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Matt, I have no direct address but you should try to contact Professor Didier Raoult (of early treatment HCQ fame) at the Marseille CHU. Perhaps at the website https://www.mediterranee-infection.com/

Also the French publications FranceSoir and (to a lesser extent) MediaPart have been open to the publication of... "alternative views".



https://www.mediapart.fr also in English at https://www.mediapart.fr/en/english

They might be open to publishing such a request.

Also, note that recent journal publications of interest to us usually list authors with contact addresses.

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Those close to Dr. Raoult are reading here. They will know.

FranceSoir is reading also.

Thank you for the suggestions.

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Sharing widely. Thanks!

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Here's another possibility:


"How concerned are you about adverse events related to the vaccines?"

for medical professionals


Contact me privately psalience@fastmail.fm and I can supply some inside information via protonmail

just now I see comments by :

barbara barnes

21 minutes ago

As a nurse we strongly support the patient's right refuse treatments, medicine, even follow up! We don't judge; we are to give the same level of care to all patients. Healthcare workers should also be allowed to refuse the jabs and other vx without this judgement and strife.

Dr. Peter McCullough

1 hour ago

There has been no press briefing or report from the CDC/FDA on overall efficacy or safety of the vaccines according to the product been given to >160 M Americans since the voluntary program started.

Dr. Sterling Williams

23 minutes ago

“Voluntary” is a key word, here. That’s how they get away with no liability. Plus, the Truth is right at ones finger tips if they don’t allow the fake media to steer them into dismissing the life saving information and knowledge by calling it “crazy, paranoid, conspiracy theories” and only listen to the “experts” on the screens, who say: “Trust the science.” Which “science” are they referring to? The “scientism” that cannot be questioned or the Science that is always up to be critiqued and always allows for questioning? Truth does not need a marketing campaign.

William Endejan

3 hours ago

I need someone who is willing to finance opening new medical centers that will not force vaccines on the employees and staff and that are willing to use medications of any and all kinds that are safe and effective... Saving lives needs to be the number one goal in medicine not making profit... When safe and effective treatments are available but hospitals aren't allowed or refusing to give them there is a major problem... When vaccines that are not only not working but are unsafe are being forced on staff we have a problem... When patients are being murdered it is safe to say we have a problem... This needs to stop and needs to stop now...

Julia Harbeck

55 minutes ago

@William Endejan I would come out of retirement for that.

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❤️❤️❤️reading the comments and contacts. Your help is invaluable! Now I know I’m not alone.

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