News That Rounds the Earth - May 3, 2021

The most interesting Pew survey of all time, Hitler's secret sex life, how two high school students achieved a practical technology education, and more...

These RTE news briefs are designed to help our readers understand the news that would otherwise gaslight or distract each of you from paying attention to the controlling nature of Hegelian dialectic and the slow motion collapse of the dollar.

  1. The Biden administration announced a ban on travel to India, likely to push the dreaded double-mutant spread off until next Infection Season while apparently forgetting the unnecessary and racist nature of such a travel ban.

  1. One-third of Basecamp employees quit, demonstrating that pushing Woke ideology was more primary to their work hour goals than performing tasks that solve problems. Basecamp may be onto something...

  1. While commodities, and particularly lumber, soar in price after a year of pandemically-minded economic demolition, a video surfaces showing hoarding of lumber at a lumberyard.

  1. New documentary claims Hitler liked having women pee on him.

  1. A highly credible new survey conducted by Pews shows that 5 out of every 4 Rounding the Earth readers enjoy my sense of humor.

  1. The state of Washington continues to hunt for clever ways to politely ask productive, wealthy citizens to just go away already.

  1. Two high school students accused of hacking wi-fi to get out of tests probably gained most practical skill set among all graduating seniors at Secaucus High School.

  1. Now that the UK is likely at herd immunity, the Ziverdo COVID treatment kit of ivermectin, doxycycline, and zinc can now be shipped to residents there. Three cheers for health officials!