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Russians (I believe that includes Lavrov) have called Americans "non agreement-capable" ("недоговороспособны".) While it's mostly propagandistic rhetoric for the internal consumption, it rings true.

With various deep-state tribes at each others throat, decisions made by the inscrutable and opaque administrative state, and optical political changes every 2-4 years, America might have trouble keeping its side of any bargain.

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Heaven help us poor Westerners. The Europeans, British, Australian, Canadian, and American politicians and bureaucrats, couldn't negotiate to buy a used car from a trailer park hick at the right price.

We'll be lucky if we end up sharing a 'retreat with great potential' in the South Pole. Reliant upon the Indians and Chinese to provide the scarves and mittens.

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I think "we" (actually the Sociopaths in power,) are working towards a planetary Totalitarian Regime. Everything else is window dressing.

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Another interesting variable is what will these countries populations look like.

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US has the best geography, best river systems and best markets and decent demographics for now.

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Thanks for another interesting article. I was just listening to a talk where the strategic importance of China’s borders with in the north west (the ‘stan countries), Mongolia and Russia were being discussed it was fascinating and not often talked about. Your article got me to look at some details on a map of these border regions.

Do you know if the Trans-Manchurian rail line or Trans-Mongolian rail lines are used for any significant trade between China and Russia?

Looks like they’ve got some pretty good rail links but that’s just what I can see on a map, which doesn’t mean they’re used for anything significant.


Also, there appear to be an existing gas pipeline between the two countries and it looks like a new one is in works.


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Some thoughts on this because it is close to my heart.

"The people involved in all governments want to maintain their own security and standard of living, first and foremost."

Right there... so we know this...

IMHO every politician is a little Hitler and cannot be trusted... they are corrupt by nature of their existenz.

China's Population is decreasing.

"Every image that we get fed about most anything is staged at this point."

Right there.

Deep Sea Transportation... BS.

Hypersonic Zero Emission Transportation... YES


On the back of my Invention we can make History.

My Invention spells the end of Aviation.

All Airports become redundant and can be converted into cities.

Making space and room for everyone without changing much.

Infrastructure is already in place.

Furthermore on the back of my Invention we can regrow all deserts and make tis planet a true paradise for everyone.

Free Education for everyone.

And on the back of my Invention Interstellar space travel becomes a possibility.

Problem solved.


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that computer generated sketch it is typical ....

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I think they are negotiating, but I don't think the West are included.

The West meanwhile is trying to set up new trade routes to extricate itself from China.

Here is one tiny example that something has changed. Yesterday, I was looking online for something I wanted to buy. Normally Chinese suppliers would come up in searches, yesterday I get an Indonesian supplier pops up. I have never seen that since the early days of the internet when you could actually find all sorts of companies from all over the world in searches. Amazing - just what an internet search should do.

I also saw article about Indonesia "the vast majority no longer participating in the increasingly wild sanctions, they are also increasingly turning their backs on the dollar and western payment systems. More and more countries are starting to invoice or pay in their own currency, in Chinese yuan or Russian rubles. The western payment service providers, a spearhead of the sanctions, are now being sanctioned themselves". https://tkp.at/2023/03/22/indonesien-verbannt-mastercard-und-visa-zugunsten-eigenen-zahlungssystem

If those in power want to change trade routes, then they just tell Google or whoever, to change the algorithms so we only see the markets they want us to see. (The item I was looking for was being sold for 1 penny and being sold for around 14 pounds in UK).

If we did have a world where we agreed that we want everyone to have a decent standard of living then it would be relatively easy to direct money to the countries that need it by changing who appears in searches.

It would seem that given the direct contact that Twitter has with individuals, Elon Musk may have already have thought of it. That would seem to me far better in terms of empowering people than if we are dictated to by corporate/global/oligarchy/NGO groups. He has stated publicly that he can see Twitter as being a "go to for everything".

Does Twitter have the potential to allow us to be decentralised to the unit of 1 (including currency?) ?

That was the hope some of us had when the internet began.

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So my take it that males who climb to the top of Powerful Entities, (Nations, Security Agencies, Huge Corporations and Governmental Agencies, etc.,) and remain there typically are controlling, aggressive and fearful, and most probably fall into the Sociopathic, Psychopathic, Narcissistic dark triad of personality disorders. Having a tiny handful of them "negotiate" the next false power play and structure on Earth is lethal idiocy for our entire planet.

We need a PEACEFUL, COOPERATIVE planet, where "leaders" work to solve problems, not methods to divide, conquer, and enslave.

Ever since JFK was murdered we in the United States have been ruled by toxic forces working towards the destruction of our Freedom, our Health, and our Economy. IMHO.

You cannot have free trade with nations that do not have comparative minimum wage laws, workers comp, clean air, clean water regulations and high property, income and business taxation and think your farmers, ranchers and businesses who do will survive!

You cannot give our science and tech discoveries to nations that are communist or totalitarian or highly aggressive, and think that those discoveries and technologies won't be used against us. They will.

You cannot have high immigration and/or job placement from countries and cultures who have zero respect for Individual Liberty, Freedom of Speech, Female Equality, Religious Freedom, and other "Western Beliefs" without altering our, (formerly,) uniquely Free Nation. Especially if they now run our much of our Technology systems, our Media, our Governmental Agencies, our Medical System and our Academia.

Or have those same systems run by people who see humans as a plague and are working to bring in a New World Order, where one sole sociopath can finally climb on top of the heap and rule literally the entire Earth, for goodness sake!

Americans better remember some wisdom from the past, or all that was created here will be lost very very rapidly.

(There is a reason people always wanted to emigrate here and it WAS freedom and opportunity, both now vanishing at mach 10!)

If Freedom isn't gone already, dead through the cowardice on one side of the isle, the false ideologies on the other, and the corruption, incompetence and avoidance of responsibility that runs through both, it will be very, very soon.

Allowing a creature like A.F. to run the entire NIAID and control billions, thereby controlling medicine, science, Academia and our government itself, is a stunning admission of self- destruction and total stupidity.

Never should so much power be in any one individual's grasp. And the strongest voices in Congress still are playing footsie with the Bio-security state that just waged a war on our entire Nation, killing more than a million, disabling 3 million more, bankrupting 3.3 million American businesses, and damaging permanently the immune systems of untold millions.

Perhaps ending us as a Nation entirely.

We cannot fill the jobs needed, we cannot fill the military enlistment goals, our pilots are dying and having heart attacks, and 1 in 36 of our kids are Autistic. Half have damaged immune systems and the majority have mental health problems.

Resources won't even matter soon. There will be no healthy people to utilize them if the current trends continue.

I don't think we need WW lll to finish us. I think we may already be done....destroyed by the Covid Coup.

Who REALLY ran that op? That is the real question! IMHO.

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Negotiating is plausible, at least among the second tier. We don't know if the top tier is an individual or an oligarchy. Do we? The so-called leaders of countries are likely not in the second tier, but are just puppets like other politicians and well-paid lackeys and intel agents etc. The second tier is likely the known and unknown plutocrats.

You said: "assume that the dollar financial networks are breaking down".

Why assume that? What is there that could break them down?

The U.S., U.K., China, Japan and maybe a few other countries have monetary sovereignty, so it's not possible for them to go bankrupt or to have a debt so large that they can't pay it.

Liz Harris's former blog, http://monetarysov.wordpress.com/, and Rodger Mitchell's site, https://mythfighter.com/, are my main sources of info on economics. They don't explain everything, but they seem to me to explain many things better than any other economists. I used to read LaRouche and later Michael Hudson and MMT, or Modern Money Theory authors. But when I came across Liz and Rodger, their explanations seemed best.

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If the US were to bring out a CBDC, and will be launching their SWIFT replacement in July, what happens to all the physical dollars held overseas? There are many small countries relying on them, who are not yet in the BRICS sphere of influence.

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Really good analysis but why no conclusion?

Which I'd speculate is Moscow and Beijing friends for life once Moscow pacifies Ukraine which is necessary for the new Silk Road that will tie China and Europe and Russia together for life leaving the US dollar, Navy, and Nuland out in the cold.

Russia has more diversified in-ground resources than any other country by far ($75T), twice that of number two, the US ($45T) - so that's an African black guy negotiating because no one from the US is needed at the table. What they're negotiating is their place in a multipolar world.

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Great post. Love it. Pertains to a post I have been writing all night in my sleep. Should probably link this to it - once I manage to reconstruct it in the light of day, lol.

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Id say its beyond just negotiating.


And Russia recently allowed Gazprom to form a private military company as well.

Also, the controllers of all these nations are actually the owners of central banks. And they do not negotiate. They orchestrate. Which is what is going on. 0% organic changes along with the plandemic.

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