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Yikes. A long while ago I read heavily in science fiction. So much of it seemed weird and implausible. Until 40-50 years into the future it becomes reality.

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“Does it creep anyone else out that Joss Whedon's Avengers story involves a villain who kills half the people in the universe?”


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“The truly inexplicable popularity of Oprah”


Thanks for always throwing in that bit of humor.


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The biggest mystery to me among the many Covid mysteries is why so many people rushed out to get a version 1.0 drug injected into their shoulder, including Steve Kirsch. I’m intrigued that Mathew now seems focused on this issue.

I know about all the propaganda and recently watched a clip of the Today show hosts getting vaccinated on live TV. Since when do people - especially those with Kirsch’s intellect - become so easily influenced by media? I had thought that media influence was waning given the smaller audiences versus pre-Internet. So that’s why I’m mystified.

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I met Jim Channon in the 1980s and was convinced by his presentation on the First Earth Battalion in Philadelphia. I have some slides from it. I was also involved with the Global Nonviolent Peaceforce - quite different. Thanks for this blast from the past.

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Love it!

Mathew, it's wild how you weave these different narrative strands, which often echo various stages and pursuits from my own path :)

I don't always agree with some of your articles but I mightily appreciate your voice and your contributions!

When is the DMED story going to blow up???

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Robert Malone discussed this (frightening) document in January 2022. Some themes are similar…


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Ugh. More confusing, humbling, emotionally baffling mentions of names I'd thought were, at worst, overly speculative about 2012, and annoyingly marketing their stuff too much (something energetically seemed off),

in context of them being at the root of the dystopian horror the world will become,


the people doing workshops about 2012, energy, meditation, etc,

get their way??

It was quite strange to hear Dr Zelenko mention Barbara Marx Hubbard as if she was on par with CEOs of Pfizer, etc. (Interview with Mark Crispin Miller).

But, I want to know ... And along the way of course are people who mean well. Maybe the full truth of the who's who of intentional evil / domination and meaning well (besides the Faucis of the world), will never (all) be known.

Mathew, I so appreciate your work and integrity and not-jumping-to-conclusions-ness. I can trust that whatever you say, you've found the roots of, or acknowledge that the roots are tangled / hard to follow.

It's interesting (and perhaps more?), that Yuval Noah Harari is into Vipassana meditation . . .


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FYI : I follow Suspicious Observers, which may well be a pseudoscience cult, I am humble about such things given my level of scientific ability .. I have sympathy for enthusiastic amateurs who see issues with accepted knowledge - the trick is never to be too attached, just curious.

They look at data, the pole shift theory is based on 12,000 disaster cycle which they attribute to a pole shift, due to galactic magnetic currents, resulting in earth's weakening magnetic field and an uneven earth core, solar eruptions etc. They have their youtube channel and websites if anyone interested in looking further - I would say the Cayce or spiritualist movement is not driving contemporary interest in disaster cycles or pole shifts, but flaws in science models, gatekeeping, typical gaps in scientific knowledge, this is a summary video from Suspicious Observers it begins in rather more sensationalist tone that I would like - but best introduction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihwoIlxHI3Q

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I wish Robert Barnes hadn't just gone on a well deserved vacation, but will pass to him when he gets back ~ meanwhile this fits into much of the Hush Hush series he's done. You may have seen the thread and reporting on Fort Bragg in NC. https://twitter.com/ColumbiaBugle/status/1532362110063284226?s=20&t=9_IMC0zy6Y-M5dADP8ZvYQ

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So your life story starts with your escape from a woo-woo super-soldier training program? That explains a lot! The kinds of things government officials can believe just goes to show that they're just regular ass people like the rest of us. When I was studying in Egypt I remember trying to get some BJJ training in. I quickly learned that Hosni Mubarak's government didn't allow novel martial arts out of fear that they could be used to overthrow the government (at least that's what I was told by the kick boxer I was training with). All of the sudden something clicked. I remembered visiting the white house in the 90s and seeing "nun-chucks" listed as weapons that were expressly forbidden to be brought onto the premises. I realized then that these dumb asses actually believe in this woo-woo shit, like a ninja assassin would be able to take down a head of state.

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Retiring in Hawaii sounds nice, until everyone does it, and then it becomes hell on earth.

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MC: "some of the military personnel involved in the Super Soldiers program."

2010 / 2012

Werner Dahm USAF Chief Scientist 2010 Vision for Air Force 2010-2030 Capabilities Enabled by Science & Technology


Moreno 2012 The machine-drug enhanced soldier


10 years later 2022

Human Augmentation

.de & .uk views & timeline @MOD_DCDC @DefenceHQ & BODP @bundeswehrInfo

"The winners of future wars will not be those w the most advanced technology, but those who can integrate the unique capabilities of humans & machines most effectively."

Look at Fig. 7, items till 2030 and compare to today


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Well this got juicy. Can’t wait for more!

“Political Ponerology” claims that garden variety psychopaths tend to be 1 in 10. Them there are pretty high odds. 😬

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The current events evolved over a hundred years. At this point, it's hard to imagine how the sequence can be reversed and the table turned over.

The demonic puppet-masters control everything, including the worldwide money supply. With a flick of the switch, they can create catastrophes, blackouts (blaming “the Russians,” “the Chinese,” or just solar flares, while causing mass extinction), plagues from chemtrails using drones and from 5G and “vaccines,” which are already in operation, WW3 on TV (it is under construction, ensuring martial law in the future), UFOs "landing" and "aliens" attacking the Earth. For the time being, they seem content with false pandemics exacerbated by common poisonings with 5G, chemtrails, and the "covid" moves (the muzzle, the “tests,” the lockdowns, and the lethal injections), gently accelerating the path towards artificial famine by burning up food processing plants, slaughtering poultry based on another non-existent disease ("bird flu" is also "diagnosed" with the fraudulent PCR test). The upcoming food riots will also ensure martial law, geared towards disarming the population, the introduction of full digital control (digital ID and central crypto currency), and central control over “food” that will likely be not much more than Soylent Green. While DEWs and 5G can be used for crowd control, the monsters are likely to sit back and enjoy the show of mobs attacking and killing each other.

It’s an old strategy to create a problem that you offer to solve. The diseased and starving survivors will gladly embrace the technocrats’ “solution,” which will turn people into cyborg zombies so that they “will be happy and own nothing,” including their own bodies and minds.

False hope is also disseminated by those, who offer “treatments” to recover from the impact of the lethal injections. Do you really think that the extremely versatile contents in the vials have been developed over decades in order to be treatable? The vials contain military-grade bioweapons and tracking/control nano-devices, with kill switches generously included for the “useless eaters.”

What can be done?

Logically, the only hope might arise from the enforcers realizing that they will also become victims once their usefulness wears out. Both police and the armed forces can be replaced with drones and robots, while most of the “scientists” who have assisted in the worldwide genocide will become either loose ends or dispensable as representatives of fake science. Science, including R&D, will be transferred to AI (recently, AI managed to developed several hundred untreatable bioweapons in an hour) that is already nearly completely set up for the purpose, based on the level of worldwide surveillance.

Without enforcers, the evil plan cannot be carried out in full, but with graphene oxide and lethal injections in so many people and satellites and 5G installations all over the place, there will still be a lot of victims, but perhaps not the total annihilation of mankind.

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So maybe this covid episode is a trial run to see how many are accepting of the vaccines, and how the ensuing excess mortality is viewed. Thus, an unexpected additional reason for vaccination databases, and to eliminate from the public mindset that alternate safe treatments could possibly exist.

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