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I would add to that, if I may: participate in joyful and fun things; make art, sing together, create for creation sake. Because to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to just survive. Even if we’re amongst the survivors, what a terrible and unfun life that would be if the things worth remembering aren’t around.

Ultimately, if we focus on expanding our own consciousness, we won’t need to war with anyone. We can exponentially rebuild; we aren’t even aware of our capabilities in that regard. It’s not just about survival, but also about thrival. I’ll keep my sword sheathed and only raise it to protect, that’s a promise.

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“ Step up and manage a business in your community if you're not doing that already.

Take business from the monopolists and aggregators, then don't sell out.”


If you can’t manage a local business, be a consumer who utilizes the ones near you.

As I said to the grocery cashier this weekend, “What if all of us gave up shopping at Amaz0n and bought directly from the smaller companies? Used other sources?” Our family has reduced our Amaz0n spending by at least 80% over the last two years. Yeah, occasionally we have to wait a few more days, or we don’t get free shipping, or whatever. But what if by yielding to fast and free shipping we are actually forging our own handcuffs?

I have been driving a bit out of my way to buy local beef, eggs, and butter. It’s similar cost to the organic stuff in there big box store but I know it’s legit pastured and organic. And even better is knowing it is supporting families in my community and state.

Everyone wants convenience. Well, it wasn’t convenient for the Patriots to wear homespun cloth or drink whatever they drank instead of tea. But they did it because they understood what was at stake. We must do likewise.

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I love all your articles, thank you for this hard, extremely detailed work... I think you've pieced everything together so comprehensively since this debacle started... With your reference to the huge East India corporations of the Dutch and English as a model for modern corporations, I think on point (I've thought this for a while... Slave labour, massive profits, owning government favours and having your own army... Corporations in the 20th century have made moves to reinstate such "glory" days and have gone above and beyond even).

Can I put a theory out there for which I have little proof... The elites own China... China is a corporation... They made a deal saying we will locate all our industries here, as we want slave labour. In return the government leaders were made wealthy beyond their dreams, and China saw massive development. Through the China slush fund the elites were able to grab more power at the WHO, by making it look like it was a "country" investing. Via corrupt government in USA UK etc the elites have armies to do their bidding when they can make it look legit, and China's army if they need it to do unpopular things... Without forgetting the UN is at their disposal too.

Much like East India Company UK and Dutch East India company had their own armies (and slave labour), now the elites have China as their slave labour and army ?

Two major WEF events each year Davos Switzerland, where the finance hubs of the elites are, and China at Tianjin and Dalian (alternating each year)... Chinese meeting is called "WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions"...

Anyway my theory... Only small amount of proof... But thinking about it, fits with everything...

China is WEF and elites stronghold... It is the corporation of China, not a country anymore (much like our countries are probably in name only at this stage)...

Elites have crashed all industry in the West as has been planned for years, moved it offshore to (mainly China and other cheap countries they can own), pharmaceuticals, manufacturing etc. Leaving west weaker and weaker, especially middle class... Now the deliberate economy destruction, blowing vast amounts of money on Covid, destroying independent businesses, making even more unemployment (unecessary deviation from previous pandemic models), medical treatments that harm rather than help... Spending big on Ukraine there is no limit as to how much they pump into this cause, Environment, pushing up energy so high people in Europe may freeze over winter... Restrictions on food production, despite a crisis and shortage all for "climate emissions", seems deliberate...

All over the west, and other countries except for their corporation country of China...

Why? They say it's a developing country...

The country that makes almost everything? The country that has its own space program? The country with many billionaires? The country with one of the most advanced military on earth? The country leading the way in computer technology? Yeah right... Developing...

Oh they also do not have to watch their emissions at all, so it doesn't matter how many coal power stations they build because they're "developing", so they need all the cheap energy and reliable base load to compete... Compete against who? They make everything..?? They make everything for the elites and their businesses... Slave labour, cheap power...

There's no way sensitive co-operative biological research would be going on if it was truly considered a threat to the west, nor would there be factories of the oligarchs there if there was a threat that they could be taken away.

Just a theory, that departs a little from other narratives I've read... Yours is the closest substack I've come across that really opens this up, and has made me think along these lines (despite my theory just being and observational one, not backed by any hard facts).

I'm not necessarily as well researched as all the other commenters on here, and apologies to all for my lack of knowledge, this has been a real game of catch up, as I fear I've been asleep for far too long... Hoping to wake a few up around me.

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The “invisible” approach probably wont defeat the present and coming tyranny. It might buy individuals or individual communities time, but our society is interlocked regarding material needs. No individual or community can be totally self sufficient, unless you plan living at a 19th century level (not pleasant for today's softies). But even then they will come after you. With todays technology there is literally no place to hide

You have to understand, they plan to track and tag all life and resources, everything is either natural capital, social capital or natural capital. They will own all and control all.

Plus, to succeed in their quest to remake civilization, which is what they are after, they must eliminate all knowledge of the the past and our present. Pockets of communities containing this knowledge are like a virus that they will need to eradicate. They know full well isolation is never 100% effective. Eradication is the only solution

Tyranny never surrenders its power voluntarily, it must be defeated. The Allies defeated the tyrants we call Fascists in WW II, only to give birth to a new tyranny which they cloaked with a Flag while playing lip service to Democracy. Nobody is left to defeat these Tyrants but other Tyrants in the East (Russia,China). But more likely they will form a coalition for a World Government and Global Tyranny, albeit with regional flavors.

The reality is bleak, and changing it might not be possible, as we slept through too many wakeup calls, 1963, Vietnam, Iran-Contra, 9/11, 2008, and most are still sleeping through COVID but as Yogi said , “it ain't over until its over”

Old enough that I probably wont see it play out so its easier for me to face I guess. Good luck.

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Nuremberg 1.0 was a charade because world war II in its entirety was engineered and scripted. Defeating the New world order will take nothing less than massive armed rebellion and a well coordinated Cyber attack on all the centers of power, the whole bureaucratic technocratic apparatus.

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Psychopathy is not a tameable force. Parallel systems are the only option but surely a reckoning will be inevitable at some point

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People should read the "Brown Book" published in the GDR. The vast majority of Nazis, Nazi affiliated corporations, Wehrmacht officers, etc, were fully incorporated in the West German apparatus. That is, those who weren't incorporated into the US apparatus. Gehlen Org. for example - becoming a key component of the CIA. The majority of Adehauer's cabinet were "former" Nazis. Heusinger - top Nazi general on the Eastern Front became NATO Chief of Staff. https://www.dispropaganda.com/single-post/adolf-heusinger-hitler-s-chief-of-staff-who-became-nato-s-chief-of-staff

Here is the outstanding study of Nazi "rehabilitation" - https://archive.org/details/brownbook1965/page/12/mode/1up

A fairly good synopsis here - https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2015/07/07/nazi-j07.html

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I greatly appreciate this post and the previous in this series. History certainly isn't my area, and I've seen this topic come up a lot. The most consistent theme I've come across is that to a lot of people it does communicate the severity and seriousness of what should be done.

I'm a big fan of trying to generalize the CAPA (Corrective Action Preventative Action) process across society. At minimum governments should be accountable to them for corruption and overreach. "CAPA it" is a lot easier to say than "Nuremberg 2" anyways, and In my opinion it's closer to what we're trying to aim for.

I'm not great at branding, but that's my 2c.

Thanks for adding clarity to what is inevitably going to be a very emotional discussion for a long time.

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Can you please explain this reference in your reply to my comment on your last article?

"No letting Harriman Bank...off the hook...only to elect future presidents and dismantle our rule of law!"

Sorry to be dense -- I searched Harriman Bank on Google and I'm still not clear on your meaning here.

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Sort of gels with my suggestions in https://garysharpe.substack.com/p/how-to-avoid-a-hybrid-orwellian-huxleyian :

"All is not lost, however, and there are things we, the people these institutions are supposed to serve, can still do to prevent ourselves falling into dystopia.

I believe that awareness, calm resistance to the directions our institutions are pushing us in, and (self)-knowledge are key.

By becoming trauma aware, we can learn to spot the signs of defensive nervous systems at play. We can learn to recognize the Survival Styles in people, and stop electing, rewarding and idolizing the folks who clearly display them.

We can refuse to live in fear, and become aware of the fear mongering for what it is. We can read up on the “science” of Nudging, and learn how the magic is trick done. This makes it much harder for us to be fooled or tricked into fear.

Most of all, we can stop consuming the news media. Indeed, this is the number one recommendation I give to people with chronic illnesses who want to reduce their symptoms. I guarantee this will not only make us less fearful, but will also improve our quality of life.

We can also resist the divide and conquer tactics emanating from out institutions, which seek to get us to dehumanize, other and blame each other.

We can identify and attend to our addictions.

We can avoid the junk, and prevent the need for pharmaceuticals.

We can help other people who are still stuck in chronic defensive nervous system states to wake up, and come back to a calm place. This cannot be achieved simply by argumentation with facts and logic, because this just feeds the defensiveness, so must be done by appealing to the right brain hemisphere via re-connection to love and common humanity, through metaphor, comedy, poetry, music, awe and beauty."

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Fitting post on Holocaust Rememberence weekend. As a 3rd generation survivor thanks for this topic. In a deepstated situation of heavy employees, not named Peter Daszak, we must understand the prophetic and legal recourses available. I asked the L○rd why the Holocaust, after I relived my Grandfather's amazing story¹ and was led down a profit patent path². The goød news is WHO the 'm' messenger in mRNA was revealed as imminently Messianic. I'll be speaking with CHD and world renowned doctors in the coming weeks³ to explain further.

¹ https://legallinkconfidential.com/4words-flowers-forward-afterwards-blitzkrieg

² https://covidandvaxfaqs.substack.com/p/patents-implicate-pandemic-conspiracy



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From what I understand from insiders in the Biden administration (yes, they are legit) is that Biden is surrounded by climate lunatics that have zero real-world experience. All they care about is the end of fossil fuels and fast.

These people can not see beyond their noses; they are not system thinkers but one issue minded; nothing else matters but the end of oil.

They are pushing for war with Russia to break it up since most of Russia's GDP is oil. The Neocons are behind them and certainly not complaining; it's their dream come true; someone else is pushing for war.

The climate nuts also can't seem to understand how many nukes Russia has. If Russia is broken into chunks, it will result in numerous small regions, all having nukes and all uncontrollable. The result will be like Iraq as factions take up old arguments, this time with nuclear weapons.

There is no sanity in DC. There is no one saving the day. The US wants war just as FDR wanted to be in Europe. We are so screwed.

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Suddenly we hear a lot about “ The Great Reset”. Oh yes, the geniuses are quick on the draw. They’re going to thwart it. Because they’re so brilliant. Such Brave sleuths.

This may seem cynical. Who am I but a mere unwashed, nameless, faceless, non-Ivy League commoner? What the hell would a simpleton citizen taxpayer who once believed in America’s “ vaunted elected government” and impartial justice system having the back of “ We The People” know?

I know that NOBODY has our back and we better get it together. We are not each other’s enemies. We’ve been manipulated to hate each other. The enemy resides within our duplicitous, sold out globalist technocracy. The Great Reset is already at the helm. “ transhumans’r’ Us”

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The last notation of you extraordinarily insightful essay named the the holy grail sought by the megalomaniacal cabal.

The ultimate power. Immortality, and not euphemistically, metaphorical or as hyperbole. Literally. The Fourth Reich. Transhumanism.

For those using the term “ Nuremberg 2.0”, it’s a false analogy. Nobody was held accountabale because so many were complicit. Many elites the world over abetted , were of the same mindset . But the real goal was to unluck the secret of life eternal.

Dr. Zev Zelenko, the Orthodox Jewish doctor who created the HCQ/Zithromax/Zinc/Vitamin D Covid therapy may have best summed up the Plandemonium and the many tentacles. “ This is a Holocaust, but everybody is a Jew. The created virus is less toxic than the forced lockdowns, masking,Social distancing, censorship, humiliation, divide, federalized policing, loss of freedom, assets, businesses, injustice and now forced genetic manipulation under the guise of reward for good behavior. I can tell you about those “ rewards”. My family can’t”

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I wonder if the military industrial complex, the narco banking complex and the tech medical complex take turns to agitate some scuttlebutt at just the right time to take our eye off the one beginning to be outed for their crimes. Seems like just as news about one of the endless scandals begins to break free, viola, a drone drops some payload somewhere or a big crypto scam is busted and our attention shifts, and the almost exposed scandal is forgotten.

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