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Based on history, this article will always be relevant.

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Here in Aus we are only just seeing the deaths starting to mount from Covid but in the US, EU, Brazil etc you think people would be up in arms about the lack of treatment, and worldwide we should be screaming about wanting the origins to finally be known, rather than hidden. It’s bizarre people have just put their heads in the sand

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I didn't know they tried rehydration IV treatment for cholera before the obvious oral route.

It's probably the superstition that a difficult and new and expensive thing (injections in the mid 19th century) must be better than old and cheap things. Which is the same as oral HCQ and zinc: too old, too cheap, too simple.

And although it makes little sense to add nutrition in any other way than per os, let's remember that 1000 c.c. of 0.9% saline contains 9 glorious grams of purified salt, and perhaps those two simple NUTRIENTS (pure water, pure sodium chloride) have probably saved more lives than all other common medical drugs combined.

Kids, remember this: if you are hungry but you have eaten less than four hours ago, it's probably just your brain demanding water and salt and nothing more than that. Half an ounce of beef jerky and a glass of water is optimal.

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"In 1955, in what is known as "the Cutter incident", the U.S. government issued pharmaceutical manufacturer Cutter Laboratories a license to distribute the stocks it produced of Salk's polio vaccine. Despite passing safety tests, 120,000 doses of the vaccine contained live virus, and over 40,000 recipients suffered varying levels of poliomyelitis. At least five died."

Lest killing deter the profits....

Guardian May 2003 - A division of the German pharmaceutical company Bayer knowingly sold blood-clotting agents infected with HIV to Asia and Latin America months after withdrawing them from Europe and the US, an American newspaper claimed yesterday.

Cutter Biological continued to dump stocks of the factor VIII blood-clotting agent for haemophiliacs on poor countries for nearly a year after introducing a safer alternative, the report in the New York Times said.

It happened in the early 80s, after the Centres for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, reported in July 1982 that haemophiliacs were becoming ill from blood products.


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Well, we can see how the scientists at the CDC on behalf of VAERS, which records 1% of all American injuries and deaths expected the new Pfizer vaccines to go, 6 months before they were released for public use: But by August 27, 2020 – The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020 had been let and the contract states that they were expecting up to 1,000 VAERS reports to be filed per day, with up to 40% of the reports being serious in nature and the CDC was already anticipating that the COVID vaccines might generate nearly seven times as many reports as all other vaccines combined (a 600% increase), The amounts paid out under the contracts with General Dynamics were redacted. But according to this site, the initial amount paid was $9.45 million, with $4.4 million added in late February, and then an additional $16.3 million tacked on in early March. In March of 2022 there was an additional $5.2 million added (increases in deaths and injuries beyond the initial contracts)

The Contracts 23 00099 General Dynamics Information Te..https://substack.com/redirect/dac78dc8-9d2d-4280-a390-218d47bb331d?j=eyJ1IjoibjFlaXcifQ.OkComRnvTz45cW2ospKdwvhGbhkMepFwvepUF91fYF023 00099 Eagle Health Analytics, Llhttps://substack.com/redirect/bcba05ff-1dce-4b15-a6a7-0f59f3cb115a j=eyJ1IjoibjFlaXcifQ.OkComRnvTz45cW2ospKdwvhGbhkMepFwvepUF91fYF0 Grand total? $35,425,642 The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) records 1% of all reports:

VAERS updated its numbers showing a staggering 1,481,226 reports of adverse events (x41 to arrive at December 2022 numbers) following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 9, 2022. ...The above information posted by Josh Guetzkow

BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin says that his mRNA vaccines rolled out in January this year (2021): Link here: https://www.ibtimes.sg/fact-check-biontech-ceo-ugur-sahin-refuses-take-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-due-safety-concerns-61652 but by August 27, 2020 – The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020 had been let and the contract states that they were expecting up to 1,000 VAERS reports to be filed per day, with up to 40% of the reports being serious in nature and the CDC was already anticipating that the COVID vaccines might generate nearly seven times as many reports as all other vaccines combined (a 600% increase), with a rate of serious adverse events that could be up to 8 times higher, (bearing in mind that VAERS represents only 1% of all injuries and deaths recorded and multiplying the numbers given by 41 (x41) gives a much better appreciation of just how many American’s were being injured or had died, after vaccinations began in early 2021), on a daily basis: The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Friday updated its numbers showing a staggering 1,481,226 reports of adverse events (x41) following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 9, 2022, so for 100% x41 = 60,730,266 dead or injured Americans so far and it does not include the numbers your governments are inflicting on you, if you don't live in America.

See Electron Microscope studies of blood at cellular level and the nanotechnology to be found there: https://www.drrobertyoung.com/post/the-mindset-of-dr-robert-young-on-blood-clots-pleomorphism-the-jibby-jab-t-cruzi-h-vulgaris?postId=3704e561-ae34-4a1b-98f5-ded468531d93&utm_campaign=5003d1c8-c42a-4ec7-837d-42a0d74c29a2&utm_source=so&utm_medium=mail&utm_content=ca364f20-ac6e-41bf-9814-33ce0b02ff77&cid=8bec1d4c-3773-415a-83c2-1694daa095a4

The US Department of Defense (US DoD) has had a dominant role in the response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the US DoD took charge of the Covid vaccine funding, development and testing from the very start of the perceived threat in early 2020 and in the development, and distribution of the Covid 19 vaccines, a fact hidden from the general public. In those processes many standard steps and procedures, otherwise required for pharmaceutical products, were omitted or circumvented.  

The US FDA’s website (FDA, 2020) reveals that the United States Department of Defence (DoD) has been in full control of the Covid Vaccine development program since its beginning. The DoD has been responsible for development, manufacturing, clinical trials, quality assurance, distribution and administration, since that time (FDA, 2020; Rees and Latypova, 2022; KEI, 2022; Medical Defense Consortium, 2022; Rees, 2022). The major pharmaceutical companies have been involved as “Project Coordination Teams” effectively performing as subcontractors to the DoD. The Chief Operating Officer for (Trump's) Warp Speed vaccine program is the US Department of Defence, and the Chief Science Advisor is the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 

Definition of these vaccines as “countermeasures” rather than therapeutic agents has permitted their expedited progression to emergency use authorisation and widespread rollouts. Many adverse consequences have been the outcome of this secret military response to a public health matter. Excepts From: Phillip Altman's Essay he is Pharmacologist and Clinical trial and drug regulatory affairs consultant in Melbourne, Australia and Brownstone Institute

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I stopped following salt reduction recommendations after I realised cattle were trusted with lick blocks of salt, but we weren't.

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I was skeptical of official medicine before Covid-19. Now I see it as willfully murderous and perpetrating a slow genocide. It seems medical schools are reinforcing this too, training doctors not in health but in obedience to official dictate. The idea of going to a hospital for healing feel like going to a jail looking for freedom.

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Amazing article and summary, Mathew, It is eye opening. Unfortunately, this is what I fear: In the future, history books will tell us that Covid was finally eliminated by highly effective (95% or more) vaccines and that a lot of people died just because they did not want to take these magical shots and because they believed that drugs which are "proven to be ineffective" like Ivermectin or Vitamin C or HCQ etc. would work.....

Actually, the history always repeats itself... Regarding Spanish Flu, also see what these scientistis say:

"There is anecdotal evidence that homeopathy was successful during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, in which at least 20–50 million people died worldwide. According to Dewey, the death rates for patients treated with homeopathy were 1%–2% compared with a 30%–60% mortality for those treated with conventional medicines."

Nayak D, Gupta J, Chaudhary A, Singh KG, Deshmukh A, Das D, Saha A, Kumar D, Kumar A, Goenka A, Mishra SK, Gupta S, Khurana A. Efficacy of individualized homeopathy as an adjunct to standard of care of COVID-19: A randomized, single-blind, placebo-controlled study. Complement Ther Clin Pract. 2022 Aug;48:101602.

However, nobody knows about this today. I guess the homeopathic doctors during this time felt the same as Dr. Fareed and Dr. Tyson now.

Also, nobody knows about the huge success of homeopathy against Leptospirosis, for example. A huge study from Cuba shows that it was highly effective to control an epidemic. 80% less infections in the regions where they administered it...

"Background: Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease of major importance in the tropics where the incidence peaks in rainy seasons. Natural disasters represent a big challenge to Leptospirosis prevention strategies especially in endemic regions. Vaccination is an effective option but of reduced effectiveness in emergency situations. Homeoprophylactic interventions might help to control epidemics by using highly-diluted pathogens to induce protection in a short time scale. We report the results of a very large-scale homeoprophylaxis (HP) intervention against Leptospirosis in a dangerous epidemic situation in three provinces of Cuba in 2007.

Methods: Forecast models were used to estimate possible trends of disease incidence. A homeoprophylactic formulation was prepared from dilutions of four circulating strains of Leptospirosis. This formulation was administered orally to 2.3 million persons at high risk in an epidemic in a region affected by natural disasters. The data from surveillance were used to measure the impact of the intervention by comparing with historical trends and non-intervention regions.

Results: After the homeoprophylactic intervention a significant decrease of the disease incidence was observed in the intervention regions. No such modifications were observed in non-intervention regions. In the intervention region the incidence of Leptospirosis fell below the historic median. This observation was independent of rainfall.

Conclusions: The homeoprophylactic approach was associated with a large reduction of disease incidence and control of the epidemic. The results suggest the use of HP as a feasible tool for epidemic control, further research is warranted."

Bracho G, Varela E, Fernández R, Ordaz B, Marzoa N, Menéndez J, García L, Gilling E, Leyva R, Rufín R, de la Torre R, Solis RL, Batista N, Borrero R, Campa C. Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control. Homeopathy. 2010 Jul;99(3):156-66.

But nobody knows about it.... The list is endless. We could add so many more examples. And there have been other treatments. Many other treatments have been ignored. Vitamin C has been used effectively to treat and cure so many different infectious diseases, high dose Vitamun C cured all Polio patients during a severe epidemic.

This is so frustrating. There are forces which are highly effective in suppressing all this livesaving knowledge. What can we do to change this? Not only for covid but also for all other diseases.

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The Peter McCullough video you linked to here that was scrubbed from YouTube is still available on Fox News here


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Depressing but unsurprising that we should add millions of sailors deceased from easily treatable scurvy to the tally of iatrogenic atrocities committed by our medical “experts”.

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Another eye-opening article describing public health sham. The Dossier was another article with a perfect description of our wasteful and deceitful public health ‘experts’ and organizations.

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It's hard to rely on our officially recorded history for much of anything but (particularly around catastrophic events; wars and plagues) because so many of them were PSYOPS and/or false flags. Ongoing Perception management by TPTWB is hardly new and they usually created the crises.

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Can I say I'm just reading...but I'm thrilled in a tiny aspect: I've met three people in life who knew of what my grandfather used to make: Balm of Giliad. 😀

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Wow. Excellent article. Thank you Mathew. Peace.

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