There's this article I wrote a while back too on the incomplete templates and %RNA integrity... I really wasn't 'on' during this talk. I would love to do a repeat performance. :)


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I watched this last night and I laughed my ass off when I came in with that hee-hee-hee... I swear. If for nothing else, the levity I brought to even myself was enough contribution from me! lol I also cut myself off with my Hallowe'en story. I ate at a seafood restaurant in Peniche at Supertubos and drank wonderful Portuguese wine. Very scary. How much we ate.

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Nov 16, 2022Liked by Mathew Crawford

Excellent. I was hoping a conversation like this would happen. Looking forward to watching and listening. Thank you!

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Mathew - Thank you again for your gracious summary and greasing the wheels of discussion, as well as providing the top-level view of a multi-modal model ...

I did not watch this particular talk yet, but did watch your previous interview with Marc and would offer three observations based on that and your summary comments (for quick background - I have not been vaccinated, have had COVID multiple times, and also work in a slightly novel area - I am a former military physician who works on how to identify and address and resolve locked/stuck fight or flight (survival or dissociative) states separate from clinical cognitive therapy or medications). I got into that because of being a military physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (think of that like a mixture of Sports Medicine, Pain medicine, and Neurology), and seeing that some people recovered from concussions/TBI/amputations/etc ... different from others, and it seemed like those still stuck in a persistent/uncalibrated survival state didn't have as good physiologic regulation and continued with more issues (physical, emotional, and cognitive). Sometimes their survival state was from the proximate injury (explosion, amputation) and sometimes pre-existent from distant events (childhood, etc ...). Enough about me ... let's just say that I have more direct interactions with complex physical and psychological trauma than the average bear.

The reason I mention this is twofold (and will get back to observations on Marc's theory and multi-modal approach).

1) When I got COVID personally, one of the variants was the most visceral inflammatory illness I have ever experienced. I work with people all the time with visceral dysregulation and symptoms, and all I could say was ... wow, I was not mentally anxious, but the sensation of diaphragm or heart/lung inflammation was very unnerving. And separate from getting over the illness, it took a couple of weeks for me (with good skill set) to get my autonomic system back to what I would consider calibrated and normal. I say this because my personal experience is that COVID itself (whether spike, etc ...) can cause organ/vascular inflammation that causes some dysregulation for some people (including me, despite all my knowledge) AND there are all the concerns about the injections. These are likely to be both true.

- Because of the injection concerns, it is very appropriate to highlight Marc's theory about vascular injection and dosing (for that component), but I very much doubt it is everything related to that one factor. But, if true that is important because it is also relevant to other injections (not just COVID) and the most common categories of injections, such as vaccinations.

2) Professionally, I have seen and worked with people that appeared to me to actually be in persistent cellular shock and autonomic dysregulation (due to BOTH COVID and vaccine - I have seen what appear to be both) and who would be categorized as long-COVID. Including with things like heart arrythmias and other autonomic/visceral dysfunctions, suicidality, etc ...

- I have seen those items resolve with resolving the physiologic fight/flight response.

- Think of this like a bad case of COVID or injection as a bad compound fracture (you can have a compound bone fracture and no cellular shock, or both). Depending on the combination, you may just need the fracture fixed (COVID treated or vascular injury repaired; you may just need the autonomic/survival issues resolved; or you may need both). It has some nuance. And the cellular shock is something that can occur with any physiologically intense or inflammatory event, not just COVID/vaccine.

- I have seen what to me clearly suggests cellular shock. Interestingly, two other groups that I see this in (separate from COVID, but related in terms of vascular connections) would be concussions and brain hemorrhages. There are some good studies from the University of Buffalo/Leddy in concussions about the mechanisms of vascular carbon dioxide, which I personally believe are related to the body's attempts to confine the injury (create vasoconstriction during the acute phase to limit bleeding or toxin spread). The problem is that some people's blood vessels never stop vasoconstricting/spasming around points of injury even after the acute phase, and they tend to have chronic problems without effective intervention.

- I mention all of these things as at a higher echelon than COVID/vaccine. ANY physically, emotionally or mentally intense event can produce shock and dissociation. When physiologic, it is accompanied by autonomic system dysregulation and often blood vessel spasms, especially in blood vessel injury around critical organs. So I believe this could be a higher echelon item - related in cause/effect but not confined to only occur after COVID.

3) I thought that Marc's comment (in the initial interview) about people with midwives and insurance suggested a very poor understanding of that group relative to my extensive experiences with that group. So that flippancy suggested he wasn't understanding that data point correctly. I did not take it personally, but it was frankly inaccurate and would be offensive to many ... as a physician who is now self-employed, uninsured due to the cost (I use a healthshare for my insurance and pay cash and try to be healthy), and I have paid (on my own) for multiple midwives because I thought that was best, not trying to game the system ... I simply found that component of his analysis as likely false, although I appreciated the other general remarks and think the theory has value in discussion and as a potential piece (and even potentially significant piece).

So, thanks again for facilitating, and I would summarize to say that my personal and professional experience suggest multiple mechanisms, and that we might even have to consider a further mechanism outside of COVID/vaccine as injuring agents, and include the possibility of cellular shock and survival mechanisms that can occur after any intense injury (but which is non-COVID/injection specific). So, sorry to add another layer of potential complexity or mechanisms, but I believe it produces a more accurate model consistent with reality and physiology.

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Regarding LNPs, I saw this in a recent article:

"Up to date, the exact LNP composition has not been released therefore, we analyze earlier data and virtual screening research, attempting to “fill-in” the blanks."

If that's true about their composition (I wish I could confirm it, but haven't found much discussion at all), it would make it hard to analyze what those LNPs are doing and, like you said, they could have been altered.


Also, if these charts from South Korea are accurate, adverse events per 1,000 shots have gone down. That seems to indicate the big problem is manufacturing. Or, they changed the contents of the shots, or the data is bad.



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Nailed it: "intellectual anchoring of the spike protein model of vaccine harm". That was MY reaction when first hearing Marc's hypothesis, but in my case it was "emotional" anchoring. I felt like I was, IDK...losing something precious if what he said were true? I guess I felt robbed of my rage for a second (OK, more than a second). Based on a few reactions I've read, I'm not the only one. And many of the stacks I follow reacted by ignoring the whole hypothesis, unlike "it's in the water-snake venom" dude, who got a LOT of attention.

I used to believe that truth is inevitable. I know longer believe that. But truth IS possible! And people like Marc are the types of people that get us there, sometimes against our will.

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Nov 16, 2022Liked by Mathew Crawford

It has been a time of strange events; the arrest of Professor Leiber from Harvard along with two Chinese spies was one of the strangest. Has he been involved directly in this LNP technology?

Apparently he is very keen on growing giant pumpkins.

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My oh my, from the video to the article to these comments. When I keep seeing such a melange of ideas, many of which demonstrate a clear lack of underlying principles, I fear that there is little hope. The public educational system has undermined basics of logic & critical thinking so it shouldn’t be surprising that people can be convinced of anything! And I included convinced by Pharma.gov as well as its opposition.

Graphene microchip operating systems controlling your mind! Come on, this reflects so little understanding of physics, of neuropsychiatry, and of philosophy it makes my head spin ... but let me move on.

I previously challenged Marc about the specific issue of a “bolus” injection occurring deep within the deltoid. There are no veins of sufficient size within the body of the muscle! You simply are not going to get a needle much larger than capillaries & venules to somehow inject said vessels. Now I have little doubt about the toxicity of the LNPs because of permeability into far too many places. They are delivering the toxic mRNA (frags & complete strands) all over the body, with widely varying effects. Is there variation in the individual rate of absorption between different people? Well of course, but this rests on a multiplicity of factors ... gee, just like how the viruses have differential impact on people!

Also unaddressed in the “it’s the LNP, stupid” hypothesis is the massive commonality of pathology the virus caused (past tense - current variants are pretty benign) and that of the jab. Yes, there are new things with the jab. But remember this: there are relatively few thorough autopsies from COVID deaths. So the 1’+ clots being seen from the jab MAY have even been present. Perhaps not, as it is also clear that a wider array of pathology is being seen from the jab. The elongated time course of spike exposure likely causes this, as well as another essential pathophysiologic element that is not appreciated by many non-physicians (or scientists working with viral diseases). Which is?

That viremia (widespread blood borne virus) did not seem all that common), as the virus couldn’t really even get into the blood until it was down in the lung. At that point clots & inflammation were mostly killing people, the virus was generally waning by that point. Other than viral penetration through the cribiform plate allowing entrance to the brain, there wasn’t much mechanism for invasion of other tissues. The LNP takes mRNA places so spike CAN present & do it’s various nasties.

Yes, the LNP constituents appear to be toxic, & collectively are likely part of the jab pathology. But there are far too many logical-mechanistic problems for a “LNP bolus into blood vessels” to be THE etiology of harm of the jab.

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Nov 16, 2022·edited Nov 16, 2022

After watching and listening (great conversation!), and reading Marc’s blog faithfully for the last several years, I’ve reaffirmed my opinion that this is likely a both/and situation—I think that BOTH Marc’s model works extremely well in terms of accounting for the serious immediate events (especially days, up to a week or two following injection) AND there are serious impacts stemming from transfection and endogenous spike production.

I did also have these observations:

While we don’t truly know what is being injected (or if the contents are even consistent), if mRNA is indeed being delivered, and spike does get endogenously produced (even somewhat crippled by fragmentation or replication error) the production could realistically compound over time. As JJ pointed out, the replication doesn’t have to be good to be dangerous. I may be missing something, but I don’t think we really have good long term data on this. Longer term studies might bear this out.

It also occurs to me that there may also be jab dynamics (not discussed) which are ‘dose-dependent’, as the conditions are different following the each round of injections (and presumably, jab timing would have an impact).

Following inoculation, circulating antibodies increase dramatically for several months, increasing the likelihood of ADE. ADE (antibody dependent disease enhancement) has been demonstrated to facilitate infection when there are circulating neutralizing antibodies. Immune cells with ACE2, TMPSSR2, and Fc receptors are most affected by ADE.

Dr. Bean did a great vid on this study:



This facilitating dynamic presumably would increase likelihood for serious disease with doses taken after the first jab, as well as hinder/damage the immune response potential. This might also be a compounding influence as time goes by, and additional rounds of jabs are taken; and, which would impact the kinds of damage and disease (due to natural challenge) seen in the months/years following uptake.

Thanks again for this super roundtable!

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Simple question: if the LNPs are responsible for a significant percentage, most or even all of the vaccine adverse events with mRNA products, what is responsible for the clinically very similar adverse events associated with the viral vector injections?

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What does Marc have to say about the incidence of myocarditis (& other adverse events) reported with the Novavax spike antigen vaccine? It's not zero although the low uptake, due to its late "approval"and continued preference for the mRNA agents, means that reports of all adverse events will be much lower than that of the gene therapy transfection agents.

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Marc needs to look into this.


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I am not emotionally attached any certain theory. So here's my theory on the vial contents. The contents are variable on purpose to delay the public's awareness of the malicious agenda. 90% may be somewhat harmless or even just be saline. The other 10% contain many different malicious mRNA codes, toxins. or maybe even parasites. While the spike alone could cause all the problems I think it is likely they have invented other mRNA with targeted purposes. All bad. There are so many mRNA garbage fragments in the mix that it would be difficult to find the evil ones. There are even some reports that there is also DNA in some. What a mess. The cationic lipids are known to be toxic. How much it takes to cause problems is a good question.

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Spike protein should not be discounted from being toxic and causing health issues...

There are too many studies and observations made by scientists, doctors etc. I've read over the months that point to the spike causing various health problems ..

I'm not discounting that nano particles too could be wrecking havoc.

Marc no doubt is a smart guy.. however he's basically a data guy- not a medical expert...

He should stay in his lane of expertise IMHO.

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Nov 16, 2022·edited Nov 16, 2022

Thank you everyone …..Very excited to open my mail and see an interview with Marc. I can’t believe more people aren’t listening to him - I imagine that will change quickly in the future.

Great interview …. Whatever gets added to the Spike affair, Marc’s explanations feel like they logically answer so many basic questions I’ve been wondering about and for that reason I find it fascinating. Someone? once said that most complex things are at their core simple….

I’m now wondering about general anaesthetics, penicillin injections, cortisol / epidurals, intrathecal chemotherapy, injectable biologics for auto immune diseases? ….…. Are any of these dangerous in the same way (bolus - artery/Capillary/lymphatic system risk for AE?/ breaking endothelium barriers) Marc is explaining? Is it possible some of the DVTs aneurisms blamed on flying are actually from pre - flight vaccines? My friend (precovid) had some vaccines before flying and two days before the flight had severe pain, rushed for scans and was diagnosed with MS like lesions. No one made a connection. Also precovid - a friend had a brain biopsy and a few days later told was left with tics and a stutter but told nothing to do with the biopsy, probably the high dose prednisone???

Also - even if the reason for stopping aspiration was pain - who exactly decided to stop this and when was this decision made? Have some doctors continued to do this because they know there is increased harm?

FYI - Italian microbiologist who thinks spike a fairytale - I have no idea but another voice you may be interested in.


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I might repeat myself here but in this case it is a good thing.

Good to see you guys come round.Now for all to understand:

These programmable Nanoparticles of Graphene Oxide are developed by Klaus Schwab & Elon Musk together.



The Harvard Wyss Institute Founded by Hansjörg Wyss of the Escher Wyss Family is Klaus Schwab's Family.

They work together with Elon Musk DARPA CIA & Mossad.

The Technology i.e. the Nanoparticles in the Vxx Jbs are called NEURAL LACE.

Covid was a hoax to fear you into taking those jabs.

NEURAL LACE is a BCI (Brain Computer Interface).

It is part of a greater technology involving NEURAL LINK and STARLINK OPEN AI and Boston Dynamics.

All together it is a weapon.

A weapon against humanity by the Occult and the above.

NEURAL LACE is the Nanotechnology that causes all this deaths.

I write about this many times and explain it in detail.











And here


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