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It's frightening and disturbing to 'suspect" that the corruption in our society has reached the point where even Actuaries are being influenced to ignore certain data aspects and potential SImpson's paradoxes. This would, in turn, result in Insurance Companies losing money if actuarial data is not accurately translated into the calculation of premiums. And the Insurance Companies, quietly, carry enormous influence, possibly more so than the banks, so they would not be easily influenced. So for this interpretation to be correct - and it would certainly appear to be so - the corruption of our society must be complete and terminal!

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Thank you. I too am not versed in statistics and not more than year two of algebra. I appreciate all the graphs and explanations. I get the drift and keep up the good work so perhaps minds will be changed in the future.

For those who find the graphs to small, try clicking (double clicking ?) on the graph and it should emerge full screen. If you need more magnification use [CTRL +] to enlarge. Then drag the image you wish to examine to the area to be examined and enlarge again if needed. ESC to return to the article and the page the graphs were present on.

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thank you for taking the time to explain some basic statistics to non-statisticians. You are correct that there are a lot of people (like me) who need a crash course in order to understand this data better. I greatly appreciate your realizing how important it is to reach people not trained in data analysis, but who are quick to understand, once you show the basic concepts. Substack is a great platform for quite a few brilliant people who are putting this info out into the public square in accessible ways -- it's so important.

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"Note that the original report is already archived by the Wayback Machine."

Hat tip to the savers we can't have enough folks preserving historical data & everyone can do it!!


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In Germany, people are trying to squeeze the data out of the insurance companies. BKK ProVita (that you mentioned) is not the only successful case. Another one is Techniker Krankenkasse (TK):


And a recent one is AOK Sachsen-Anhalt (reporting in German):


They are all consistent with the estimate of 2-3 million consultations due to vaccine injuries (for around 150 million doses).

The figure of 2.5 million has also been admitted by the Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV):


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Thanks for all the data, Mathew. I struggle to make sense of much of it and appreciate your summations.

I want to point out that in the graph which shows the categories of death by cause (unknown, covid, accidents, illness) there is other data that must be clarified within the "covid" category.

My son, age 44, died of "multi-organ failure secondary to septic shock from COVID-19 pneumonia". As his mother, I know he died of multi-organ failure secondary to the hospital treatment protocol or "iatrogenic" causes. He did NOT die of COVID.

Families who have suffered the loss of a loved one and told it was "COVID" are angry about these lies when we understand what was done during the hospitalization and how much the hospital received due to use of certain drugs and procedures.

I guess it will take an act of Congress to finally compel the "health care" institutions to report how many COVID deaths were iatrogenic.

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The insurance companies folded on the 9/11 fraud. They paid billions on the Twin Towers insurance policy they didn't need to. pay. The folks in control have lots more control than you think.

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Denis Rancourt & co have conducted two large scale analyses on US all causes mortality by state, age & sex.

IIRC the strongest correlate for excess ACM is poverty.

Not age, specifically.

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I don't need these qualifications to know the mRNA gene therapy injections are pure hokum, unsafe and inefficient. From the get go, both pfizer and moderna products reported an ARR or absolute risk reduction of around 1% or less after the faked trials which should be still ongoing but are not due to the fact that the control groups were destroyed.

In fact, the ARR or real world risk assessment for many big pharma products is less than 3%, including statins. They always use the RRR or relative risk reduction factor when presenting to the FDA or to use in their marketing ploys, like nauseating TV ads. The RRR was said to be around 95% for both mRNA injections. We see how that has worked. They lied about that and they lie about most every drug they invent.

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Would looking for vaccine injuries cause the graph to invert?

If I understand your hypothesis correctly, I believe you’re saying access to wealth ie health care caused less mortality?

More access to healthcare would show more injuries reported.

Anecdotal, but I grew up in the poor south, and people would have to lose a limb before they went to the hospital. I live in New England now, and it seems like medicine is big business here.

There’s a lot more to the danger of these vaccines than mortality. We’re seeing a lot of heart attacks in young and healthy and lots of cancer suddenly. People speak about it in hushed tones.

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I’m having a more difficult time than usual absorbing your conclusions from this article. I gather that close scrutiny of the SOA data (sometimes aided by other datasets) further confirms your theory that apparent vaccine efficacy can be entirely explained by wealth effects. My guess about your explanation of excess deaths in Q3 2021 is that it is a result of the sudden increase in vaccination rate due to the imposition of mandates, combined with the slight-of-hand the CDC has done in classifying deaths within the first 14 days of the first vaccine administration as a COVID-19 death of an “unvaccinated” person instead of a vaccination death.

But you also say “(t)here is no reason left to suggest any of the excess mortality data trend is driven by vaccination, but every reason to think that it's almost entirely driven by the health effects associated with wealth.” I must have guessed incorrectly regarding the Q3 2021 data. Are you suggesting that the economic effects of the pandemic and the measures attempted to mitigate the pandemic are playing the greatest role in the increase in death and disability claims?

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Great job again Mathew, I can’t thank you enough (also on behalf of those undecided, confused people who don’t know what to believe but I feel are starting to have questions/suspicions) for your ongoing, incredibly important work! 🙏

You demonstrate perfectly how easy it has been for the ‘dark side’ to use statistics to obfuscate and dismiss any and all dissent. We need to continue to try and spread work like yours to as many who are open to reading it.

I’m sharing your Substack and podcasts with as many fellow Aussies as I can!!

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sleek video, smug faces. Ugh! No hearts!

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Schizer Vice President admits live that there is no established relationship between vaccine induced antibodies (proven non-neutralizing!) and infection, disease, transmission or death prevention/ reduction.

Safe & Effective (Immunization) = Scientific Fraud of the Century!!!.


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The R codes are important to look at only if the data is reliable. Didn't the CDC put down cause of death as covid for someone who died prior to two weeks after receiving the 2nd experimental injection? If so, then the R code that is for "death by covid" has fraudulent data in it and the total number is not accurate. I mean just the fact that "death by covid" has a higher total in 2021 than in 2020 tells us all we need to know: They are LYING! They need another R code for "death by covid experimental injections". Once they set that up and populated the data accurately, then we can use the R code data effectively.

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Question: As many corporations are self-insured, would there be a way for investors to obtain data, in regards to increased healthcare cost post mandatory vaccination, especially if the business appears to have made a decision that negatively affects investor financial expectations?

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