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Mass Formation.

I appreciate Mathew's, Jessica's and Liam's insight to "be aware of what we think we know and how we came by that knowledge.

When I/we find ourselves not open to others sincere critiques of our world views or position on issues, we should pause within and consider are we part of our own mass formation. Everything we think we know should be subject for review. If I/we are locked up and block dissenting voices out, then perhaps we have become blind to reality.

I would like to suggest a book to read by William Irwin Thompson. Actually it is collection of presentations to the Lindisfarne Association. The title is "Gaia 2 - Emergence - The New Science of Becoming, © 1991. It is The Road Not Taken. If there is a mass formation that I am caught up in then this book represents it. However the book really examines and presents alternatives to the "mass formation" of the 60s, 70s and 80s that was undertaken in genetic engineering, computer technology, artificial intelligence and more including va*cines. One example of the current mass formation regarding agriculture was the pronouncement by Nixon's Ag Secretary Earl Butz "Get Big or Get Out" issued to the small farmer as the USDA change course and backed big AG. The shadow casts to the present moment.

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Thank you. I find your work amazing and Jessica, Toby and others I can't name at the moment. _/\_ be well.

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See jamesroguski.substack.com to easily email Congress to end the emergency and restore our rights. Please spread the words.

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Txs Mathew, but yesterday died Gorbachev the last real politician and no one write about him...

Forgot as the promises to not expand Nato toward Russia... Bloody Amerikan traitors!

And in EU we pay the bill for them

RIP Mikhail

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To understand and affect what is happening, you need to look beneath psychology and political science and look at the underlying forces of life and death in the political economy.

Capitalism is the economy of freedom and prosperity, because it builds. See my post "Capitalism Makes Life Better. Big-Government Socialisms Make Life Worse." https://ernestdlieberman.substack.com/p/political-economy-capitalism-makes

Various socialisms, thugs, and criminals comprise the economy of takers and breakers, because they don’t or can’t build. Call them “Death Eaters,” if you will. See my post "Big-Government Socialisms, NOT Capitalism, Caused Economic Disasters in the 1930s, 2000-2002, 2008, and the 2020s. https://ernestdlieberman.substack.com/p/big-government-socialisms-not-capitalism

The task is to champion capitalism as fully and full-throatedly as possible. I have been working on this for over 50 years, but you can get it in an hour or less with my two posts.

The style of championing capitalism can be very positive and doesn’t have to be “us” vs. “them,” because the takers and breakers are wrecking most of their own followers’ lives. The negative aspects can be constrained primarily to showing how the socialist policies failed. (Individuals who did great evil can be left to twist slowly in the wind--if their policies are reversed. It’s the revenge I choose: to live better by replacing socialism with capitalism.)

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"The style of championing capitalism can be very positive"

With respect to the more Adam Smith definition of capitalism, I agree. With respect to the original "exploit the workers in a machine", clearly not. I prefer the more Adam Smith version, obviously. I prefer a world in which everyone is a free agent entrepreneur, with employment for a handful whose skill sets or perhaps (rare) mental deficiencies make that easier or require it in small companies. Small businesses can even network to act as if larger entities at times to achieve similar economics of scale, but at the very least make it harder for tyrants to amass power or secret societies to steer large wealth pools and create mass warfare.

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Good day Mathew, at about 41:40 you comment on so called good NAZIs'. In particular you quote a women who said @ about 44:00 "He made things better for us".

I believe that woman was referring to the recovery of Germany from the great depression prior to WWII. This was done prior to Hitler hijacking the economy and turned it into a war machine. It was never Gottfried Feder's intention to create a war machine of any kind.

Gottfried Feder developed this economic theory later implemented by Hitler. Feder was against Communism, Capitalism and Private Banking. He was pro small farmer and the German people. Small farmers he felt were not appreciated or rewarded appropriately. He was pro the German people much like Israel is pro Jewish and not so much pro Palestinian.

Please note I am not a NAZI. To know approximately what I am please read Gaia 2 by William Irwin Thompson. Below is the link to Gottfried Feder work:


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Great point.

Yes, very often behind the ugly machinery is a solid foundation built in a reasonable way, based on reasonable values and economics. Then the power of that foundation gets used to power some very ugly machinery. The successful tyrants are most often those who do understand at least some of what it takes to succeed generally, and they're often happy to make use of good engineers en route to their tyranny.

It may be that such successes also fool many of the good Germans along the way. I see that has happened in America---perhaps to an even greater and more insidious degree.

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Mathew, I'm glad in your reply to my comment that you raise the issue of different notions of what capitalism is. In doing so, you touch on the essential point of my two posts, clarifying what capitalism is, its virtues, and what isn’t capitalism; but I address it differently.

I proceed from the fundamental definition of capital: it is wealth that has been invested to create new net wealth.

Only by repeatedly creating new information can capitalism keep creating new net wealth and prosperity.

And new information can be created only by private enterprise working within free markets with strong but limited government—the only useful definition of capitalism.

Several misconceptions arise about that.

One major confusion equates any private activity with capitalism. Theft, for example, is not capitalism because it does not operate openly and legally in free markets and does not create new net wealth.

Similarly, a business may operate in some ways in free markets (capitalism) and in other ways as a colluder with government or political interests (fascism). If the latter is substantial, that is fascism, and fascist interests eventually destroy much more throughout society than the capitalist activity creates in goods and services. We see that happening today.

Regarding exploitation of workers in machines:

Ancient ships propelled by many rows of rowers would be workers exploited in a machine, but it wouldn’t be capitalism.

Sweatshops in capitalism might fit the definition, but it leaves out that people all over the world have left lives of rural poverty to work in such places, implying improvement in their lives, not the usual negative connotation of “exploitation.” And they gradually moved up to better lives from there too; else, standards of living wouldn’t have risen so much in so many Asian countries that allowed capitalism to work.

Communism has repeatedly exploited workers more than anything else short of Nazi-style work-them-to-death slave labor camps.

My two posts very specifically show the advantages of capitalism and correct the notion that it is primarily “exploitive.” They show in illuminating detail that big-government socialisms have caused the great miseries in modern societies. And this goes directly to fixing the problems we face right now. I hope you will read them.

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Except that Professor Desmet's well-researched understanding of mass formation as a natural psychological phenomena displaces blame and absolves those responsible. It stops inquiry. It could also be used as a legal defense.

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Putting It Altogether. (Below) Moderna & Pfizer and others, have made a 19 nucleotide sequence and 19 nucleotide Moderna specific chimeric (CGG for AGA) furin cleavage site mRNA (between 2010 and 2016) to modify the human body with a 19 nucleotide Moderna specific chimeric (CGG for AGA) furin cleavage site, 99% Graphene Oxide injection, which makes a nanoprocessor driven by a 5G antenna that goes directly to the workings of our brain, with a 10 digit call sign, which goes where - human or computer - which is totally illegal medical/scientific research for secret use on humans, as is the Pfizer contract (I have a secret Pfizer copy) and presumably the Moderna contract, that governments knowingly, illegally signed, understanding the ramifications involved, to make electronic/computerised/modified advanced humans, after those not suitable, have been exterminated - I wonder if DARPA is involved with this - Bill Gates - I would say, certainly.

Which is NOT the mRNA vaccine, that we were told it is, or its purpose, which removes their blanket immunity from prosecution and holds them all accountable in any Court Of Law.

See Link here: https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/dr-deborah-birx-admits-the-biden-admin-s-vaccine-efficacy-claims-were-based-on-hope-not-science?postId=a3d057d7-ac1b-42bc-a7fe-c024bd287569&utm_campaign=199f646b-68a5-41f7-82de-8a549f823c43&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&utm_content=ceae1640-2bfb-4a34-af39-02b55e4aecee&cid=8bec1d4c-3773-415a-83c2-1694daa095a4 - do with it whatever you like!!

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If Bill, then DARPA. I assume everyone has seen this:


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The powers that be have been working on this since before Civil War. All the signs were there and the nation & the world too distracted to pay attention early enough.

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Please be careful with this one Matthew. Mental Health is being weaponized. You are way smarter than I however, Dr's have been thrown into asylums over COVID and I cannot possibly articulate how dangerous the mental health system is already, let alone becomes a tool in the wrong hands. Give it some thought. https://www.americaoutloud.com/psychotherapist-mattias-desmet-failed-to-report-his-own-mass-murderer-patient/

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JUXTAPOSING: PETER BREGGIN & MATTIAS DESMET (ENGLISH | AD-HOC 27 & AD-HOC 28). Corona Investigative Committee, September 14, 2022


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I commented Doctor Robert Malone's post - last August 29 - wherein he discussed the Totalitarianism and, by the way, he quoted Gustave Le Bon. I think maybe the pristine nature of human beings underlies the fact that, some of us, inevitably move away from Aristotle's "The First Principles", "The Anteriors" and "Substance", what I personally believe is about God. Both the Enlightenment and the current times have that feature: "if one cannot yield evidence that God 'is', it is because God is not." Wherefore, underpinnings such as Wisdom and Ethics merely do not matter for some of us like the "Groupthink", etc.

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This was such a great meeting of minds! The concept of identity and how it can become so important and all-consuming (even if based on fallacy as in the story you shared) got me thinking mightily, as it may be one key to why some people cannot, just cannot, hear anything that could pop their identity bubble. If yer curious, mosey on over here: https://thcsofdaisymoses.substack.com/p/the-fists And in the meantime, many thanks! Much good stuff to read here on Rounding the Earth!

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It seems like applying Desmet's theory in real-time we can see the actual focus points they are using to hypnotize the masses. Trump, the bad orange man is the hypnotist's spinning pendulum which helps explain why a president who's been out of office for 2 years somehow remains in every minute of every "news" cycle 24/7 since then. When pressed for any specific reason why the orange man is so bad, the usual response is to reference Trump's MSM redacted speech in Charlottesville as evidence of "racism". When pressed for why everyone who is vaxxed still gets and spreads covid, the response is the Covidian prayer, psalm 1: "Positive for covid, Grateful to be vaxxed and boosted, it could have been so much worse." Perhaps keep those hypnotized focused on Trump so they cannot see anything else and continue to support their own enslavement? Lastly, accuse your accusers of doing precisely what you are, aka marxism 101.

Exhibit A: Biden's stump speech yesterday: "would be in the same vein as his messages to the nation after the Charlottesville clash involving white nationalists"


Exhibit B: CDC head Dr. Walensky on fast-tracking new omicron-specific boosters: The consequences could be worse 'if we wait'


marxism 101: "DeSantis win will show America is ‘testing ground’ for ‘authoritarian takeover’"


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If you realize Desmet's book is not just about totalitarianism, it is much more thought-provoking...not a one-hour read. I was expecting what you described, having watched many interviews. I was pleasantly surprised it was far more than that...and worth another reading.

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I was simply talking about length and ease of reading. Of course, anyone can and should take pause to think through ideas and connect them to what they know outside of a book.

The ease of reading is a compliment to his writing. It flowed easily without extra unnecessary junk thrown in.

But I would never tell people not to spend time thinking about somebody's expressed work. That would be silly.

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