Thanks much for having me last night.

Regarding that new table of codes in combination, I didn't send the right portion because it's still messy and difficult to name. But the data in the table you have can show the following:

Also having Cardiac arrest I46.9 as a percentage of all pneumonia J18.9

2020 - 13.5%

2021 - 16.5%

2022 - 17.3%

Also having Covid U07.1 as a percentage of all pneumonia J18.9

2020 - 51.5%

2021 - 51.9%

2022 - 44.3%

Also having Covid U07.1 as a percentage of all cardiac arrest I46.9

2020 - 12.0%

2021 - 17.7%

2022 - 18.7%

I'll leave it up to others to look at how the years are different and the causes match or don't match. You could spend the rest of your life speculating how this happens. Fraud, behavior of medical examiners, laziness, introduction of a strong variable like vexine or Remdeathivir, or act of God. But it is interesting to look at the combinations and how they change.

WARNING: None of these new numbers have been triple checked for cell math yet. But you can do the math by the cells given.

Thank you again, Mathew. Very gracious of you to host. I know one thing for sure. The people on team reality are gracious, virtuous, and righteous as opposed to the other side, who depend on pride, wrath, and lust for power. They censor and scold, coerce, and solicit. All we do is present facts, which are truths and truth. We will win.

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Post a youtube 'teaser' with a link to the Rumble full vid and an explanation that the full vid would be censored by YT.

Standard practice now.

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The U.S. government has finally paid out money to compensate covid vaccine injury claims.

In doing so, the government admits that harm was done by the shots.


The government needs to prioritize injury compensation instead of promoting and administering these unproven and harmful experimental shots to the general populous.

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I have very much been waiting for someone to adjudicate deaths in any buckets at least state wide. Eager to get to the end and conclusions.

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Oct 23, 2022Liked by Mathew Crawford

Mathew, your conversation with John was absolutely fantastic. Discovered him a few days ago...better late than never of course.

If only everyone could listen to this.

Thank you both sincerely for your work. God bless you.

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Seriously. Thank you so much for avoiding YouTube. I can’t begin to tell you how GAY that stupid website is.

I’m so sick and tired of people standing on their heads, balancing plates on their feet, to try and get around censors. The data doesn’t get out, its watered down and rendered ineffective… it’s like trying to watch a POW do Morse code with his eyelids, and everyone just gives up, rather than sit through the labor pains it takes to drop any useful information.

(Seriously, watch a Dr. John Campbell video, it’s literally painful).

Then you get 5,000 commercials for your trouble, of course the content creator doesn’t get a dime, no, that money is reserved for Wojicki so she can buy even more censors, and so her stupid sister can hoover up even more human DNA. And the money that’s left from the 5,000 ads goes to some pedophile teaching young boys how to put on makeup.

Did I say how much I hate YouTube?

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You guys did a great job last night, the detail is all there, and irrefutable, IMO. Thanks for having John on and turning him loose.

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"Proponents of the vaccine will suggest that the vaccines stopped the elderly from dying",

Isn't that just a "Survival bias"? The elderly with multiple co-morbidities were all taken out in 2020 in the "First Wave" due to ventilators and midazolam (in the UK) and remdesivir (in the US). This "First Wave" created the justification for the mass vaccination and mandates.

So beyond 2020, most of the "low hanging fruit" had already been harvested and we see the true impact of Covid itself and the impact of the introduction of the "vaccines"?

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Excellent work Mathew, as always.

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Also let people know where else Beaudoin is doing interviews, this is a lengthy one by Dr. JJ Couey:


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Thank you so much! Eagerly awaiting part 2.

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Here's another free-speech video platform:


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Wonderfully informative interview. Thank you!

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I look forward to watching. I’ve just watched you & “John Cullen”

Very interesting, I love information that makes you think beyond what you actually thought.

Definitely makes you think & it’s only these discussions that will eventually uncover the truth.

FYI I’ve discovered that watching your interviews on my TV is far better for my consuming the info than a phone or computer.

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Amazing job. I'm at the renal failure point in the discussion...

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Took some notes.

I guess it wouldn't be appropriate to contact Cassidy's family. I can't imagine delivering my daughter to appointment for injection #2 after filing that VAERS report. That's

some fucked up parenting.

Not sure you touched on this directly but at least 2 VAERS deaths mentioned were said to be attributed to Covid. Crucially, undoubtedly they were counted as unvaxxed Covid deaths.

On another note I wonder what the data looks like if you can reconcile hospital Covid death bonus payments against death numbers.

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