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Honestly, this is the only explanation for the irrational times in which we live. I was a good liberal who fought the "Republican" neo-con and Wall St. war criminals of the W. Bush years. The State Dept Cables and other Wikileaks drops opened my eyes to the fact that The Kerry/Clinton/Obama and Democratic establishment were also aligned with these dark centers of power. If the DNC's outright destruction of the Sanders campaign in 2016, along with the ridiculous 2 year Russia collusion circus didn't open the eyes of the "Left" I don't know what will. Though I don't philosophically agree with much of the "Right," I feel that they are much more attuned to the dangers of authoritarianism, censorship, and mandates at this time in American history. They missed their turn to stand up to their own leaders regarding the Patriot Act, financial malfeasance, and imperialist wars. Now the Left is missing their chance to stop the madness that surrounds everything COVID.

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Not all humans are as gregarious as chimps and gorillas though. Some of us are more like the Orangutans, living a more solitary life, especially once the kids are grown. I think that makes us less prone to groupthink.

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Provocative post. Interestingly, the thought that immediately popped up for me when pondering the “chief” slot was: “I don’t have a chief.”

Do not comply, etc. Also, I personally lean libertarian or anarchist, so…

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Even today, HCQ is almost never mentioned as being beneficial to covid patients- except by doctors (like Drs. Fareed and Tyson) who used it to treat covid successfully for *thousands* of patients. The evidence for HCQ benefit is at least as strong as (if not stronger than) Ivermectin.

The media stranglehold on the minds of Americans is nearly absolute! And you are right- they used divided attitudes on Trump to conceal the benefits of HCQ.

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Vast, untold sums of money have been put into researching, developing and refining psychological techniques such as this one by PR companies like Hill + Knowlton and behavioral science teams and think tanks such as Britain's Nudge Unit and the Tavistock Institute. Govt money has then been used to bring them on board for state uses. I'm sure the WEF have their fingers in many of these pies. The pandemic, pivoting into the Ukraine overnight, the entire list of behavioral engineering over the past three years (and many before) was due to years of this research, planning and execution. How else would you account for something so toxic to be thought of as safe and effective? How else would a parent harm and murder their own child?

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