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What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It has been already in the ages before us. There is no remembrance of former things, nor will there be any remembrance of later things yet to be among those who come after. Eccl 1:9-11

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What we are dealing with is the greatest betrayal of trust that has ever happened in human history. Short overview of what happened, how it happened, and possible directions where things might progress into.


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It’s tough to figure out what’s really going on, huh?

Whether intentional or not (never underestimate the incompetence of technocratic geeks who fancy themselves "experts"), the vaccines seem to result in

1) massive immune dysregulation, leading to even a short-term increase in cancers, autoimmune disease, and reactivation of latent retroviruses such as EBV and herpesviruses

2) fertility issues

3) blood clots leading to strokes and other problems

4) myocarditis and heart attacks

5) neurological problems


So is this a massive depopulation program or is it transhumanism gone wrong? Or just a result of the idiocy and corruption endemic in western medicine for decades?

The more I look at it the more I have no clue.

If it’s depopulation, they should have just made the saline shots to get everyone on the digital ID control systems. Then they could have rolled out the next pandemic and 95% (or more, since trust would have been established) would have willingly rolled up their sleeves next time, when they could have brought in the kill shots. heh.

Maybe I should offer my consulting services to BMGF as new “director of strategy”. 🤣

Seriously, though, if population control is what they want, why not just be honest? A good proportion of the west believes that overpopulation is a problem, so it’s an easy sell, really. Offer mRNA therapy to increase your telomeres, up-regulate your NAD, produce sirtuins, etc. Very attractive. Life extension in a shot. Get everyone hooked on that a la Windows subscription model and then make them promise that they will no longer reproduce if they take it (or outright sterilize people in exchange). Problem solved, no overpopulation, and they have us all hooked to a continuous mRNA therapy so they’re making hundreds of billions.

I would sign up for that. Not immediately, of course, I’d let the Silicon Valley techbros go first to see how it works, but as soon as I noticed signs of senescence and decay, I’d be there. 🤣

We know the elites look at us like the homeless, and a more basic subscription model could be offered to the actual homeless. No life extension, but welfare for life if they agree to be sterilized and to move away from San Francisco and LA. They get their drugs and everything.

I’m kidding of course.

But the more I think about the elites, the more I think that they’re just unaware of how powerless they are in the face of nature. Biology is very complex. People go for the depopulation hypothesis because it’s obviously easier to kill someone with an injection than to help them live forever. But maybe it’s really the latter they were after and they’ve just been so drunk on their own hubris and delusions that they actual thought it was possible. (I don't think it is. I've never been much into life extension research as the proof is in the pudding.)

Nothing adds up and I trust nothing but I’m not so sure anymore what’s really going on. (But that’s OK.)

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Q: "Are obtuse Western leaders largely some forms of drones of production similar to hashashim design?"

A: Yes, considering the extent and reach of the WEF Young Global Leaders programming.

On a related note, all of our heads of state have begun to look and sound like newsreaders on the evening news.

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Check out Andy Lee, a reporter in Canada who is diving deep into Trudeau’s hidden ties to China. She’s on Twitter (@hannah_bananaz)

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We all have a shelf life. No one gets out alive. The people behind this are fossils. The bugs will be eating them long before they force us to eat bugs. They believe in nothing, and they are terrified of death. Also, whatever Klaus uploads to the cloud when he leaves this mortal coil will not be him. Seriously, they are pathetic old men without faith who see the sand slipping through the hour glass and are terrified. Unfortunately, for us, they are doing a lot of damage.

Have you watched the movie Greenland? After I watched it, I had some questions that I wanted to ask my covidian relatives. Do you think the government has an emergency plan in the event of a catastrophic global event (a giant asteroid impact, for example)? Do you think they have a list of essential personnel who will continue the government? Do you think they have a group of people designated to re-populate the planet after the asteroid hits? Do you think there is global coordination?

Do you think you're on that list? I know I'm not.

If they can make that kind of list...decide who lives or dies, decide who is essential and who is not...why do you think they are incapable of making those determinations now? Have you heard of the Georgia Guidestones? Who put them there?

Have the Kunlangeta (globalists) secured the services of the Hashishin (too many to count) to achieve their evil plans? I believe Stalin called them useful idiots, although, to your point, maybe the Kunlangeta are the actual idiots.

Regardless, they are a danger to the rest of us, and they need to be stopped.

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So much coordination/direction and unnatural illogic. Too much to be a group of men. Ephesians 6:12 the most rational fit.

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Since you included a disclaimer about historical fine points it seems fair to add some details to one reference that is a focus are for me and very sore spot disregarding Rule of Law.

Mathew: "It is noteworthy that the U.S. interrogation program centered around Guantanamo Bay detainees continued long after CIA agents administered techniques most people (not adhering to a legal playbook) describe as torture continued after the CIA admits they did not believe such interrogation produced true or actionable intelligence."

Bush-Cheney NeoCons calling torture 'enhanced interrogation' was all about PR there was never any question it was torture and all the methods employed are specifically detailed in prohibitions under domestic and international law.

These post 9-11 war crimes that have never been prosecuted. Worse yet, John Kiriakou the CIA whistleblower who exposed the crimes is the only one prosecuted and jailed. Julian Assange who published evidence of those war crimes & more, endures ongoing torture at the behest of the criminal cabal in Washington in a farce that rolls back Common Law about 800 years.

There was never any doubt inside CIA about torture being both unlawful and worthless as an information gathering technique. Torture gets the subject to say whatever it takes to stop the pain and the bogus info the CIA needed was from paid informant Curveball.

This is pure evil that is allowed to thrive in darkness with NatSec as the blanket that hides everything and help from Congress who gave us a white washed torture report and voted torture loving, Bloody Gina Haspel to CIA Director. As Nils Meltzer, UN Rapporteur on Torture describes it, A murderous system is being created before our very eyes.




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I still think the “quest for immortality” via CRISPR (etc.) is the motive for many individuals near the top of this mountain of Evil.

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Good stuff to focus on the psychopaths. There should be an empathy test for any position of authority! Let's have empathy passports jk

I questioned the Uyghurs narrative because I have friends in a neighboring country that told me that they actually never imposed the one child policy on them, and China that was encouraging education to prevent extremism, as they have had terrorism in China.

The videos that we saw of the torture turned out to be from porn.


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It’s what I’ve been saying, is that they need a pretext to test out these lipid nanoparticles on billions of human guinea pigs so they can find out whether they’re safe to later use for other treatments such as CRISPR and maybe chromosome transplants for transgender people or whatever. However it was stupid of them to test it using a potentially dangerous viral protein and now we can’t tell which of the vaccine’s dangers are due to the spike protein and which are due to the delivery mechanism; the pseudourylated mRNA, the proprietary cationic lipids, whether Pfizer’s lipid is safer than Moderna’s, and so on.

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Concerning these issues, the questions are more important than any definite answers: that is the abject and object failure of modern western humanist philosophy that it adopted the perverse amalgamation of french post-structuralism (Derrida, Sartre, Foucault to pick the most prominent), american post-modernism (or moral relativism if you prefer) and italian pragmatic corporativism (Adorno et al).

The questions are like an axe: whether it is a tool for construction or a weapon for destruction lies in the hand of the user.

Edit: oh, uhm, apologies. Should have led with "Excellent post! This is the kind of stuff humanist journals and papers used to print last millenium!"

If you are looking for inspiring reads re: other systems of ethics and morals I'd recommend the nordic Sagas and the Kalevala. Non-Abrahamic systems of thought but still from the same sphere of races and cultures are far better tools, seeing as they never created churches and didn't teach obisance, obedience and submission. Rather, they taught to stand up straight and meet even certain Doom eye to eye and give as good as you got. Take the myth of Abraham and the sacrifice: only in a culture and among a race where submission and compliance with god was taught ould that take place. If a norse god would have tried that on my ancestors, the father of the sacrifice would have put iron to the gods neck.

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If you are going to include a message from Twitter, please do a screen grab (get FastStone Capture) of the Twitter, because it may not be there tomorrow. Just sayin'!

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Similar thoughts.

I heard Fauci scare-mongered HIV into the much less at-risk heterosexual world/everyone in order to significantly increase fundraising for cures. At a fundraising level it was hugely successful.

Let's assume that's true, it then could be that he's scare-mongered Covid into the much less at-risk younger world/everyone in order to significantly increase fundraising for mRNA.

Not as a cure for covid, but as a cure for death.

I parodied this out with him as Jack Nicholson A Few Good Men:


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I'll delete this comment later, if I come back and see it.

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The meaning of this sentence eludes me and I think it is important. Are the commas missing, was something deleted in editing, autocorrect, is the italics a distraction? I would love clarification.

"The many repeated cycles of history demonstrate that they do not—or that those who cannot rise to those positions of total influence."

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