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Hi Matthew, I loved reading this introduction from you. I just discovered your writing last week and am very happy to have a mathematical take on these issues, especially from someone who hasn't already been branded with the scarlet letters CT (conspiracy theorist or misinformation peddler) that other truth-tellers have.

When sharing information with close friends, that is the number one problem I have: any legitimate thing I say is immediately met with full frontal assault because of course they've been warned that THAT person is a fraud/quack and THAT idea is a conspiracy theory, etc. I have never felt so impotent in my life. My thoughtful data collection and reflection is met with shrieks of horror like it's radioactive.

Thanks for your dedication and pursuit of truth!

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Thanks for this introduction. When your book is completed and out I want to buy a few copies.

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Please contact. NZ scientist. Data on va((een safety here can act as confirmation of your current data. Experiment ongoing not publisized. Advice. Collaboration.

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Hello, i would like to introduce myself to you, if you were to think of the average white male over 50 raised a family, no criminal convictions, only Spiritual conviction. I have read many of your essays and i am impressed with your factual understanding of the disreality we are currently being put thru. Understanding the pov of the writer(you), have you considered the following pieces of evidence in regards to the "Pandemonium" that is just beginning:

1) the 67 page lawsuit by Americas Frontline Doctors.

2) the video by wooz news 21 minutes to understand the Capitol Hill hoax

3) the 18 page Office of Legal Counsel s decision on vaccination mandates



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Thanks, Matthew, though I get lost right from the beginning with all the math, I know you are doing good work. I don't understand the acronym RTE, however. Can you explain, you last phrase.

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"Hopefully, when the pandemonium subsides, if it does so without the global upheaval I have long expected would result in a 9.0+ Triffin-quake"

My search "Triffin-quake" just has this post but Triffin alone an economist with this.. "Triffin dilemma or Triffin paradox is the conflict of economic interests that arises between short-term domestic and long-term international objectives."

Dang if that isn't the smartest way to say when %$#@ hits the fan. I'm gonna steal that as my reply to the know-it-all market folks prattling on about gains in a casino long untethered from reality, it's a prolific breed in NYC. "I'm hearing smart money is looking at a 9.0 Triffin-quake." lmao.. can't beat the look on folks faces pretending to know what it means.. *smirk*

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