But do people like Dan Wilson really have any impact on the average Joe? Is engaging with them just a waste of time & energy...?

The error these big-government/big-pharma cheerleaders make is mixing science with idealism, ideology & politics etc.; where imposing a centralised, authoritarian/corporate world-view is more important than facts or being consistent... In their minds, I'm sure they feel they are on the side of good - like any True Believer of the past supporting murderous regimes; only becoming aware of their folly when it's too late...

On the flip side - the so-called 'resistance' also projects similar negative attributes & cognitive dissonance. My own method of trying to stay objective is to not strongly identify with any group or mindset, & always be open to new perspectives. The trouble is, such a stance is unpopular & not very marketable...

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This is a masterpiece!!! 🙌

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I need a cigarette after this. And I don’t even smoke.

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Great article, the section where you wrote, The clear goal of such shenanigans is to generate the false appearance of consensus, reminded me of the book COLLECTIVE ILLUSIONS by Todd Rose.

Todd Rose believes that as human beings we continually act against our own best interests out of our brains’ misunderstanding of what we think others believe. A complicated set of illusions driven by conformity bias distorts how we see the world around us. It’s why we’ll blindly espouse a viewpoint we don’t necessarily believe in so that we blend in with the group. We trap ourselves in prisons of our own making, with brains that are more socially dependent than we realize or dare to accept. Most of us would rather be fully in sync with the social norms of our respective groups than true to who we are.

Their has been a collective illusion of the pandemic response.

I think there has been a definite inference that there was a consensus around the COVID response, I personally know many Doctors who did not agree with lockdowns, forced vaccinations etc but the initial illusion around we are all in this together and there is one solution were very strong.

It brings up the point that this collective illusion has been engineered, steered in that direction and the hubris amongst public health officials, and the shutting down of other opinions, helped maintain it.

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That Z Dog belongs here too. He’s such an asswipe.

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This is exactly why 'they' won't succeed. Many, if not all of these so-called scientists are simply actors/influencers and do not stand on solid foundation. And by the way, I have always maintained that a PhD is merely a few years-long 'program' that involves trying to provide evidence of an hypothesis under the guidance of someone who probably already has fixed ideas of what any conclusions might be. It takes years and years of experience to become an expert in anything, in my opinion. :) This is a homestarrunner article and I can't wait to step into the new matrix cube. lol

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Great stuff Mathew, don't forget the UK branch. of whom Daniel Wilson is a firm friend..


And we haven't seen that much recently of the Australian nudge unit (Kyle Sheldrick, Gideon Meyerowitz-Katz, David Vaux, Danielle Anderson, Ed Holmes, Susan Oliver...) but you can guarantee they will be brought out when required.

You'll note as well that Daniel is working for Eurofins who have a major conflict of interest.


The more light shone on these people the better, and we are even starting to see meme magic from people fed up with being sent to the twitter gulags because these people refuse to debate the science.....

https://rumble.com/c/c-1921421 ◀◀

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When Lordy, I had no idear how MANY ignoble info farmers were nestin' gag-gift RUBBER chickens in their coops! Tryin' to imagine how many fool Americans just bought up these rotten ersatz eggs-- an' they're bespoke eggs too with their own identities, now so clear to see in what'cha wrote. Bouncy brown eggs for the hip bipoc gang, tiger mom & academic invented-pedigree 1000 year old just-ducky eggs for the asian egghead community, sophisticated low-cal "lite" egg beaters in a convenient container for "now-enlightened" former anti-vaxxer moms, and much more...

Perhaps to some it smells like what the "real" cluckers produce, but this poop's not even enough to even compost (given it's already made vegetables of half the country and ruined many a good crop...)

As to the unethical faux farmers of rubber chickens and, improbably, mechanical mockingbirds, I DO hope THEIR chickens'll come home to roost -- and sooner rather than later!

In the meantime, much gratitude to you, Matthew Crawford for this egg-cellent expose!, and to all the real cluckers among us that have been crowin' tirelessly to wake up the sleepyheads!

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Phenomenal and so comprehensive. A good lesson/ demonstration on how to use critically THINKING! Thanks. Definitely will reread this one. 👏🙏👍

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We are in the age of bullshit. Digging out of it is full-time job.

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Fecal Dingleberry made me lol

Gorski has been a favorite of mine for a while now. What a pathetic shitweasel. Did you know he LARPs as a mom sometime to try to be less repulsive? https://www.ageofautism.com/2011/05/dr-david-gorskis-unique-brand-of-moronism.html

Extremely skeptical of the former antivaxxer moms. Before I got permabanned I interacted with a couple on Twitter and they reek of a 23 year old boy LARPing as a mom

I will have to dive into some more of these. No Dorito? She’s just a crummy adjunct law professor vax “expert” but I have interacted with her and she seems SERIOUSLY unwell or maybe she’s just run of the mill stupid. Hard to tell with vax shills but they definitely attract some 85IQ narcissists

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I had not heard of Rasmussen so I read the Substack by Paul Thacker. Apparently I have missed nothing - good grief what a nutjob she is. What I wonder is (assuming her 'followers' are real and not bots) why do people listen to someone who is supposed to be a professional yet tweets in language fit for the "bro" world? But of course I have my answer: she is like this because she has been set up to be like this (from Mr. Thacker's article):

But by March, her personal PR agent Annie Scranton posted a video of her appearing on MSNBC. At this point, Rasmussen pivoted when prompted by a long lead in by the host.

“People in this country aren’t panicking,” the MSNBC host said. “They’re not taking this seriously, because the President and others have been saying it’s not a big deal and continuing to point to the flu. Does it concern you that huge swaths of our population are blowing this off and not taking the necessary precautions and, thus, putting entire communities at risk?”

“Yes, it concerns me greatly,” Rasmussen answered, deviating from her previous concern about the flu. “We need to have the public on board."

This is her debut on behalf of the scamdemic. Everyone who is interviewed in formal set ups like this already know what the questions will be. Whatever her reasons are, she has decided to take her 30 shekels and begin her new persona, and she has likely been assured that the media is going to help her out.

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Very, very piquant, especially the concept of "performative science." Not least because "performative" is the kind of adverb that those who actually do performative science love to use.

I must admit I have a small soft-spot for debunk the funk. He may be the un-funkiest human alive, but his willingness to dialogue is positive, and some of his videos on the crasser anti-vaccine stuff out there have been reasonable. (DtF is the True Believer type, the classic fan of Big Scientism who comes out of the New Atheist culture I suspect.)

The bootlicking subtype of influencer is also very apparent in the critical race theory area. Lysenkoist quasi-science is a Venn circle that crosses Big Science and corporate-social-governance style ideology. These people are experts in the social construction of consensus through affective online communication. That the dynamic "works both ways" is a KEY point. Antivaxxers have their constructed orthodoxies, grifty innuendo-spouting celebrities and personality cults too. The difference is that one side is reconciled to and integrated within hegemonic power structures. The other side is reacting against those power structures.

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Scott Gottlieb surely deserved a mention?

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I'd like to add my personal (thankfully very, very brief) encounter with Debunk the Funk! https://metatron.substack.com/p/why-is-it-so-difficult-to-get-the

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I happened upon a substack that only meant to amplify Kurt Vonnegut and in the comment section I had to share Vonnegut's most important career advice that I read at a time I needed to read it. And its appropo because it talks about specialists in an unkind way. Given the nature of the ever growing complexity I don't think stigmatizing all specialists this way is fair but..since I have the quote ready to go..and I think its great career advice...I'll paste it in here...as I believe it bears repeating: I had it earmarked now just need to not butcher it typing. From chapter 22.

"Paul, your father tells me you're real smart." Paul had nodded uncomfortably.

"That's good, Paul, but that isn't enough."

"No, Sir"

"Don't be bluffed."

"No, sir, I won't"

"Everybody's shaking in his boots, so don't be bluffed."

"No Sir"

"Nobody's so damn well educated that you can't learn 90% of what he knows in six weeks.. The other 10% is decoration."

"Yes Sir"

"Show me a specialist, and I'll show you a man who's so scared he's dug a hole for himself to hid in."

"Yes, sir."

"Almost nobody's competent, Paul. It's enough to make you cry to see how bad most people are at their jobs. If you can do a half-assed job of anything, you're a one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind."

"yes sir."

"Want to be rich, Paul?"

"Yes sire---I guess so. Yes sir."

"All right. I got rich, and I told you 90% of what I know about it. The rest is decoration. All right?"

"Yes, sir" (Kurt Vonnegut, Player Piano, Chapter 22, page 229 in my paperback version)

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