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Another excellent read, thank you for sharing! I am daily heartened by the number of people who are seeing Moloch as the curtain is ripped away; and sadly watching those who will do anything to not be inconvenienced by harsh truths. Who knew the collapse of Empire could be so fascinating to live through? I remain optimistic and continue doing what I do best - creating beauty with Nature, creating community 1 person at a time, and making it a priority to LOVE MY LIFE. That is the one place Moloch cannot enter, our love for our lives.

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Hi Mathew - thanks so much for this. It's a sleepless night for me. It must be the "Peak Moloch" energy!

This struck me:

"Defeating Moloch requires a heroic effort that travels through loneliness and back to humanity."

It's so true - at least for me.

And yet, I am reminded daily that in the quantum field of truth, there are ONLY mighty companions. That includes daily reminders from the writer Warriors on Substack.

So, thanks for this wonderful reminder tonight, and for all that you are doing.

Good night!

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The realities are, most of the "secret sauce" that made the American Experiment work has been lost to us down through the decades. Once upon a time, there were jobs for teenagers. Shovel snow, mow a lawn, fill the shelves at a grocery store. Seems trivial, but the young at least learned the basic concept that there's no free lunch in the American economy. I'm wondering how many of today's college kids (and the younger professors) have ever held a job? Failing to be grounded in reality at an early enough age, small wonder that so many crazy ideas are sprouting on college campuses these days.

And it's worse than that. A voluntary exchange economy prospers best when there are lines that both buyer and seller will not cross. Is was always "caveat emptor" in the marketplace, sure... but the marketplace these days, more and more merchants are turning commercial transactions into the equivalent of a steel cage death match in which no holds are barred. The 'secret sauce' that's going missing is that most of the older generations in learned their morality through their Sunday school lessons, they learned that there are certain lines in life that dare not be crossed. It's not that Sunday school is the only way to learn the everyday morality that makes markets prosper, it's not that at all: With fewer children receiving religious instruction at an early age, our problem is that no succeeding method to that instruction has arisen to take its place. We need that everyday practical sense of morality, and we need it deeply.

There are more aspects to this, but I won't belabor the point any further. Having seen many a rodeo, I applaud many of the social and technological changes that have occurred in America during my lifetime. I do not wish to go back. It is indeed a better America than I grew up in, through the efforts of so many.

But we're getting to a point where too many babies have been tossed with the bath water. Too much of the 'secret sauce' that drove our success has been lost, and has never been replaced. We're suffering from the effects of that.

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“Where you will be when Moloch falls is a choice.”

I’ll be here next to you, to all of you, unshakeable fearless brethren. We’ll have lots of rebuilding to do. And stories around the campfire to tell. And many souls to help heal. The death of Moloch will leave a giant void and we can either fill it with love and empathy or allow another Moloch to rise from the filler of anything less.

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מלך - melekh in Hebrew means a king

מולך - means somebody, who happened to be a king although he by himself is not worth it. A ruler. A current thing.

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It is a paradox why things are clear as day to some of us (and it is lonely) and completely opaque to others. And why some want to stubbornly stay unknowing, even with growing evidence of truth. It is easy to go with the flow; too much effort to swim up-current. Many go along as a result of fear, but plenty just don't want to be bothered. Either way they are collaborators in deception and harm and thus culpable; innocence can only be claimed up to a certain point. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, Mathew.

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Love the Moloch analogy. This demon has been on my mind a lot ever since the FDA's approval of the clot shot for babies.

Any society that pushes vaccines on young people in order to "protect grandma" has descended to Moloch worship.

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Moloch spelled MLK in ancient hebrew meaning King...

In ancient Hebrew the words were written without vowels...

A burnt offering to MLK was known as Holocaust or Shoah...

It was usually the sacrifice of a living baby thrown into the flames of Molech.

There was chanting and singing to drown the screams of the sacrificed baby.

Before that all the sins of the ancient hebrew were transferred to the baby.

Today the passover festival is similar to the worship of molech where the sins are transferred to the sacrificial lam which is then sacrificed.

The worship of Molech & the Cult of Molech today live on in the WEF and the Bohemian Grove and Skull & Bones and the many subdivisions of the Jewish Occult.

Nearly all of the so called Leaders are members and do their bidding today.

The WEF Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger are at the center of this.


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Dr. Zelenko just passed away.


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Moloch isn’t an idea. He actually is a demon in hell. Evil isn’t just a “force;” it is personified in Satan and the demons intent on our destruction. If you don’t realize this, you are picking daisies in the battlefield.

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This is certainly going to be an interesting discussion Mathew. I’m a devout Catholic and when I refer to Moloch I usually mean the impulse to kill one’s children and call it virtue, especially slick virtues pushed by corporations who can only gain by calling evil good. “Scott Alexander’s” definition, borrowing on Ginsburg and even CS Lewis about dystopia made me think of a YT discussion (deleted by the Overlords) between Dave Cullen and John Waters way back in 2020. Waters made the point that the best prison is the one built by the prisoners themselves. The panopticon. I’m definitely looking forward to everyone’s comments.

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Sick, perverse, crass lewd, lush, foul and sickeningly wealthy!

And I ain't even talking about Trump!

... the Clintons. the Bushes. the Obamas. the Bidens. Shudder.

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Do not give any of your children to be sacrificed to Molek [Molock] for you must not profane the name of your God. I am the Lord. Lev 18:21

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Definitely, pfuck Scott Alexander. I 100% agree.

I never liked his Meditations on Moloch. I think it's self-gaslighting to explain away the willful agency that drives social dysfunction, which they try to portray as spontaneous and emergent. The real agent are the central bankers and their plans for world domination. The rule is "order out of chaos."

Scott is progressive, asexual and lives in a polyamorous commune, from which he would likely be ostracized if he realized the nature of reality. So he writes long meandering articles to avoid that.

If he saw the reality of HCQ and ivermectin, continuing to ask "but why?" inevitably leads to central bankers. If he followed this, his social circle would expel him and he'd have to find another home.

He wrote an excellent article in 2013 about the slow decay of people warehoused in nursing homes:


This was evocative, and is the only article of his I still link to.

Besides this, I consider him harmful. Not only for his narrative-compliant opinions - he's also a psychiatrist who perpetuates the harm of SSRIs. A Midwestern Doctor gave an excellent debunking:



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Thank you for this essay. Your writing is one of the things that keeps me sane these days. Your closing words especially. It is absolutely true that fear is a choice. I can sometimes seem overwhelming to see all of the rot out there and not know how to fight back. This is one of those areas where I agree with the oft repeated adage (though not at all in this context) that silence is violence. Knowing the truth and keeping it to yourself does nobody any good.

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On the other post: Making Use of All the Information

When I filed my patent in 2008 I did just that...

I can't post there because I am not a paid subscriber because they ruined me financially.

I envisioned a solution for many problems that are Infrastructure logistics transportation and pollution through aviation combined with living space.

The solution is my technology which solves all of these and more

It is an Infrastructure support system combined with Zero Emission Hypersonic transportation.

It is the solution to the "Green New Deal" scam we are force-fed now.

It is the sole reason why I fight so hard to get heard.

They ruined me financially, destroyed my family, tried to kill me, send me to jail, and have taken everything from me but my fighting spirit.

Right now they try to put me into jail again.

I thinks it is worth mentioning my work before it is too late.




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