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Matt - May I make a suggestion that you should consider making a Netflix docuseries outlining your work from the pandemic & the political corruption involved? Although Netflix is Left and may not take it, would be a fascinating series.

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I am constantly debating the best paths forward and media that could be used to educate.

Working with a friend now on short video projects. Maybe we'll learn what would need to take place for us to produce something.

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Trump never brought forth experts who would have been able to support his side on the HCQ debate. Granted it might have been impossible to do as many experts would have been afraid to be targeted. Also soon after the April 19 press conference, he further added to the flames by mentioning something akin to ingesting bleach or at least that was what the media ran with because the words he used could be twisted in this manner. He also never fired Fauci. Admittedly that would have been hard or maybe impossible in that climate but even when he brought Atlas on board, he didn't rely on other experts to downplay Fauci and support Atlas such as the Great Barrington Declaration authors as De Santis did. A jaded cynic might believe Trump/Fauci were set up as archenemies, akin to what happens in wrestling and just as fake. Trump is very familiar with the wrestling world and one can imagine that he could easily play this role.

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