Thank you for this tremendous honor, Mathew, as well as for helping me viralize the concept of “philanthropath”!

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It's a worthwhile term, so Im glad to promote your conception. It does not fit all philanthropists, obviously, but that's the game theory. The humanist shield.

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This was quite an excellent series of articles. Thank you for assembling the research into such a compact and digestible format.

In fact, I described one specific example of what I believe is an act of “philanthropathy” (quite a catalytic one, at that) to Mathew several weeks ago. I’m just not sure how ready the world is to hear and comprehend it… but perhaps the day approaches.

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Thank you, Mark! Given the rapidity with which people have been picking up and using "philanthropath," I think it is resonating deeply and is likely hitting at the right moment in history.

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Jun 29, 2022Liked by Mathew Crawford

The tax advantages that the non-profits receive are preposterous. A large part of the rich shielding their wealth is involved in these.

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I tweeted about that the other day. The term "kunlangeta" (uncapitalized... they don't deserve it, IMO) has become a regular part of my vocabulary, thanks to you. https://twitter.com/jcomeau_ictx/status/1541606337208918016

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Jun 29, 2022Liked by Mathew Crawford

Kunlangeta...what a great word! Hadn't heard it before this. Still trying to figure out how to pronounce it correctly.

It's definitely a good word to use in connection with justin turdeau...might even be better than my other favored word that I say whenever I see or hear him: Backpfeifengesicht!

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Jun 29, 2022Liked by Mathew Crawford

Philanthropaths, love the term.... I recognized MAA's handprint instantly. Truly worth sharing, thanks for passing it on for those who might have missed it.

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I wrote an essay about this you might find interesting...

It is about the same subject with a different angle based on Franz Kafka's book "Metamorphosis".

The Transhumanists are quite stupid simply because they only see what they want to see.

They are fooled by their own desires... they are blind to anything that contradicts their believe.

Transhumanism is the product of an empty shallow promise that of Immortality.

As is the Jewish Religion the basis of all evil.


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"As is the Jewish Religion the basis of all evil."

Such a conclusion without a warrant seems crazy. I recommend meditating on this one with the goal of laying out as solid a "proof" as possible. You might have some interesting revelations along the way.

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The Kol Nidre is the holiest Jewish prayer and is recited several times on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. It means "all vows" and is a flat statement that no promise of any kind will be kept for the coming year. It is also sung by the cantor in synagogue, accompanied on the violin and goes like this:

"All vows, obligations, oaths or anathemas, pledges of all names, which we have vowed, sworn, devoted, or bound ourselves to, from this day of atonement, until the next day of atonement (whose arrival we hope for in happiness) we repent, aforehand, of them all, they shall all be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, void and made of no effect; they shall not be binding, nor have any power; the vows shall not be reckoned as vows, the obligations shall not be obligatory, nor the oaths considered as oaths."

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By the way.... some of the speeches that come out of Rabbi's are extreme and hateful against all other races... and prophetic... when you acknowledge that they predict events that happened later.

Which leads to the conclusion that they plan events... such as mass population reduction through vaxxination... and WW3... and these are threats to you me and everyone else... and they must be pointed out.

We cannot live in peace as long as we are forced to fight between ourselves...


A report from Europe carried the following speech of Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich before a special meeting of the Emergency Council of European Rabbis in Budapest, Hungary, January 12, 1952:

"Greetings, my children; You have been called her to recapitulate the principal steps of our new program. As you know, we had hoped to have twenty years between wars to consolidate the great gains which we made from World War II, but our increasing numbers in certain vital areas is arousing opposition to us, and we must now work with every means at our disposal to precipitate World War III within five years. [They did not precipitate World War III but they did instigate the Korean War when on June 25, 1950 they ordered the North Korean army to launch a surprise attack on South Korea. On June 26, the U.N. Security Council condemned the invasion as aggression and ordered withdrawal of the invading forces.

"Then on June 27, 1950, our Jewish American President Truman ordered air and naval units into action to enforce the U.N. order.

"Not achieving their full goals, they then instigated the overthrow of South Vietnam Ngo Dinh Diem, Premier under Bao Dai, who deposed the monarch in 1955 and established a republic with himself as President. Diem used strong U.S. backing to create an authoritarian regime, which soon grew into a fullscale war, with Jewish pressure escalating U.S. involvement].

"The goal for which we have striven so concertedly FOR THREE THOUSAND YEARS is at last within our reach, and because its fulfillment is so apparent, it behooves us to increase our efforts and our caution tenfold. I can safely promise you that before ten years have passed, our race will take its rightful place in the world, with every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave

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Which "Jewish religion"?

There is no such thing as "the Jews." There are many types of Jews and some of them in my life did a lot of good things for other people, making them just as human as anyone else.

Most of the eugenicists happen to be from a group that may have been Jewish at one point, but they do not exclusively represent any version of Judaism; they seem to be using Jews (among whom many are atheists and yes, most people in the MSM and in American movies are Jewish), Zionists, and Freemasons (except for those of the 33rd degree) as patsies. The monsters are, and always have been, very much willing to sacrifice Jews on their way to achieve their goals as collateral damage.

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You might find this article interesting from the Jerusalem Post...

“People in these conferences are interested in themselves and their particular family history, but if you take a step back we are all connected to everyone,” he tells The Jerusalem Report . “For Jews it’s automatic. Everyone is related by marriage, cousin to cousin to cousin. This turns out to be true regardless of where you are from – Sephardi, Ashkenazi, Persian, Mizrahi, Yemeni, Italian ‒ it doesn’t matter. By now, all Jews in the world are very closely related or connected to one another.”


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You can only be Jewish, if your mother was one. After all, only the mother is certain. :)

In Freemasonry, "we are all brothers and sisters."

Are we or are we not?

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I don't know... are you a Freemason?

I rather have Friends than Brothers... after all Cain and Abel were also Brothers....

My only Family are my Kung Fu Brothers and sisters...

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Has it occurred to you that Jews are also being manipulated?


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The Jews are the first ones who are being manipulated...

But they will never allow to acknowledge that they are used...

They are the first to go...

The Jews are the first line of defense of those who are evil by nature and use the Jews as Human shields...

We are speaking of course of the Rothschild / Rockefeller cabal who I believe they believe that they are direct Offspring of Nimrod...

That I do believe is true...

Nimrod was Anunaki...

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"As is the Jewish Religion the basis of all evil."

Pathetic and flippant. Not even logical, definitely evil going on in other places and times in the world that know nothing of that religion.

@Mathew I'll have to immediately end payments and unsubscribe should you not refute comments like this on your substack.

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His comments are offensive and obnoxious, but you don't need my permission to refute them your own self. I wouldn't ever stop you.

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To listen with open ears, heart and minds, to someone that says things that make your blood boil. Or stands for something that you would spend every last breath, tearing to pieces....to listen and even defend their right to say/do that, because if one person cannot be truly free to express themselves, then NONE are free...THAT is what being a fully grown, developed and compassionate human being is. Who can actually handle that? #rhetorical #canuhandlethat #heatkitchen

Ps, re his comment- Mathews house, Mathews rules😊

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I just want to make things clear...

I am not against any group of people in general... I rather point out that some people take advantage of the excuse that is Religion... may it be Islam or Christianity or Judaism...

And when one Religion permits you to lie... and another one to kill their enemies... and both have their roots in the Abrahamic traditions... then it is my duty to point this out as I feel obliged to...

And when you look at all the evil people... Soros... Schwab... Zuckerberg... Thiel... Kurzweil ... yellen... Rothschild... Rockefeller... you will find that I have a point.

That does not mean that there are others...

We must be allowed to point out the facts that there is a reason that people of a specific group tend to be more evil than others.

And to protect evil is evil by itself.

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Calling evil out is a good thing (exposing dirty deeds/thinking, dragging it into the light, disintegrates it's power, which is an illusion anyway) in my view, but I'm no expert on what denotes evil. There are things done by some that others call evil, while others do not. Who determines the right? The victim, doer or witness? Sometimes they can be all the same. Evil is as subjective to perspective, as "good".

As soon as we denote an entire "group" as being evil, I think we are falling into the exact tactic that those you call evil, would use, to justify their beliefs and actions. "Group" simply means safety in our still tribal brains.

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Jun 29, 2022·edited Jun 29, 2022

I like your last paragraph. But evil is not a matter of opinion. Evil is easy to define. And hindsight is 2020,which allows for all to judge whether or not an act is evil. Evil is what has been unfolding, boldly before our eyes over the last 3 years, and all of the energy before that which contributed to these events. Evil is setting aside what you know is fair and true and allowing an indifferent and banal authority to fool us all with smoke and mirrors; all the while claiming it is in our best interest. I think Mr Fritz has something to teach us. He is not what I consider to be evil. We have much bigger fish to fry on the scale if evil and wrongdoing. I also thing Fritz should listen to the comments and reconsider some of his claims about Jews. . Religion should not be used as an excuse to lie, war, or harm. But it is.used for those means. Calling it out is brave. But calling Jews evil is wrong.

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A little missconception....

I don't call Jews evil... I call the Jewish Religion evil...

There is a fundamental difference in this....

The very same way as when you call all Germans Nazis...

But and I like to point out that fact... if you look purely at the scripture and read between the lines... you will find that one allows things the others are not allowed...

People are born like a white paper... everyone is a story to be written...

Religion acts like a Behavioral Programming Language...

People behave according to what they believe...

So if you tell people that they are God over other people they will act like Gods.. with the power over life and death...

That goes against my fundamental believe that all beings are created equal...

Some more than others...

Nobody is born evil...

But Religion makes people evil...

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Evil is opposed to live...

Life is Truth and Freedom...

Those who force other people to obey their lies without giving freedom are evil by definition...

To live means to let live...

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Jun 29, 2022·edited Jun 29, 2022

Those that use force on others to get their way...are sad, damaged, isolated, soul-sick, sociopathic, stupid....pick a label, there are many to choose from these days, but evil?

Not even in the way you mean, as in the opposite of life.

I'm sure not many, if any, of us have truly looked into the abyss, and embraced it. I'm sure most that we would label "evil", are simply a product of many generations of poor choices, bad information, terrible experiences, even the banality of no experiences! Combined with, generation disconnect, community deficit, and a direct consequence desert.

Defining evil as the opposite of life?- Every single person currently responsible (yep all the ones in the "group") for this pandemics of stupidity, they think they are doing this FOR humanity!😐😐 Whether their motivation is money, climate change, depopulation, fame, satan, god, lineage, whatever! It's not for evil. We can't even define the word properly, let alone agree on what it is or looks like.

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Thanks for expanding Fritz, and your initial points then are worth discussion.

Most religions including Islam, Christianity, or Judaism have the Golden Rule baked somewhere in them, but the priest-class can be polluted as much as any politician and twist the religion to be in favour of war or death.

"And when you look at all the evil people" [...lists exclusively jews...]

and there you go again.

You can equally argue Gates, Pelosi, the Pope, Trudeau, Macron, Bojo, Biden, Freemasons - and that would bring you at least back to Abrahamic.

You are not alone, I heard Graham Hancock referring to them as "Abrahamic Death Cults". Although I'd put my similar point that atrocities have taken place again, across time and space in all manner of societies that are ostensibly bhuddist, shinto, hindu etc. etc. and was surprised to hear Hancock with a career in archaeology and thus history cast uneven dispersions. If you read Steven Pinker's work on pre-history bone excavations, violence occurred at even higher rates among early man and have been consistently declining bar the odd cataclysm.

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Thank you...

I refer to them as the "Cult of Molech" and Molek spelled MLK in ancient Hebrew means King...

And with all the people you listed they have one thing in common... they belong to the cult of MLK also known as the Jewish Occult...

And yes they are a death cult.

And no Buddhism does not kill people...

I am a Buddhist... ZEN... the oldest Philosophy in the world.

We appreciate life...

Zen is wisdom and knowledge of the ages...

But one cannot appreciate life if we are forced to life a lie...

There is no proof of God...

So those who claim to be the children of God and do that by force are evil in nature.

Such is the death cult...

And are we not allowed to question this?

I question everything until the Truth comes to light.

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Well Cambodia is one of the most bhuddist nations in the world still managed to make Abrahamic countries blush with bloodlust in living memory. I'm not ascribing it to the religion of bhuddism. The Buddha reportedly stated, "Victory breeds hatred. The defeated live in pain. Happily the peaceful live giving up victory and defeat."

Merely pointing out that mixing religions and people together isn't a cure for human nature.. And casting dispersions upon an entire religions and peoples that clearly have their upsides isn't ideal. I mean who doesn't like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm?!

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I would argue that our existence, and it's complexity, is proof of a designer, Whom I call "God".

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I'll start paying because Matthew has earned much respect for his tolerance. I agree that the comment is offensive, but Fritz has an open mind and has shown that he is reasonable and will consider alternatives. Shutting down the discussion is unacceptable when others are willing to listen and learn.

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A warning: "You are pathetic" is quickly resorting to abuse. I'll give you a second chance if only because I'm curious as to why you think what you think (opinions I do not share, though I worry about evil in all the world's leadership circles).

Before responding with abuse, stop and think through how you might create educational discourse.

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By the way... did you read my essay about Franz Kafka?

I shall point out Franz Kafka was Jewish and remains to this day one of my favorite writers...

As is Edwin Black...

Both are rebels in their own right against their "Jewish" indoctrination...

We are all victims here....

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I love RFK Jr's take on Harari: "This character is a war criminal in search of a war."

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For me she goes too far too quickly, immediately jumping to philanthropaths actively seeking to "liquidate" huge swathes of the population. Linking to her own article that in turn has a keystone of proof in some cherry-picked quotes some an Jacques Atteli talk in the eighties, which the actual thrust of which seems to be post-65 euthanasia for those not optimal for society anymore... which sick and misguided to the loss and unhumanity as it is a toned down version of Brave New World philosophies of popping off at 40 (I know it was a dystopia thought-piece and it's reflective on part of human desire which dates at least as far back as witch hunts which generally murdered old widows who were costing the community on parish pensions).

The numbers don't stack up. Global population growth has been dented by a few million at most. 2021 population growth was about 80,000,000 i.e. 1% of the roughly 7,957,798,739 people on the planet. If they're trying to depopluate with the vaccine, which seems her thrust... they're doing a shit job. Even triple or quadrupled mRNA jabbed has a CFR of less than 1%. And half the world hasn't even had one jab of any kind.

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Jun 29, 2022·edited Jun 29, 2022Author

"Global population growth has been dented by a few million at most."

The impacts of poverty and food shortages made certain by pandemic (and recent past) policy will kill hundreds of millions. There is no avoiding a terrible course at this point.

Of course, we're also seeing signs of mass fertility decline, and there are many ways the shit could really hit the fan, soon. If the vaccines are poisonous enough, hundreds of millions or billions more might die over the next few years. This is an unknown at this point, but there are a lot of signs.

Edited: Some things need to be held back until I'm ready to lay out a more complete story.

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I hope those aren't certain.

So far mortal food shortages have only continued to ravage war-torn regions as they did pre-lockdowns. I have friends in Kwale, Kenya (average wage less than two dollars a day - UN ExtremePoverty definition). None of them are hungry.

How are you extrapolating hundreds of million from the current situation?

Mass fertility decline. Well 80% of your sperm count still leaves millions of swimmers even for the jabbed. World average fertility is 2.4, above replacement right?.

Although two-thirds of the globe got jabbed. SMH. Many weren't mRNA (China/Russia)

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The vax mrna has been found to congregate in ovaries & testes. Per Dr McCollough it is possible that the vax spikes, which are known to destroy cells, destroy egg cells & possibly the egg cells of female fetuses.

There are many ways in which these pseudo-vaccines cause cumulative damage.

As Matthew says, we don't know the long term impact, but depopulation is certainly possible.

We know they damage both innate & acquired/adaptive immune function. The recent appearance of unexpected outbreaks of normally latent or rare diseases is a likely consequence.

The combined excess mortality with decreased births showing up in highly vaccinated Taiwan and elsewhere points to depopulation as well.

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OK, I think I'm done here.

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The increase in infertility in women is also monumental.

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Baby steps.

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