To be such a stickler for scientific consistency all the way through and end with “feels weird”?

I love your work and hope you never stop doing it but would like to point out one thing.

If we are to believe the vast swaths of testimonials found in comments sections to youtube videos, various uncensored forums and twitter alternatives and occasional word of mouth we would conclude that a great many people are being saved from illness and even death by the application of horse paste and other veterinary forms of ivermectin.

In instances where people can’t fill a script even if they can get one this option is not only viable but far cheaper than the fda human approved version. Investigation into the inactive ingredients, of the specific brands I have looked at anyway, reveals nothing but fda approved food additives.

Not tha fda approval means diddly squat other than a series of expensive hoops were jumping through.

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In the otherwise excellent Darkhorse podcast with Dr. Kory, I agree that suppression of Ivermectin is probably not the crime of the century. The other point I disagree with Weinstein is his thought (repeated in later podcasts as well) that we should simply buy out big pharma. Then, supposedly, their perverse interests in profits being satisfied, they will allow treatments/preventatives such as IVM free reign.

There are obvious ethical reasons to oppose such a view. It hardly seems to be the best way to deal with kunlangeta - it will only encourage/embolden them even further. And how long are these payments to pharma to continue? It certainly will not be a one time deal - big pharma is looking into vaccinating everyone worldwide every year (or more frequently even!) with booster shoots.

Furthermore, Weinstein seems to view the blocking of IVM narrowly, as mainly a big pharma phenomenon, with big tech simply doing their bidding. I'm not at all sure this is the case - if you look at those who profited from the pandemic, it includes pharma, tech, and ominously, the big banks and bond holders through trillions of dollars of 'stimulus payments' that we tax payers will pay interest on now, and maybe the total sum in the future.

I'm seriously doubt we small guys have enough in money in total to cover these enormous sums.

I'm not exactly sure what is going on, but I doubt it can be fully explained without involving the banking/the global financial system.

In that lens, if we take into account that all money is debt, (either loans from banks or bond holders) 'they' already own all the money that we can supposedly pay them back with anyway...

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I agree. Even if they didn’t have plans to make taking their shots multiple times a year for all of humanity the new normal paying them to go away would not lead to them going away.

A look at the ransomware phenomenon, or any protection racket should shed light on what to expect. You don’t wave your wallet around in the middle of a robbery and expect to keep it.

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Supposedly the US is in hock to 2/3s of the world's money supply. If you add in what other countries are in hock for my guess is that on a planetary scale that we owe more than we have. Usury aye?

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Yes! Thanks for writing this, which goes much faster than listening to a long podcast, which I have not been able to listen to yet. I keep wondering why we have such fantastically low number of cases in Burkina. Would IVM be a factor? WHO did distribute it last year for free in the rural areas, but it was mainly for children I believe, and my understanding was that the stock of IVM was depleted. I really think it would be interesting to explore what has happened here. Otherwise, IVM is not found in the pharmacies here. I hope that will change. As you know, the standard protocol is for HCQ.

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In the Kory/Weinstein discussion, one thing I wasn't aware of yet was the breakdown in cases in Africa according to anti-parasite public health programs. That might relate. It may be good to encourage Burkina to think in terms of having IVM for all its potential uses, which, as with HCQ, are substantially broader than for most medicines.

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Go for Ivermectine - Niclosamide combination. Most efficient. Have it ready if vaccinated countries export “their” bred / up-selected variants, by immuno-compromittation through vaccination, but fear-porn having equally devastating impact on ability for sterilising immunity.

(Many vaccinated suffer from supressed nK, and are vulnerable (hidden symptom) just BY the antibodies, to variants doing ADE-D (BA.4 is enhancing disease on wuhan and probably first waves antibodies, so imagine the “harvest” comes months to a year later.

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Nov 12, 2022·edited Nov 12, 2022

We do not need IVM ! INHALE !

But IVM is the best single drug. But there is no silver bullet (H. Carvallo).

Any bullet shall be a

>> democratic intervention << having all of these 4 properties:

1. safe 2. effective 3. cheap 4. AVAILABLE.

(Obviously, real weapons are undemocratic interventions !::)

Target: avoid built-up of B cells based antibodies. Keep it on the surface of the mucosa. We just need nK based trained innate antibodies to gain sterilising immunity from infection - and if properly treated, no B-cells based Antibodies are needed so not produced or memorised or re-called. ==>

NO VULNERABILITY to ADE-I or ADE-D on (future) variants.

Antibodies on any Corina-Virus are THE hidden symptom.

Others can be found by lab test on free ACE2 or nK or full CD profile, or the specific stuff needjng 100 of tests, on inflammation in essence. Auto-Antibody production prevalence, CRP, D-Dimers monitoring, etc.

(IVM for us in DE is not available, Rx and you have to bring-along your worms; due to political systemical corruption WHO down till our Ärztebund, KV, insurances „advising expert telehealth“ paid immunologist claiming the spike in vaccines produces no autoantibodies and releases no flares on existing neurodermitic/ soft tissue rheumatic problems, etc.

And IVM in DE is horrifically expensive, 140€/day (24mg). So reflecting In-Democracy here in DE.

=> CoV brings all to light. )


Covid is in many aspects like an allergy. Threat it like allergic asthma.


We need to escape the brain virus called mass formation, ie


THEN only we can find back to a good way of ethical treatment and spirit of problem solving. Whatever crisis.

AND anticorruption culture as some democratic sports and citizens’s duty : ask foia what your administration is doing and watch any money flows and In transparencies closely. Taiwan has cool incentives in this direction.

We can use ANY ethical medical concept doing a multi-modal (multi-drug multi-target) approach :

- any intervention should address symptoms of the patient (especially those he/she had before contracting an infection, only treating them harder and more Efficiently) - best in a way making the symptoms unnecessary.

- if done so with permanent effect while the intervention was sneaked out, you may call it “Healing”.

- there are no illnesses, only symptoms, some known (“comorbidities”) — and some unknown (like “totally healthy young man” was severely affected by spike. The better the homework of the primary physician was/is done, the less hidden symptoms remain. NO ONE is doing the necessary detective’s work in DE, incompatible approach to frame of mind/society for now; except some <1% of drs.).

- so far many consider protocols as important like found in c19Protocols.com .

I consider INHALATION as important, _then_ adding some protocol best treating the preconditions of the patient especially. We added phytotherapy

-5gr/d each of three groups :

walnut leafs dried ground (bind against dusting, we just swallow with water or yoghurt 2-4x a TS.

- something with amentoflavone (3CL protease inhibitor), use one or many; like

Black Cumin (Oil), thyme, sage, oregano, birch tree bark, torreya nucifera, 1yr mugwort (artemisa annua), etc.

Add morigan leaf powder for enhanced effect, as it delays decomposition in liver. Strengthen the liver by detox and dandelion’s roots or leaf tea, best on a cure scheme on a regular basis or ongoing. (As with Pfi Paxl.: watch your liver, but plants are all evolutionarily tested: millions of years, so we may get away with less than 80 counter-indications like with Paxl* :)

- cistus rose tea (ground like above or tea)

(Probably the trial by fraunhofer is also underdosed, will look into it. )

This plant based, systemic, 3-fold “orthogonal principles of action” is very effective. Find more plants having their own principle of action. Try out their effect while healthy, later: on some harmless cold. If gone in half a week, you are on track.

- for a respiratory disease, the best primary treatment is anti-viral anti-inflammative —


Best by compressed aur inhaler (nebulizer).

> A) of some inorganic antiseptic: choose

- 0.6ml 800ppm NaHClO or

- 0.6ml 10% PVP-I (pH=6.5 ca)

- H2O2 (ca 0.1-1.5% for inhalation, 1/2-2ml, shall not affect lungs eg breathability.

NO generator in hospital

Combine perhaps with 1-4% DMSO (drag solvent brj ging it better into deeper tissue, enhancing diffusin to ca. 2cm depths).

time shifted (say > 10mins.)

> B ORGANIC remedies ALL combinable to your efficacy needs and fitting symptoms

(3-4 puffs of nasal spray into inhaler head each of:)

- chromolynium acid (spray or inhaler fluid)

(antiviral as blocking chlorine channels of spike or so. Anti-inflammative, soothing mast cells)

(s@nofi retracted inth@l from Marked in I.2019, no other mobile inhalers fir chromolynium available, until nowadays!

- azelastine or CPM nasal spray

- xylitol

- salt with sime Mg or Ca++ ions in (dead sea or stone) salt.

- iota-carrageenan

- hyalurone (often with panthenole) : re-functionalizes and de-scarrs lung tissue (if older state, cure takes 2mths 2x/day inhaling eg eye drops (Bebanth. we have here, we inhaled 1 per day ie 0.5ml flasklet)

So far I found at least safety study for inhaling and efficacy in principle, sometimes shown for nasal treatment alone.

- also DMSO 1-4% may be added. Studies end in 1960-ths. Very promising. (In the eyes only 1%.)

- to find studies and very promising:

Progesterone, ivermectine and niclosamide each micellarly solved eg in phospholipides.

We are thoroughly deprived of a medicine we can trust to treat us as humans in a humane, causative, and mindful way.

(Horses are better off, in many respects. So horse paste, well, the only thing I found is injectable formulations: only try to use glycerine (glycerol / glycerine formale) based solutions, as many other have tween80 as solvent (polysorbate) shifting biome. Glycerine does not.

We are thoroughly deprived of it in DE, as physicians get raided for lesser reasons like writing exemptions for mask or vaccine mandates.

(30 militarised police officers blowing open back and front door, throwing the dr. to the floor, putting him in bracelets, denying to show the authorisation of the state attorney to raid and denying calling a lawyer or some other witness, denied to witness the raid itself, all PCs sPhones, data carriers USB sticks backup media and ALL patient’s records are taken away.

The illegal and inhumane goal is to make the physician (laeyer, expert) unable to practice or even defend himself.

Against humanitarian / basic law as no ohysician shall be deprived to access his patjent’s records because of deadly consequences for not being able tk help adaequately.

All funds locked, for 3 months, private and office current account and pension.

Others got raided in the same scheme while office was full of patients, even kids now needing PTS therapy, one while a naked patient is in treatment).

This was the tale of stating an example against politically unwanted physicians (over 100 raids in DE so far) (and a judge that ruled against masks at schools after 3 expert opinions suggested this as the only right thing to do, was reversed of course, for evidence see links in

7 reasons to end mask mandates for good: there are hundreds of studies showing no (statistically relevant) effect (above ca 10% prevention) — and many side effects.

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Agreed, the crime of the century, nay millennia, also goes into the housing market where the likes of Blackstone et al (is there an et al?) are buying up lower socio-economic housing by the billions or maybe even trillions, spending 10k on renovation, if that, per unit and then doubling the rent with rental terms of month to month. You don't need Steinbeck to realize that the whole of the western working class is in danger of becoming slaves.

Why you may ask. Indeed.

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Great article and conclusion is spot on. Re: variants. Does this make sense to you?


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Ah that is interesting.

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Just found your substack after listening on Clubhouse. Started working on my substack again and wanted to check out how someone else works who runs in some similar mental circles I do. I'm glad I did!

I have a question which has maybe been covered from sources you've gathered elsewhere and if not I think it would be worthwhile to put together: what out there about IVM and the Vaccines is there that suggests how they would interact together? I would suspect with IVM preventing spike protein binding that it would prevent the mobility of vaccine-spike from traveling and infecting other areas of the body, but I think it too may also prevent the immune system from ever seeing and responding to the vaccine-spike making the vaccine pointless while on IVM at dose X (whatever that may be).

Just a thought that occured to me. Would love the opportunity to chat and get advice on organizing thoughts around the messy news cycle that is our era.

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yt already censored the video for this.

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