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Thank you, Mathew and Liam. This is wonderful!! And by God, artists need to speak out already!!

Also, I feel compelled to very immodestly add that ... ummm. ... *some* artists have been speaking up before COVID even started. (I am only allowing myself to be immodest because we have camaraderie and a sense of humor, and, maaaaaan, it was lonely to speak up about it back then!)

I released this particular album in 2017, and most songs on it are much older than that.



(Sorry.... my modesty is now kicking in)

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If you’re going to include rap, then you have to include Mesus, Gates of Hell, going off on Bill Gates. Calling out the vaccines and Epsteins island..


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Great stuff guys. May art lead us out of the mess that science ($cience) lead us in to.

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What a lovely write up to wake up to.

A compounding benefit to getting out there and speaking out is that in the last three days, I’ve had numerous theatre practitioners and a few artists making contact, each of us feeling isolated in our bubbles and rejected from our perspective communities but realizing how rich and vast the network of dissenting artists actually is. It has given me a renewed sense of camaraderie and purpose.

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Eva K Bartlett's interview on the Donetsk referendum- https://youtu.be/UpkiN06jdiE

From her excellent channel https://www.youtube.com/c/EvaKBartlett/videos

She's been in Ukraine documenting the proxy conflict, I believe, since the beginning.

For those who haven't followed Ukraine, it began 8 years ago when Ukraine had 2 offers on the table for 15 billion in economic aid. One from the West (WTO/World Bank/etc.) with requirements for privatizing and selling off national assets, brutal austerity, open borders and easy business access for the West, and one from Russia with no strings attached, just a set interest rate and repayment schedule. Yanukovych was going to take the Russian offer, so we "color revolutioned" them with a violent coup with snipers, arms, money, and training furnished by the US. We put the neo-nazis in charge.

Russia never "annexed" or captured anything. Areas with large Russian populations voted to join Russia of their own volition, and for good reason. Ukraine has been war-crime-ing these areas mercilessly for years, under the supervision of their actor/comedian puppet Zelensky, for the sole purpose of provoking Russia into a military entanglement (somewhat reminiscent of Afghanistan).

You can see exactly what's going on in Ms Bartlett's channel.

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I started making pandemic memes & wallpapers last November without any design or software experience. Dr Kevin McCairn often featured them on his streams.

On Twitter, I hit a brick wall with shadowbanning & then recently got suspended without warning or facility to appeal...

Anyone know a less censorious platform where an aspiring creative person can express themselves? Gettr seems like a dead platform for someone just starting out...

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Hey Mathew,

The lady who sang ‘ABCDEF…You’, must be this lady : Sara Gonzalez


She’s got a really nice voice……. And I can’t get the song out of my head now!


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WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL!!! I’ve been compiling my own “Dystopian Ditties for the Musically Triggered” list on ytube. 😂 Now I can add all the ones from this post. So uplifting to know of even MORE ARTISTS.

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The artists are speaking out for a very long time... ever since Woody Guthrie...

But maybe you are educated @ Wall street you never listened to them.

The Smiths spoke out in "Headmasters Ritual"...

Bob Dylan spoke out...

John Lennon... of all Artists you don't mention spoke out against the Government and got killed..

Frank Zappa.

NEW MODEL ARMY is one Band you probably never heard of.,..

Their entire Music is Rebellion.

One month ago I put out a list of rebellion songs.


Some four years ago I put out this song


Ând the absolute best anti covid song is this


Rap isn't art... it is pimps with bigmouths that have $ signs as eyeballs & sing of whores & bitches.

The Smiths - Bigmouth Strikes Again


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Artists might be speaking out. But the entertainers contracted to the industry aren't.

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Thank you! We need more of this.

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Been wondering where all the protest songs were. Can I still wear my Kardashian t-shirt or has the culture changed?

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God bless every one of you brave artists who are turning your backs on the Elite Liars who control so much in our corrupt world system.

May God bless you all a Thousandfold for using your talents to spread the Truth❣️

Truth Warriors & Freedom Fighters & Whistleblowers are the Real Heroes today.


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Wow, some of these songs are really good!

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