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Mathew, your substack was the first substack that I ever read, (heard about it on Darkhorse) many months ago, and I've been hooked since. I read many substacks, and your production of content is one of the slowest, but your content is the best. I find myself reading and rereading your articles. Plus your humor is top-notch.

Thanks for all your hard work.

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"If there isn't an orchestrated endgame to this, will it be the pampered Mandarins who wind up most hurt?"

Well, starting something is easy. Starting something and nudging it in a general direction is doable. Starting something and directly controlling and micromanaging it to a specific well-defined goal is possible but resource intensive and difficult.

And doing all the above with close to 100% control is impossible - it would be like trying to control where every bullet, dronestrike or missile hits during war.

So the mandarins as you call them are (knowingly or unknowingly) playing reverse musical chairs: the first one to get up and run for the exit might make before the rest, but they also run the greatest risk of being apprehended and brought low on the way, while those who wait too long to run while be set upon by eachother and those they've been leeching off.

All animals who flock, pack, herd, or school act that way: all of them waiting for the rest to move first, and when that suddenly happens the whole shebang moves together as one. Investors, realtors, HR-managers, lawyers, and all the other white collar semi-parasitical work-from-home- Karen's of all genders knows it. And the academical parasitoids are even worse.

As to a financial system: ask king Ethelred how money stands up to power.

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The planned end game is the great reset. I'd like to think the trucker strike is organic, but I've been posting for weeks in response to substackers worrying about war, that I expected supply chain would be next. First Australia, then Saskatchewan suffering Adblue shortages needed for diesel & fertilizer.

Then when GoFundMe released the truckers funds to the truckers, I knew.

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Russia is dumping gold https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/russias-gold-is-being-robbed

And the reason why Germany had hyperinflation was because of the British, first blockades and then after the war the dumb reparations.

It was set up.

I'd love to hear about China, they confuse me sometimes, allowing anti nationalist people be billionaires... That's our job !

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Jimmy Rogers is one of the few honest voices CNBC used to feature and favorite of mine in the 1980-90's. This interview from 2008 "America is Collapsing" is a nice flashback to what was permitted in terms of challenging the narrative and what was reasonably common knowledge in financial circles even then. If you haven't seen it his two cents is priceless.


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I noticed many oil and gas companies are now self-funding future projects from free cash flow. Apparently ESG changes made it too hard to borrow capital.

However this is a good sign, meaning that the O&G industry won't be debt financed and will still be profitable.

Also coal usage is rising.

Changes in two fossil fuels that should make one start to question what's happening within the green energy movement.

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Hi Matthew, start thinking of energy as the real currency of the world with money, whatever type of money, as just a method for allocating that energy. All the pieces fit together when you do. The current tension in Ukraine is really about who gets to supply central/western Europe with energy - the Russians, or the USA and its allies. The truth is, it will be the Russians, but the USA just can't give up that influence over Europe easily. Don't believe me? Listen to Condoleeza Rice herself explain it on German TV in 2014:


(Of course, that was when the USA was fooling itself that shale oil was profitable and decades-long plentiful - both, on the whole, untrue.)

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Thanks for making me consider the financial motivations behind everything again. I've thought about it briefly but not enough!


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Definitely not trying to make a statement or anything, but those ants look like Hajj pilgrims walking around the Kaaba.

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I don't know where you are going. Certainly money are relative to terms of trade within some slip. The Canadian Dollar and US Dollar and Yuan-RMB are all relative. A supply shock in the form of a truck slowdown is distressing but I don't think fracturing. Franky, it is everyday folks not bankers that make the lives of trucks harsh with zero bathroom access, restricted food access and poor driving let alone the weather and input costs. But the longshoremen and trucks are just a way of pressuring China and making some Western domestic independence. A decouple. $10 Trillion is a big denominator though. Never catch a falling knife we say. Better to fall with it. But, I thought THIS knife would have hit the ground a decade ago which is quite a can kick. Anyhow, I don't know where all this is headed either. No doubt there are trust and arbitrariness issues. I think the comparison of Nazi Germany and post 2008 Canada break down though. I don't stay current with Canadian economics but the big difference between the USA and Canada post 2008 was the real estate policies and prices from what I know.

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Pruritus genital. Definitely.

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Though you claim to not know where the x-dimensional chess match is going next

I'd imagine that by now you've gleaned their desired endpoint and stasis

which then only requires working backward through the sequential steps or stages needed to arrive there

and alternates to any one of those which they might consider as acceptable waypoints

I like how and where you've brought this so far 😀👍

and the tone is engaging 🤓

Thanks bud❗

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Ernst Wolff's take on near future (ingeneered collapse of financial systems and fiat currencies):



Who owns the world?


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