I also wish to remind people that we are all beholden to mammoth organisations for our hosting services in almost all large scale social media reach.

I do not know how many independent data centres there are but they could be compromised and taken over with the amount of funds that are out there.

Another sad thing even with SubStack is the tight integration with Google. All mail travels via Google, the fonts are probably fetched from Google, the analytics are probably from Google. The hosting may be Google. The SSL certificates are possibly from LetsEncrypt (that has in my view questionable early sponsors). Google knows what we are saying before our followers know.

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You are probably onto something here. While from an outside non USA observers perspective it seems like a good thing if the party politics could be set aside for a while so that people could focus on the common pressing issues. I do have some suspicion that the pressing issues that will be addressed will not be those of the common man even though there might be opportunity.

Working from the very likely position that all parties and tiers of government in the USA (and elsewhere) are heavily compromised by lobby funds and party loyalty it seems unlikely that eliminating the remaining pretence of opposition would somehow magically eliminate the lobby funds and party loyalty. I expect that there would be a great likely hood that a uni-party would promote the lobby narrative even more effectively.

As to Elon Musk, he seems to have risen higher than simple work ethic and lofty goals would be expected to propel him. He speaks in favour of many good things but fails to comprehensively deliver on them. Free speech and personal medical choice are points he makes but he does not stick with them. Another commenter said the neo-aristocracy will not turn off the Internet and Bitcoin if it threatens them because they need the Internet. The Internet is incredibly vulnerable to control even though it should not be but it is even more vulnerable to total shutdown. Simply turn off the ubiquitous free SSL certificate servers that were foisted onto all web sites or turn off hosting services to undesirable sites or restrict DNS service by weaponising/capturing Cloudfare. As it stands in a short while there will be an Internet fallback system that is not managed by hundreds of honest authorities but it managed by a single corporation/person. If StarLink is positioned as a backup to the terrestrial internet backbone and only delivers traffic for sanctioned activity then BitCoin will be history and the resistance will fall unless we find some Metichlorians somewhere.

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I miss Douglas Adams.

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My money is on Elon and Trump as controlled opposition. The globalists must control both sides in their divide and conquer game...which means that we get a leader that gave (gives) us candy (all the great policies that Trump enacted) only to get us into the car..."Get the jab. It's great!" even years later with the data out.... "I don't want to hear any anti-vax talk again!" Globalists' goal of getting both sides jabbed was mission accomplished...only 25%... the free thinkers aren't jabbed.

Elon promised free speech only to put people in Twitter jail for including the historically factual 'useful idiots' term in their posts...that list goes on. (Continues to ban Alex Jones claiming it's 'for the children of Sandy Hook'...for his legit 'false flag' opinion.) Another 'shit is not making sense' issue for me is how does a man who owns 4+ massive companies have the time for dropping Tweets on a regular basis, go on long format talk shows, go to conferences around the world, deal with a packed social schedule, a family...even delegating everything away takes unimaginable time that doesn't exist, meanwhile the claim is that he is the 'genius' at work.

The big picture for me looks like this: The ugly octopus that has covered the world is the unelected, names we never hear, operating through the UN, WEF, WHO, IMF, Davos, etc. Their tentacles that are squeezing us are> open borders, VAX, CRT, BLM/race wars, Economy/CBDC, FAILED media, justice, election system, jail for defending yourself w/your legal gun, trans in sports/schools/porn books/loss of parents rights, food insecurity/mRNA contamination, trains spilling toxins, AI, Ukraine, chem trails, death of community, family & identity for kids. Fighting each arm is another battle front but does little even if we wound it. Without a concerted effort to cut off the ENTIRE cancerous head, ALL the un-elected globalists, they will usher in Human 2.0...and fulfill their transhuman agenda. This is our David & Goliath moment. But IMO only the White hats still holding power in the CIA and military can 'severe' the head of this monster. The bottom line: Spending time trying to flush out all the agents on the ground is a waste of time that should be spent finding like minds and organizing locally for operating outside of the system.

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Internet rabbit holes would lead me to believe that there are secret families (bloodlines?) behind the ones we know about, led by a Grey Pope (?)

In the end I have always gone back to the 'real solutions' https://peakd.com/hive-122315/@ecoinstant/the-real-solutions - it matters what we do with our lives. I'm a bit further off the grid than you, but learning to think for yourself is something important you are teaching, wherever you are in the world. What you do with that independent thought is crucial, and I'm not about to give any more of my votes/volts to Moloch.

Is Elon Musk a Khan Man? Sure. Is the real top Khan Man someone in the public light? I doubt it somehow. Let's plant some trees while we enjoy a conversation about it.

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It’s certainly possible Bret Weinstein was unwittingly a part of something he fully did not understand, the project was taken over by others, etc, etc, but I listen to Bret and Heather on a regular basis and I’m 100% certain the original intent of unity 2020 was the search for a political home by outcasts of the two party system.

Someone has to be the voice of political compromise. I’m one of the most conservative dudes you’ll ever meet, but fuck the republican party. Bret’s solution was to offer to me Andrew Yang!?!? Fuck that guy too. No compromise means I am where I am. Not complaining, just observing.

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It is interesting that he calls himself Elon. There is a prehistoric turtle called Archelon = ruling turtle. Maybe his full name, and program for life, is to be the ruling turtle. Would fit Mathew Crawford hypothesis that he is Khan Man.

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"They can employ millions and millions of people who have little clue what purposes their jobs truly entail to mold and shape the world according to their blueprint."

You hit on something that's been going on for decades where organizations or positions were initially established clandestinely by intelligence agencies, but over time evolved into becoming recognized as mainstream associations where only "key people" are fully cognizant of its true intent, while others in less crucial positions are in a need to know basis, but most naively perform tasks not knowing they're actually helping to fulfill goals which will ultimately execute an extremely nefarious agenda.🤔

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Thanks, I'm looking forward to what you discovered.

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It's an exciting outline. Filling it in is "going to be fun" to quote TE Lawrence.

A look at the people he has around him, including major shareholders in his ventures makes mElon seem very significant. And it doesn't hurt that he is the richest man in the world currently. Understanding his objective of going to Mars is, I believe, key to understanding many of his particular actions in amassing power and having a level of control of certain kinds of influence. Trying to control independent writers by bashing their heads with the frame of an Overton window wasn't working and still isn't, but the effort is very visible.

The question arises: what do we do when it all seems clear? For me, a first phase is: free the slaves, stop the wars, and end tyranny. See my pinned tweet at twitter.com/planetaryjim

After that, explore and settle the Solar system. Lotta resources out there. See L5news.substack.com for thoughts on building civilisations throughout this arm of the galaxy.

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I'm at the point where I feel anyone who has a platform is controlled opposition - have felt like this since Feb 2022. Something was not right with how the numbers of the great Barrington declaration group did not grow in numbers from 17k in a year, and it seemed like Malone had pre recorded one of his meetings, thinking no one would notice this number hasn't grown.

This list is much longer - the one that really rubs me is the J6 shaman. How does anyone not see this? He is literally an actor and uses that costume for climate activist roles who was given the job of creating photo opportunities guided by the police. It's all one big scripted reality TV show. Like you said, to keep the resistance from rising. Thanks for sharing your views and laying this out so clearly.

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After having the rug pulled out from under our feet, and then coming to terms with the magnitude of deception, it is impossible to know with certainty who is genuine and who is "the player", in disguise, and still able to manipulate us. It is tempting, and perhaps necessary to question everyone who has become an influencer on all sides. And the greater the person is able to influence, the more suspicious they become. What if some of our biggest advocates, our best hopes of free and fair society are mistakenly labeled? It is apparent that we must not rely on a few influences, but rather, a great number, most of whom we may be confident that our interests are aligned. It must be a group effort, so that if some of the leaders turn out to be corrupt, they may be expelled, and at a high price for their betrayal. A price that would frighten anyone who would betray us.

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There is a passage in In Isaiah 8 ““Do not say, ‘A conspiracy,’ Concerning all that this people call a conspiracy, Nor be afraid of their threats, nor be troubled.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭8‬:‭12‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


The point being what we see today, though done through men, God allowed for a purpose... he even authored it .. why ? He alone knows the details but it fair to say it’s to wake people up to the reality of evil.. that much of what we see has happened in a society that is far from God.. rebellious and mocking for many.. but for those who know God it wakes us up to call upon God... to stir us out of apathy.. we can look for ever at the plans of the evil and may even be right but the answer lies in the counsel of God..and that begins with turning to Him..

understand the root cause and we may find a solution but ignore it and you will be thrashing against wind.. to no avail..

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"Who are "they"? - As far as I can tell it's the banking cartels controlled by the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. The amount of wealth they control is truly mind boggling. Look what JDR-1st had (which was publicly known) when he established his "Foundation" to dodge taxes while still controlling the money. If you brought that forward just adjusting for inflation you have about $200 billion. It has been growing in a tax free environment for over a century. At 5% rate of return above inflation they would have around $6 trillion. At 10% they would have just under $200 trillion.

Just my SWAG.

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Whenever someone gets too close to the truth they get cut off from most media, debanked, etc. Good times.

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add epoch times to the list ... plus all those La quita colomba etc. promoting graphene, no virus etc. distractions ...

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