"One Ring to Rule Them All." And the original power of that ring was invisibility.

Right now, surreptitious actions are being taken within science, technology, institutions, the media, and lawfare (to name a few) that are largely going unnoticed and invisible because of media propaganda and the thought-stopping accusations of "conspiracy theory." The incantation of "conspiracy theory" is a sort of invisibility spell, isn't it? Say it, and you can blind people.

Relevant to this mindwar is this recent publication: https://stopworldcontrol.com/downloads/GrandJurySummary1.pdf

I notice that Malone once again accuses the masses of being under mass formation psychosis:

"You ask what could possibly go wrong with a top-down, centralized authoritarian diktat response to daily management of a globalized one-world socioeconomic system? If you do not immediately recognize the answer, than you are clearly suffering from mass formation (psychosis), and best of luck adapting to the future which is coming at you like a freight train." https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/anarcho-capitalism-and-dr-javier

The above statement by Malone serves to obscure the massive propaganda and mind control that's the cause of any mass formation. We'd do well to remember that Desmet, the origin of the mass formation concept, explicitly and clearly denies that there was any overall guiding conspiracy during Covid. We know this is a blatant and ridiculous falsehood that attempts to hide the massive fear campaign deliberately launched during High Covid.

My contention is that deception and lies function to make what's really happening invisible: one ring to rule them all. We all know that, of course. I think that characters like Malone and Desmet are working to obscure what's happening. Whether this is by choice or by chance, or by sheer incompetence, we can't know for sure.

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Nov 22, 2023Liked by Mathew Crawford

In every emergency situation except this one the first thing responders have always told people is to stay calm.

In this case they did the exact opposite and went out of their way to impart fear and alarm. That is unprecedented and flies in the face of logic and reason.

Unless the goal is to trigger the fight or flight reptilian portion of the brain.

Once triggered everyone will run blindly for the exits. In this case the exits were the authoritarian protocols, mandates, and ultimately the injection.

Once people accepted being penetrated it became a social contract. No different than being initiated in a gang or cult.

Once initiated they become loyal, blind to criticism even in the face of mounting evidence. Skepticism feels like betrayal.

It is crystal clear people were, and still are, deliberately being led. Psychologically owned. Emergency situations are never handled this way.

This was something else entirely.

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Nov 22, 2023Liked by Mathew Crawford

Search and you will find, knock and it will be opened, ask and you will recieve.

Or, love truth with your whole soul, your whole heart and your whole being.

My life experience is that if I love truth, study, reflect and reconsider, over and over again, always willing for my theories to be wrong, and test the conclusions I've reached with my experiences, then slowly, slowly, I work my way closer to "truth," throughout the process.

And, learn to recognize others who live truth, strive for it themselves, and are reliable sources to work with. In their own searches they find much that will not, and together everyone's discoveries lead us closer to the finding out what is real, or accurate or not.

New discoveries happen all the time and if you really value "honesty," "wisdom," & "truth," just living those qualities as best you can yourself, draws them to you as well, on many occasions.

Honest people are valuable, priceless, really. Now this doesn't help when you are a statistician trying to work with misleading or corrupted data, obviously!

The solution to that problem is not mathematical, but having a well informed enough population to INSIST that our public institutions maintain integrity & openness in their behaviors & responsibilities that we, the People, and our representatives in Congress have charged them with! That of course is difficult now, but we must work towards it, imho. The Covid Coup has shocked awake some competent individuals, I believe, and maybe the days of corruption, obfuscation, & incompetence will begin waning a bit, now?? We can hope!

The courts aren't really helping us a lot, with a few exceptions. But that too will swing back the other way when our People no longer tolerate a system which only protects itself, not us.

"Sea changes" Mr. Crawford. We are looking for sea changes! And inside each person as well.

Thank you for ALL your work, this day before Thanksgiving.

We readers all know where to go, when looking for real information and highly capable analysis of the data/information presented!!

All the best to you, and everyone else working for Truth, in this "hall of mirrors" we are living in, today!

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One way to filter out the lies is by asking the simple questions: "What is the evidence?" , "What is the counter-evidence?" , "Can we independently verify it?" , "Why might it be true or false?". This helps to stick to the (perceived) facts as much as possible.

With climate scare, we see that there is a lot of counter evidence. Especially from independent verifiers. And why it may be false: Because the CO2 has hardly any effect on temperature, and heat releases CO2 from water into the air. We even have a lack of CO2 compared to ancient times.

The problem is that many people are not able to admit that authority figures are often frauds.

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Nov 23, 2023Liked by Mathew Crawford

This mindwar has been going on for quite awhile but was put into over drive after 2012 Smith Mundt Modernization Act and year end NDAA passage. It is probably going to get worse as there is no effort to gain sanity in the open air asylum.

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Assume everything you hear on state-run mainstream media news on any "significant" topic is bombarded with lies, as the news is weaponized to menticide its viewers. Spook commentators can say anthing with total impunity.

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So if I recall corrected, Bertrand Russell famously said along the lines that we need to tell the population that "snow is black" and we can tell how effective we are when the population believes us:


I would argue that's what we're seeing play out today. These lies are told simply for the fact of creating a narrative and then capturing the attention behind that narrative. It doesn't matter if snow is black or not, but more specifically, can I get people to do X and Y BECAUSE they believe that snow is black?

It's all about the number one currency that we pay daily: attention


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I am 100% non-violent and advocate abiding by all laws. But where you say "spend all of your resources checking the lies in hope that the truth will free you" I beg to differ. The issue is, there are more of us than them, the evil, and if people got off their fat, Brobdignagian, lazy arses, we would run rings around them, both financially, and in terms of real fact checking (as opposed to fraud fact checking, like Snopes, Reuters, ad nauseam). And we have people like Musk, who, while not perfect by a long shot, at least is an ally, much like Stalin was in WWII.

But most people are like one woman I knew, who, when I told her about the shot, including fetal material used, said "I know, but I got it cuz I just want to go to Cancun next month." And in that sentence is microcosm of why we are losing.

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Rather than trying to figure out what is the truth do the opposite. Figure out the lie. Then do not do what the liars are telling you to do.

Example 1: PCR test run to cycle threshold of 45 is valid for infectious viral detection. This was done in 2009 and Kary Mullis explained in great detail why it was just not possible to use his technology that way. In 2020 WHO/FDA/CDC went with excessively high Ct so they are lying.

Example 2: Declaring a vaccine safe based on 2 months of data. The human experimental trials accumulated 2 months of data and based on that they declared it "safe". The fastest vaccine development was 4 years (mumps) and the average was 7 years. How do you compress a 4-7 year development cycle into a 2 month window? You cut out the collection of 95+% of the safety data because that is what takes the vast majority of those 4-7 years.

3) Hiding data. Withholding information is a form of lying. By refusing to release the raw data from the phase 2 human trials nobody could verify their claims. Peter Doshi at BMJ called that one out in January 2021. I can't give informed consent when information is being withheld and I flatly refuse to do so.

There are many others but you get the idea. This puts the onus on them to be transparent and honest because any failure to do so results in us refusing to do what they say.

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Last is more likely. Boston. Lexington and Concord are in the psyche.

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BCT won't change the game... Simply because it's using a network that the same SRF & Billionaires control 100%.

Try another one!

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There's also just so much information flowing to people these days in general, in social media feeds etc. I've had that experience many a time, where I'm trying to get someone to open up to an idea, and they'll just come up with some dumb excuse to dismiss it off hand, or assert that "it's already be settled by all the experts".

But I realize it's sort of a protective barrier people put around themselves. Then they get pigeon holed into believe outright lies, and getting them to snap out is extremely difficult.

I think some of this is a consequence of social media, but one does have to wonder if a lot of the noise is a deliberate distraction.

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"cognitive infiltration of the groups that produce conspiracy theories"


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As I mentioned last time, if you start out with a false assumption in the hypothesis, the conclusion will be inaccurate as well. Here, you assume that anything from earth can even travel to Mars or beyond like the magical Voyager probe traveling for 45 years on the same set of super NASA batteries. https://www.cnn.com/2023/05/10/world/nasa-voyager-probes-power-scn/index.html. Or the great telephone call with perfect reception between the alleged astronaut on the plasma energy moon and the always honest Tricky Dick Nixon "Hello Neil and Buzz, I am talking to you by telephone from the Oval Room at the White House" which ,much of the public orgiinally took at face value. https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/documents/telephone-conversation-with-the-apollo-11-astronauts-the-moon Although astute observers with radio transmission knowledge could easily deduce the impossibility of this call, it was only later in the development of modern cell phones (as your comparison noted) that anyone could easily question the veracity of the premise that we could communicate by telephone into "space" in 1969 as claimed by the space agencies and their massively profiting military contractors. The digital binary probability of accuracy in the transmitted code as described in your example is therefore 0%.

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Oh, c’mon. It’s much simpler than that. They lie - and we lie - because lies by a public official are not criminal offences by default. In other words, until splashed against facts and ornamented with personal liability, lies are socially acceptable and accepted. Everybody does it.

A simple solution is actually embedded in legal procedures. Under oath, you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Meaning: 1) no subjective interpretations, 2) no incomplete messages, 3) no irrelevant stories.

Transposing it into an oath of a public official is just a breeze. Why hasn’t it been done? Why don’t voters demand it as a pre-requisite in elections?

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