider a real experience and adamantly state actually happened, the telling of which causes them to lose their jobs, family, and friends, and be considered crazy by their community. I believe these people who relate their experiences because, if it happened to me, I surely would not say a word about it to anyone ever. as it would be crazy to do so.

Not sure which explanation is more likely but neither is good. That which we've always considered impossible is becoming possible. I've experienced non-ordinary events as have most people. I've concluded that what we believe to be impossible is not necessarily so. Everyone unable to think differently will be left behind.

The alien phenomena thing is the most worthwhile non-boring intellectual adventure. Like quantum theory relative to Newtonian physics, it leaves pedestrian thinkers behind.

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Excellent piece. The point that Pharma is the boat and not the Emperor is key.

Sasha Latypova’s research has established that the DOD was pulling the strings on the pandemic response (and the vaccines specifically), with Pharma essentially just acting as a front. That strongly suggests that the pandemic itself was a DOD operation. (For those unfamiliar with her work, I strongly recommend that you go over to her substack and check her out.)

Of course, the question is just kicked down the road a bit, since the question now becomes ‘who controls the DOD?’. But at least we are a bit closer to the culprit.

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I had read quite a while ago that William Rockefeller used to sell crude oil from Seneca, NY as a cure for cancer and probably other ailments and the public started calling Seneca oil snake oil. I guess both stories could be correct. But William was John D's dad and that seems likely how John D got the idea to make pharmaceuticals from petroleum, which could be sold for much higher prices than plain oil.

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I linked a JJ Couey Twitch post on purifying viruses last Dec, speaking of the hall of mirrors. The link is no longer active, but your chat with him about it is still on rumble. A lot of people linked his twitch post, but there is no indication why it is gone. Any idea?

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