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This. "Many of the lies were already so absurd as to be laughable. That is to say that we already reached the point at which the politicians simply stand at the podium and lie to our faces. It's worse some places than others, but there is lockstep unity among the authoritarians. They believe that is the only way to carry power into the next era."

They no longer feel it's necessary to hide the lies. They can lie without impunity. And that is the most terrifying, sad and frustrating part of the surreal world in which we currently find ourselves.

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OK, I think the things that Matthew says are brilliant. But, none of us will get anywhere talking amongst ourselves and enlightening ourselves more, whilst meanwhile the masses are hypnotized by mass media. What's the solution?

I think the solution is low-tech, in order to bypass hi-tech. What would that low-tech be? It'd be pamphlet wars, as occurred during the birth of our country (US.) Leave pamphlets around for people to pick up.

What sort of pamphlets (or even books, like "Overcoming the Covid Darkness")? Not pamphlets on mass formation or the global predators-- I mean, seriously? Is anyone who listens to Dr. Fauci going to do anything with such a pamphlet except throw it in the garbage? No, IMHO, the very first thing we need to do is convince people that medicine is being censored. We need to convince people that early treatment for Covid-19 is being deliberately suppressed. If we can do that, they'll take the next step: they'll ask why.

In any case, one reason I don't participate so much in Matthew's other noble projects is that we don't need a few people to see and understand a lot; we need a lot of people to see and understand a little. Think about it.

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One of the hardest thoughts for me... was realizing that those initial videos we saw being 'leaked' out of China, of people just falling in the middle of the street... were, in hindsight, definitely NOT covid, and therefore can't have been leaked by a concerned public... but information warfare.

How can I ever know what can be trusted anymore? All the institutions are glaringly corrupt. And as you've pointed out in this article, even those individuals who seem to be honest actors... well, between the US deep state, China, Soros, the WEC and the globalists, and Lord knows how many other shadowy groups, even the individuals doing what they believe is right, may very well have been manipulated and controlled.

When I was younger, I read so many memoirs of men throughout history. I wondered what I'd see in my lifetime, if there'd be half as much change as what my own grandfather saw in his. I'm nearing 40 now, and it's been... seemingly quite quiet. Perhaps it was simply the eye of a storm.

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Another fabulous piece - thank you.

I've been a theoretical physicist for 3 decades with a fair number of reasonably cited publications, but I feel exactly the same as you. The details and graphs and analyses are all important to get the foundations right, but it's the big picture that is really critical.

In my writing I've tried to emphasize this and eschewed overly technical stuff. This battle is won in hearts, not minds.

In a kind of Jungian synchronicity I've only just completed a piece of writing that has some connection to yours I think


I'm very concerned about the direction things are going and I think it is a wider issue than just the hysteria over covid. I would very much like to be proven wrong, to be told that I'm an idiot and to get a life.

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I have the chills. Very powerful.

I sense the wonderful searing honesty of the truth seeker in your prose.

THANK YOU for caring, for thinking deeply, and for sharing your insights.

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What an ominous piece of writing; I have the chills. Not sure what it means though, what did I just read?

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It would appear to me that the truth really hasn’t mattered at all for a very long time. That’s been the hardest for me. I feel like I’m living in an alternate reality, walking in a world that to me, seems upside down, and yet apparently, I’m the one that’s not right.

How do we get back to truth? I don’t know if we have to expose everyone. Or if it all has to burn (although I really would prefer that). I think it has to at least start to crumble. There has to be an ember we can find, that once ignited, refuses to extinguish. Considering all the exposure to the lies already, it’s hard to fathom which one will finally wake people up. But I’m committed to trying.

Your commenter Rikard said “power trumps truth” and I think we have seen that that is true, at least in the short term. I can’t help but think that in the long term, truth always prevails. It has to.

Keep fighting the good fight. I’m right there with you ✊.

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Thank you for your tenacity and integrity. This whole situation has been in the making for an unbelievably long time. I really appreciate what you are doing.

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I think there is something missing in this sentence: "The fact that nobody in public health bothered to point out that 20% of all COVID deaths, which might really mean a high proportion of those deaths that are truly primarily causal of COVID-19, is yet another reason to conclude that our entire public health system is fully corrupt and needs to be held to account." 20% of all COVID deaths... ? What completes this thought?

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Mathew, your work is important and inspiring to us all. This is a war (perhaps The War) between good and evil. The enemy wants to not only change the world, they seek to change the definitions of right and wrong.

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Thank you Matthew. Important piece. Keep speaking no matter what.

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Ernst Wolff postulates an orchestrated collapse of current financial systems and destruction of fiat currancies.


Tests of the CBDC are taking place everywhere

Why ex IMF head and current ECB head is interested in vaccines and calls Schwab in her twitter post?


Why the current IMF head and ex WB head is interested in vaccines?


BIS head about CBDC:


Why countries report vaccine status to IMF?



Maybe indeed the plan is to add to VaxPass a DigitalID and cryptowallet with CBDC with expiration date?











Fed w USA też:


China will use digital yuan during Olimpic Games. App on iOS and Android is ready


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Something is still going on in China, ground reports are not matching the CCP reports. Wuhan games is where some people came home unwell & I’m very cautious about the Olympics coming up.

A lab leak in my mind has definitely happened. Initially I thought it had to do with a vaccine for SARS. America has dropped the ball, We can see that there has been some involvement on some level, either funding, starting but abandoning GOF that China then decided to continue..but I’m sure that until how this came to be is out fully in the general public it’s not going to end

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This is way too overwhelming. The more the one knows, the more one is burdened by the knowledge. Will this need a total destruction of civilization to start over again? The results of things becoming more and more global. When I see and hear about the effects of globalization, I think about Africa, living in their own realities (good or bad), and then western civilization imposed upon them (good and bad), which they eventually adopted more or less. Is the jihadism a reaction to Western domination? I think so.

About mass formation - it is just an extension to the well known reality that we are (more or less) a product of our environment. Except that environment has become global and techniques of psychological manipulation and thought domination are constantly found in the media, and even in movies. The only way to resist that is to choose your own environment and adhere strictly to it (as much as possible), like the Amish.

From a faith perspective, the scriptures constantly talk about the evil of humans. They also show how kingdoms rise and fall. Evil can prevail but it will always fall. When I am overwhelmed I look to the Rock, and stop breaking my head over things I cannot figure out. Psa 131

Keep up the good work, Mathew, but don't be overcome by it.

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> "What does it mean if it turns out that the truth doesn't matter at all?

This is a really good point.

If you control the information flow you control truth. They control the information flow.

Truth only matters if it **reaches** (enough of) the right people.

There are 4 parameters that need to align for the magic to happen. They control 2 maybe 3 of them.

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I would say James O’Keefe is an exceptionally brave man. I hope the Almighty will protect him for his courage and bravery he displays. A person of the highest integrity. Few and far between.

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