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When this was first published I was halfway through “Why We Drive.”

I read back in 2020 that Bill Gates was about to launch a malaria vaxx.

The equation pretty much writes itself, doesn’t it?

Quinine-based drug is SOC for malaria for decades


emergence of new virus sensitive to Quinine-based treatment used safely for decades


Gates-funded vaccine for malaria


suppression of Quinine-based drugs at all costs to ensure maximum profit for both malaria vaxx AND new virus [C-19] vaxx


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Hmmm... I was unaware of the Rigano and Todaro paper being censored.... thanks for that nugget.

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A Richard Cheng M.D., Ph.D. at the pandemic beginning sharing his work on YouTube trying to understand SARS-COV-2. He had a practice and clinic in South Carolina but also did volunteer work in China. He went to China to help out in the height of the crisis. He brought back and disseminated a complex Chinese protocol that had been derived that has many items we later now know from Zelenko, McCullough, and FLCCC doctors, but also all sorts of complex items stemming from Chinese medicine traditions. I think I downloaded a copy if you want me to find it. I believe Cheng also contributed to this protocol and was keen on intravenous Vitamin C infusions at high doses for the exact same reasons as Dr. Paul Marik-- whose work is well known before his fame in COVID19 treatment. Marik validated, published and was widely hailed for his sepsis and ARDS protocol that included this same sort of high dose intravenous vitamin C. Vitamin C is antiviral at the beginning and remains highly antioxidant throughout treatment. Cheng's channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/rzcheng/videos

Another early video you should hunt down: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson got COVID in February 2020. Wilson mentioned taking chloroquine as she had a harder time with the illness than Hanks. They were working overseas when they caught it. How did they know what to take so early, and who treated them? There was a good amount of discoverable data, including PubMed and other YouTube hero doctors trying to put together treatments including hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine who have long disappeared.

We know Fauci knew about chloroquine for SARS 1 as there are even news clippings with him announcing this to the public. DARPA also knew about chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine long ago, and citizen journalists have dug up those documents.

On another modality, it was the Chinese that noticed the positive correlation between taking famotidine (Pepcid) and recovery from COVID19. Dr. Robert Malone benefited from that early knowledge and to this day is trying to get a clinical trial completed on that question. Pepcid is a protease inhibitor so prevents viral replication, but its antihistamine H2 activity would also be of use to prevent the second phase of inflammation that occurs about a week after contact in those who seem to show a hypersensitivity syndrome as Dr. Shankara Chetty in South Africa discovered. At our regional hospital in Virginia when my husband had to be there for something else entirely the staff were all taking famotidine in the summer of 2020. When we asked for it as a prophylactic everyone laughed and admitted they were taking it too, and no problem for my husband to continue it at high dose.

So much good headway was made early on that was later crushed to make room for the vaccines. We watched countless motivated and earnest scientists and doctors posting and discussing possibilities. Some prevailed, at high costs to their careers and social circles, but many just disappeared who were also onto good leads. I wonder if your other followers can provide other examples. A collection of these stories and experiences and when efforts got derailed and why would be a good book. We need it to prevent it from happening again. I think some professionals stayed in the background and continued to do good work, keeping under the radar. A massive campaign was waged to halt the usual volunteerism, quell the urgent "all hands on deck" mentality. Early on we were like Matt Damon stranded Mars, knowing we would just "science our way out" of the problem, but that was oddly and quickly curtailed. Every aspect of the public health, government and media response, in retrospect couldn't be more perfectly designed to crush that beautiful and needed impulse in us all. It is one thing to blame big tech for some profit motive via their interconnection with pharma, but even darker to think our own taxpayer dollars were used as propaganda to squelch innovation, with people dying horrible deaths as a result.

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As a physician, I had read French studies in early 2020 showing HCQ efficacy. I then prescribed the drug to my family members as I was anticipating the government would prevent us from prescribing this drug. Within days half my family filled a prescription the other half were denied. Next misinformation was spread that HCQ would react with the terrible drug Remdesivir causing liver toxicity hence taking HCQ prophylactically could result in toxicity from the useless drug Remdesevir. Thanks to Fauci and Gates the plandemic intensified

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